Best Features of Windows Server 2019

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 is considered to be the latest Microsoft’s operating system which displays improved features and capabilities. Its release has resulted in an increase in demand by the IT professionals due to a large number of functions it is capable of addressing. It seems that the Windows server is lacking on the customer’s premises but remains the best operating system server.

Most people use the windows server in public clouds and data centers to especially in the infrastructural sectors to implement the required services. This has resulted in Microsoft focusing on how to build a strong relationship with Microsoft Azure cloud service. A benefit commonly referred to as Azure Hybrid Benefit is essential for the windows server. For you to meet the qualifications of this benefit, you should make sure that you are a customer in the Microsoft Software Assurance.

This benefit is very important because of its financial attraction to move the workloads of your virtual machine. Windows Server 2019 consists of various flavors such as the Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2019. This server is known to host Virtual Machines because of its ability to run a bare-bones operating system. Windows Server 2019 has brought many updates and capabilities in the operating system. This has resulted in improved performance in its servers.

Features of Windows Server 2019

1. System Insights

This feature is new in the Windows Server 2019. It helps in bringing predictive capabilities to the Windows Server hence becoming easy for the analytics to analyze the Windows Operating System. Each of these predictive capabilities is supported by a model of machine learning which helps in analyzing the data of the Windows Server.

The data is usually analyzed in terms of events as well as performance counters. This is very important to your Windows Server because it helps in reducing operational expenses, managing issues associated with your Windows, and promoting various functions of your servers.

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2.Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud comes in hand with the Server Core app. This is usually a compatibility feature on-demand that is always added during the installations of the Windows Server 2019. There are features in the Windows Server commonly known as Features on Demand that can be added at any time.

These features comprise of various language resources such as the .NET Framework as well as handwriting recognition. New features of the Windows Server are normally obtained from the Windows Update. The Server Core app is very significant as it helps in improving the compatibility of the app in the Windows Server by including packages and binaries acquired from the Windows Server.

3.Security Improvements

Security is very important for any Windows Server. This is because your data cannot be wiped out or stolen easily by unauthorized personnel. Windows Server 2019 has an advanced security system because various improvements are done to ensure the safety of data and services. These improvements include:

Advanced Threat Protection

This Windows Defender platform is very crucial because it quickly responds to any malicious attack by terminating its processes as well as suppressing the malicious files. It can prevent any damage that may occur to the Windows especially on the kernel and memory.

Windows Defender Exploit Guard is a software that has been developed to ensure that any malware attack or behavior is locked down. The attacks may come in large numbers but with this software, it is possible to ensure protection against the attacks.

Software-Defined Networking

The Software-Defined Networking consists of several security enhancements such as encrypted networks, firewall auditing, virtual network peering, and egress metering.

Shielded Virtual Machines

This involves Linux support as well as troubleshooting improvements. For the Linux support, you can run and operate in environments that include a mixed operating system.

The Windows Server 2019 helps this by supporting the operation of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Ubuntu, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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For the troubleshooting improvements, some features such as PowerShell Direct and VMConnect have been developed. There is usually no need for these features to be configured as they automatically become available in the Windows Server.


This helps in providing a safer and faster web that helps in delivering an encrypted as well as uninterrupted browsing capability. It is important to make sure that you upgrade your HTTP/2’s server to avoid connection failures.


After the Windows Server came into action, some changes in the storage technology were added. They include:

  1. Use of Windows Admin Center to manage storage
  2. Storage Migration
  3. Storage Spaces Direct
  4. Storage Replica
  5. File Server Resource Manager
  6. SMB
  7. Data Deduplication

5.Application Platform

This includes:

Windows Linux containers

This brings the running possibility of Linux and Windows-based containers on a similar container host.

Kubernetes Building Support

The Windows Server 2019 is continuing to show some improvements in networking and storage channels that help in supporting Kubernetes on Windows.

Container Improvements

The container improvements are very important since they help in providing higher performance due to their small size as well as enhanced application compatibility.

Low Extra Delay Background Transport

This is a network control provider that is designed to automatically provide bandwidth to applications and users.

Improved performance of SDN gateways

This high performance is very essential as it helps increase the performance of GRE and IPsec connections.

Improvements in the Network Performance for virtual workloads

New features available in this platform comprise of the Dynamic Virtual Machine Multi-Queue.

Persistent Hyper-V VMs Memory maintenance

The maintenance is very important because it helps to reduce the database failures as well as transaction latency.

6.Windows Admin Center

The Windows Admin Center is a remote server that helps to simplify as well as modernize the experience in the IT administration. This has resulted in all features of the Windows Server 2019 to be surfaced in the Admin Center.

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7.Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

This is a software that is very important in computing the storage as it is cost-effective, easily scalable, and its performance is high.

8.System Insights

This analytic feature uses a model of the learning machine to enable a local analysis of the data in the Windows Server. The analysis is usually in terms of your server’s events as well as the performance counters. An insight into your servers is always provided and this helps in the addressing of issues related to your environment.

9.Project Honolulu

The release of this project made it possible for IT professionals to manage the Graphical User Interface of their servers in different environments.

Some of the features have been removed from Windows Server 2019 to increase and improve its efficiency so that it can remain in its best position. Some of these features include Distributed Scan Management, print components, and Internet Storage Name Service. Also, some features that will no longer be developed include One Sync service, Trusted Module Platform, and Key Storage Drive.

Windows Server 2019 has continued to show its ability to support many features hence making it simpler for the server administrators. It has benefited most of the people because the costs that are incurred on the way are low as well as the efficiency of the windows is improved. This Window has also displayed its ability to compute various application operations without additional expenditure.

It is very important to remember that the installation process has not yet changed. Therefore, you can easily install your Windows Server with no complications or difficulties. You simply just need to boot from a Universal Serial Bus or a specific network and then follow some installation steps that will be provided. Most of the people use some tools that ease this process of installation.


Windows Server 2019 serves a great experience to most IT professionals because it contains strong features for hybrid cloud as well as cloud-connected jobs. This Window is very essential because it promotes remote access and backup to different clouding functionalities. Some organizations prefer to choose Semi-Annual Channel because the container features are fast during the application workloads.

A firm foundation has been provided by the Windows Server 2019 hence resulting in developments in various data centers that lack or have little connectivity. This is because it is the best networking hardware and its drivers are reliable hence increasing your cloud’s performance. Azure File Sync is very important in your Windows as it helps to promote faster disaster recovery as well as fast cache storage for your server.