Best 5 Chrome Extensions for Writers

Most writers work from home, and although this seems like a dream job to many, it could be much more challenging than you think. There are loud kids, neighbors, roommates, lack of privacy and the biggest temptation: a computer with internet connection in front of you and no one to supervise you! Wondering how to keep yourself productive and focused? We have a list of the five best Google Chrome extensions that will help you get your work done more productively, promptly and correctly.

1. Evernote Web Clipper

Experienced writers know that this is a must have extension, which helps articles get done much faster. Evernote is keeping the important information for you in one place. With Evernote, there is an option for you to collect parts of online articles that got your attention, by simply highlighting the part or the page you need, and Evernote will store it for you, for later use. And the best thing is that you can use the saved information on all of your electronic devices such: laptop, tablet, phone etc. Evernote works like your personal assistant that keeps and manages all your needed information, but the best thing is that this personal assistant works for free!

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2. Grammarly

You want to make sure that every content that you are going to publish on the internet is written free of errors. This, for sure is a struggle to every writer, especially because you are trying to correct something that you read numberless of times, and sometimes this can lead to not seeing the obvious mistakes. That’s why you need Grammarly, the best spellchecker, offering to check for writer’s adherence to over 250 grammar rules. In addition to that, Grammarly can improve your writing style and vocabulary, because it offers suggestions for synonyms of certain words that would be a better fit for the given context.

3. Stay focused

Stay Focused is a cool extension that works like your personal supervisor. With this tool, you will no longer struggle with lack of concentration or wasting time on Facebook. Simply set up how much time you plan on spending on specific websites or pages, or even limit the time on playing games! After your time is up, these pages get blocked by Stay focused for the rest of the day. This extension will make you cherish the time spent on each site more and encourage you to be more productive while you are on the clock doing research on certain site or scrolling through your Facebook page.

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4. Ad Block

Ad Block is one of the most popular and most used extensions on Google Chrome. Not only for writers but for everyone who wants to cut the possible distraction from ads that pop up all over the internet. Ad Block also protects you from many adware lurking behind the pop-up ads, that get into your computer and steal your valuable information. But please keep in mind that you should also have a reliable antivirus program because it is not recommended to rely only on Ad Block.

5. Google Similar Pages

This is a must have tool for writers that do a lot of research. Even if you want to see what is previously discussed on a topic that you work on, this is probably the fastest way to gather everything in one place. Simply click on the extension, while you are on the desired web page, and the extension will give you a list of similar web pages that talk about the same topic. It’s really handy when you need inspiration or information while you are trying to write your own article.

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