Best Docking Stations for Apple Watch and iPhone Xs/XR and Rest Off iPhones

Your Apple watch and iPhone are too expensive to be just thrown anywhere when you are charging or not using them. A docking station not only charges your expensive device but put it on display to be seen by everyone. Many docking stations are in the market for charging Apple’s watch and iPhone but why not choose wisely and buy one docking station that not only keeps both your iPhone X and Apple watch safe, showcase its beauty, and above all keep it well charged. If you are thinking about buying a new docking station for your iPhone X and Apple watch then you need to read this article as we have chosen some of the best docking stations for your precious devices.


A useful docking station by BENTOBEN. Built with hybrid PC and rubber, the docking station has a sturdy base with low gravity center design. Its well-padded corners with high-quality rubber keep your expensive watch and iPhone safe from scratches and sliding. The docking station is suitable for all Apple watches and iPhone and other smartphones. You can charge your iPhone and Watch, and at the same time its 45-degree angle lets you enjoy hand free screen time to watch movies. The suitable height of docking station does not damage your charging cable and manages them well while charging. The docking station comes in three vibrant colors, you can choose the one that goes perfectly with your interior.

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This elegant docking station is made with premium quality aluminium and has replaceable bracket for Apple watch and iPhone. It is designed with full consideration to the user’s needs. It contains one inside USB port for Apple Watch and three Outside USB ports for iPhone X, iPad, and Samsung S7/Edge. Inside slot not only holds Apple watch cord but can be used for storing other little gadgets like USB adapters or card readers. Its stylish flat deck design allows nightstand mode for your Apple Watch while charging with Oittm stand. It comes in two beautiful colors.

ONE Dock Duo

Press Play’s One Dock Duo is Apple certified. It is made for Apple Watch series 1/ 2 /3 and iPhone X / 8/ 8 plus 7 / 7 plus /6s and iPod Nano. Built with premium quality aluminum, it has a rubberized feel and luxuriously holds your Apple Watch and iPhone. Its weighted base and grip pads prevent dock from accidentally knocking over. The docking station has a built-in charger for your Apple Watch and a lightning connector for your iPhone and iPod. Its smart IQ Adapter optimizes power flow to maximize charge rate and improve your device’s battery life. One Dock Duo comes in a high-quality Retail packaging making it a perfect gift to give. It comes in two both black and white colors that look equally elegant.

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This docking station has a unique design of 1984 Apple Macintosh Compact Classic design, making it a perfect gift for Apple lovers. It has a charging station for Apple Watch and iPhone and Airpods. It is made with durable soft ECO non-toxic silicone material, making it perfect to secure your expensive devices from scratches. It fits perfectly the original charging cords in its charging holes. It is available in both black and white colors.

Press Play

Again by Press Play this dock station is Apple certified with Built-in original Apple lightning connector, charges your lightning device as fast as any traditional IA adapter. Made for Apple watch and iPhone X series, it has built-in 2.4A (EACH) USB PORTS. Each port is engineered with Charge IQ technology to provide each device with quality, rapid and reliable charge. It is built of high-quality material to offer stability and compliments any lifestyle. Apple Watch sits on silicon to avoid any scratches. It has more variety in color and offers seven elegant colors to suit your interior.

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This Mandarooker’s docking station is a wireless charging station for your Apple Watch and iPhone X. This 3 in 1 charger can charge two iPhone and one watch simultaneously. It has a non-slip mat at the bottom of charging base, which is very stable and does not slide or shake, fully protecting your precious devices. It comes in three beautiful colors.


This affordable docking station is 3 in 1 for Apple Watch, iPhone x and Airpods helping you to organize your things at one place. It provides a neat desktop with a comfortable viewing angle and quick accessibility to your devices. Made with premium quality silicon this docking station has a soft feel, keeps your Apple devices secure from scratching or sliding, and is easy to clean. With its vertical charging stands, it has a precise profile for your devices. This simple and sturdy docking station is very convenient for the daily use.