Best Features In An Mobile App For Creating Beautiful Pictures Every Time

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There are many pieces of software that either professional or amateur photographers use to enhance their pictures, and there are also a great many features which come with these applications.

Feature that Helps You Organize

Organization and management of your pictures is a big deal, especially if you take a lot of photos. Many pieces of software come with integrated tools which help you tag and automatically store them as a new file once they have been uploaded so that you can save time and energy. Location and face tags also means that you can group your pictures according to location or the people that you were with which makes them easier to share too.

Tools that Help You Correct Simple Problems

Any good photo editor will offer basic tools, but a great photo editor will enable you to apply these tools with ease using a simple, user friendly interface. Cropping, brightening, removing red eye, rotating and changing the contrast are just a few of the basic tools you can expect from a simple software. They are ideal if all you are doing is changing them and then showing them to your friends on Facebook, but for a more professional finish you may want something a little more advanced.

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Features that Help You Add Special Effects

An advanced piece of software will let you do special effects and apply more complex alterations to your images using top quality algorithms. The filters for example are just one tool which you will find in advanced software which enable better color saturation as well as the opportunity to play around with more effects to do with depth and color etc. The erase tool can usually be found on more complex software too which enables you to remove the top layer of an image without deleting a massive hole in your picture.

Tool for Sharing Images with Friends

When you have an organization tool, some pieces of software also offer a sharing tool which will let you post your edited images to social networking sites or efficiently send them to friends via email. Some applications will also automatically resize images to fit the requirements of the social media site so make sure that if you’re opting for a quick upload, that the software supports this.

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An Affordable Price Tag

Even though the price of photo editing software isn’t a “feature” as such, it is one of the major components in making a purchasing decision. Think about what you are using your editor for and whether it is worth spending a little extra to get the range of tools you need. For example, if your team of photo editors or technical illustrators are trained to use expensive software such as Photoshop, pay for it and think of it as an investment – you will be getting a very wide range of features. However, if you just want basic tools either free or very cheap software can give you the essential features you need without the additional expense.

Mark is a Graphic designer with a degree in computer science. He is working for a graphic design company specializing in providing graphic design for mobile devices. In his free time he contributes reviews of latest image editing software such as photoshop and GIMP.