Best Docking Station for iPhone Xs with Speakers – and other iPhones

For many of us playing our favorite music in the room is a relaxing therapy but holding your phone while the music is playing can be bothersome. How about a docking station cradling your iPhone securely with speakers to play music while your phone is on charge. Certainly, the idea is too tempting and worth considering. If you are looking for a docking station for you iPhone X with speakers then we have made the task easier for you. Below is the list of some of the best docking stations for iPhone X with speakers.


This elegant docking station keeps your phone well charged with its wireless charger. The dock can hold the phone in both vertical and horizontal positions. The docking station has built-in 5-watt speakers that can be connected with Bluetooth. With the built-in microphone, hands-free calls become easy and convenient. The docking station holds your phone upright and is great for watching movies or a video call. It can charge three devices at a time one wireless and two with USB ports. Its ergonomically built designed bevel allows you to use the product most comfortably. The Docking station is ideal to be kept in room or office with its elegant design.


This docking station comes with a lot of conveniences. It can charge your Apple lightning device via the Apple lightning connector. It has built-in speakers that can be operated through Bluetooth. The device also has a built-in FM Radio receiver with 20 FM Radio stations. It also has a built-in Audio Line-in for connecting to other digital audio players and a USB port to charge your Phone, iPad, or iPod. Its base can be rotated to 90 degrees for optimum view. With its Auto Sync, the clock instantly set time to your iPhone time.

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Beasyjoy’s docking station has a dual function. The device has 10-watt wireless charging mode to charge your iPhone. Beasyjoy uses the latest charging and Bluetooth technology. With its 60 angles, the docking station provides a perfect view for watching movies or video chatting. With its advanced double coils, the charging mat can charge your phone in both vertical and horizontal positions. You can enjoy impressively crystal clear sound quality and robust bass. Its Bluetooth speakers use Bluetooth 4.2 technology, so it pairs with portable devices much more quickly than other devices. With its 33 feet away wireless range, you can listen to your device even when it is far away.

Richsound Research


Docking station by Richsound Research plays your Apple devices with lightning connector. The speakers can stream music from iPhone, iPad, or iPod, or any smartphone. The charging station has a USB port that keeps your all devices charged. The device also has FM Radio with 20 preset radio stations. With its dual Alarms, the docking station allows for separate wake up time via separate sources. It comes in two elegant colors.

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This docking station delivers full rich sound with its Reson8 speakers. Flexible Lightning dock charges and plays lightning capable iPhone and iPod, keeps your device well charged while playing music. Its Auto-Sync clock sets time to your current iPhone time. The process is instant and you don’t have to change the time manually. Charging station includes FM Radio with 6 preset radio station memory. You can Wake Up or Sleep to audio from your iPhone, iPod, or FM Radio. The gradual wake up and sleep feature gently raises and lowers the volume to make your transition to or from sleep smooth. With its specially designed Reson8 speakers, you can enjoy the rich bass and precise treble of any track.


Another great option by Velour. The docking station has a delicate design, with its sliding door can hide the dock. Its 1-inch large LED screen is touch control. With its built-in 2 high-quality speakers give clear sound. The device has an FM Radio receiver with 20 preset stations and also has an antenna for FM Radio for better signals. The clock instantly Auto Sync with your iPhone time. The device allows wireless streaming of music via Bluetooth. It has Audio line-in for connecting to other digital audio players. The multi-purpose docking station comes with remote and headphone jack.

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With its digital signal processing and acoustic design this Bose’s sound dock produce wide range sound with consistency and clarity. With its compact system you can move it from room to room easily. It comes with a remote that conveniently controls the system iPhone, iPod, and also playlist navigation. The dock charge iPhone and iPod models with Apple lightning connector. The device has an Auxiliary input that allows you to play other audio devices. The docking station charges your phone whenever it is docked while playing music at the same time. Keep the music going and enjoy uninterrupted music from your iPhone for hours.