Best Ethical Hacking Online Courses

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking refers to the process of penetrating computers operating with the owner’s consent to determine its weaknesses and vulnerabilities. In other words, you can explain ethical hacking as the process of establishing a computer’s network security strength. A professional who does this work is called an ethical hacker. An ethical hacker acts as a bodyguard to the computer’s security system to ensure that it performs all its functions, and it is not affected by any person illegally. Ethical hackers look into doors that anyone can use to penetrate a system and ensure that they are closed before anybody notices and decides to exploit them. They also conduct upgrades to ensure that the security is up to date with software and virus that are developed every day. Before looking into courses that an ethical hacker should take, we should take a look into some factors that an individual should consider before choosing the course.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Ethical Hacking Course

  1. Cost– A person should consider the price of the whole course, depending on his or her financial capabilities. It is essential because some people begin a session with a great ability to pay, but with time they begin to face financial difficulties. It causes them to drop out eventually. The whole process will have been a waste since the individual is half-backed and will not be accepted by any institution or company. Therefore before choosing a course, consider a path that will go hand in hand with your pocket’s strength.
  2. Duration– It is how long the course will take or last. A person should choose a path that will make a duration that favors his or her time. An individual may rush into a course, not knowing how long it will last, and yet he or she is planning to do something else after the session. Knowing the duration of the course will help you determine and design activities that you need to do in the future.
  3. Accreditation– Accreditation is simply certification by the relevant bodies that are in charge of a specific course. It would be best if you first looked at the institutions in charge of ethical hacking before choosing the path to do. It is imperative since accreditation ensures that you are legalized and given a license as an ethical hacker on completion of the course. It will help you access jobs in different, well-known companies. If the course is not accredited and you do it, it will all be for nothing since you will not be recognized anywhere as an ethical hacker.
  4. Requirements– Any given course in any field has its needs and necessities. For this reason, ethical hacking courses are no different. Therefore before choosing an ethical hacking course, you should consult agencies that offer the course to know their requirements. It is crucial since you might enroll in a session, and during learning, you realize that you do not have some of the necessities that you require, and you have to begin again.
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Therefore before choosing an ethical hacking course, you should consider the above factors so that you are at an advantage when you begin the course.

Best Courses Offered in Ethical Hacking

There are several ethical hacking in which an individual can choose from, but the following are just but a few of the best:

1. Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch

Network hacking- It is an essential tool in ethical hacking. In this course, you are taught how wireless network attacks are conducted. Through these skills, you can be to create or use a measure that already exists to mitigate and prevent such attacks. The course is taught so that when an individual enters the field, they will have an elementary time to adapt to the infrastructure and equipment provided. It is most suited for network architects, network administrators, network security professionals, and enthusiasts of internet security. Network hacking is perfect since and an individual does not require any previous skills most agencies that provide the training start with basics, so it will not be a problem to any person who wants to try it out.

2.Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch

This course is highly practical but it won’t neglect the theory, we’ll start with basics on ethical hacking and python programming, installing the needed software and then we’ll dive and start programming straight away. From here onwards you’ll learn everything by example, by writing useful hacking programs, so we’ll never have any boring dry programming lectures.

The course is divided into a number of sections, each aims to achieve a specific goal, the goal is usually to hack into a certain system, so we’ll start by learning how this system work and its weaknesses, and then you’ll lean how to write a python program to exploit these weaknesses and hack the system, as we write the program I will teach you python programming from scratch covering one topic at a time, so by the end of the course you’re going to have a number of ethical hacking programs written by yourself (see below) from backdoors, keyloggers, credential harvesters, network hacking tools, website hacking tools and the list goes on. You’ll also have a deep understanding on how computer systems work, how to model problems, design an algorithm to solve problems and implement the solution using python.

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As mentioned in this course you will learn both ethical hacking and programming at the same time, so here are some of the topics that will be covered in the course:

Programming topics:

  • Writing programs for python 2 and 3.
  • Using modules and libraries.
  • Variables, types …etc.
  • Handling user input.
  • Reading and writing files.
  • Functions.
  • Loops.
  • Data structures.
  • Regex.
  • Desiccation making.
  • Recursion.
  • Threading.
  • Object oriented programming.
  • Packet manipulation using scapy.
  • Netfilterqueue.
  • Socket programming.
  • String manipulation.
  • Exceptions.
  • Serialisation.
  • Compiling programs to binary executables.
  • Sending & receiving HTTP requests.
  • Parsing HTML.
  • + more!

3.The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced!

Penetration testing- Most ethical hackers that are easy to find are specialized in this field. It is because there is a massive market for penetration testers. The high job market is due to a large number of companies out there that carry a lot of valuable information. Therefore, they have to do random checks to their systems to ensure that no loopholes are available. Therefore penetration testing is the process of accessing a computer’s operating system to determine its weaknesses and vulnerabilities. It is also called pen-testing. In the course, individuals are taught how to use software and tools that are available to conduct a penetration test. In the same path, you are equipped with skills that help you to develop your software that may be used to perform penetration tests in the future. I would advise people to specialize in this field because the job market is very high; therefore, you will be guaranteed a job immediately you are done with the course.


  • Answers to every single question you have about ethical hacking and penetration testing from an experienced IT professional!
  • Tips for remaining anonymous in hacking and penetration testing activities.
  • A guide to using these skills to get a better job and make money online as a freelancer.
  • The ability to secure and protect any network from hackers and loss of data.
  • A complete tutorial explaining how to build a virtual hacking environment, attack networks, and break passwords.
  • Step by step instructions for insulation VirtualBox and creating your virtual environment on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
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4.Hacking in Practice: Certified Ethical Hacking MEGA Course


  • Ethical hacking skills.
  • Hacking theory and practice.
  • IT security trends.
  • Security myths.
  • Learn about Wi-Fi network standards and protection.
  • Get to know about Wi-Fi threats.
  • Improve your grasp on Windows security.
  • Understand what security boundaries are.
  • Find out how to fight malware.
  • Discover secret tips on access control in Windows.
  • Learn how Windows authentication works.
  • Prevent identity spoofing.
  • Find out the mechanisms of Windows authorisation.
  • Learn about Windows 7 security mechanisms.
  • Get to know how to encrypt data in Windows.
  • Wi-Fi network standards and protection.
  • Wi-Fi network threats.
  • How to prevent identity spoofing.

5.Learn Ethical Hacking in 2020: Beginner to Advanced!

If you would like to learn ethical hacking in 2020, you are going to LOVE this course! We will cover the following topics:

  • How to setup a Kali Linux system
  • Essential Linux system commands
  • How to create a secure penetration testing environment
  • Footprinting
  • Scanning
  • Website penetration testing
  • WPA2 wireless network cracking
  • Man in the middle attacks
  • System hacking
  • Python programming fundamentals
  • Writing our own pen-testing tools (reverse shell, keylogger and bruteforcer)
  • Tips for building a career in cyber security

This course was designed for absolute beginners, so no previous ethical hacking or programming knowledge is necessary. English subtitles are available and all lectures are downloadable for offline viewing. 1 on 1 assistance with the tutorials is available within the discussion forum.

There are many courses that individuals can choose to do, but the above are but a few of them. Therefore before choosing the course in ethical hacking to specialize in, you should conduct a in depth survey of the courses available out there in the market.


Due to the increase in the use of the internet and the incorporation of computers into businesses, it is an excellent choice to decide to do ethical hacking. Not only does ethical hacking help you secure a job, but it also helps you to safeguard your private information separately. Through ethical hacking, you are guaranteed benefits such as security f your passwords, safety from cyber attacks, and security testing anytime you require to do so.