Best Chrome Extensions for Gmail

Communication is still a thing, like it or not. No, I’m not talking about Facebook or other social platforms. It’s about the relevant information, work related mostly but also for friend and family. In other words, emails. They are available to anyone, and still represent the most preferable means of communication online. And the headmaster of this is Gmail, no surprises there. Are you perhaps a Google Chrome user, searching for a way to enhance his experience with this lord of your inbox? Search no more.

Let’s start with the basics. Productivity is important, no one likes wasting time doing some trivial tasks. Right Inbox for Gmail offers you some relief. It allows you to schedule emails to be sent later, set reminders or follow up conversations. It may not seem like much but just think about how many times you had to copy paste that same exact mail to way too many people, or those daily reminders you have to send to your boss and coworkers. Not so useless now, right? More than 250,000 professionals agree.

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Email Tracking for Gmail & Inbox pretty much explains itself. It tracks emails. How exactly? Glad you asked. It lets you know

whether or not the person has received and reads your mail. As a bonus, you can also know when and how many times they read it. You’ll probably learn just how good you are at expressing yourself.


You’d like a mix of those two? Add some schedule, a little bit of email tracking, and an AI feature that basically helps you shine those emailing abilities and you have Boomerang for Gmail. That’s basically it.The next is incredibly useful, and really stand out from the crowd. Checker Plus for Gmail is everything you never know you desperately wanted and needed. I’ll take you step by step through this maze of features. Hold on! You can see who’s emailing you, you can access your inbox and read or delete emails without even leaving the page you’re on at the moment.

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You get notified even if Chrome is closed, which can be a lifesaver, it works offline. But the thing that really sells it, it’s the wonderful option to read out the email for you, if you can’t reach your device or have problems with your vision. Are you still there? We have more apps to discover.

Not that flashy but still mentionable is Send From Gmail. It sets Gmail as your main email applications, and you can easily share links via email, of course. Why do you need it? It’s a small and quick time saver. I know you have your heart set on that Checker Plus, but really, simple easy add-ons have their charm too.This next one is good for all you business people. Mainly those in the sales area. Yes, Streak CRM for Gmail is exactly what you need. You can run your entire sales process right inside your inbox. Forget all those other tools. Start feeling like a professional.

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I know I said that this was not going to be about social networks. And it was not. Until now. You know all those cool apps like Messenger, What’s Up, Viber ? Well now you can have all that texting, messaging and telephone number synching as much as you like. But on Gmail. Thank SMS From Gmail & Facebook for that. An add-on fit for its time.

Back to utility, there’s a nice little thing you might like. DropBox for Gmail. Let’s face it, we are all sick of how hard is to send something via DropBox. This helps relieve the pain. A little. Joke aside, if you’re looking for time savers, this will surely come in handy at some point.This concludes our little introduction list of what Chrome users think are the best Chrome extensions for Gmail. Who are we to disagree with them?