Best Fingerprint Door Lock To Get Read Of Your Keys

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The gradual transformation from a traditional door lock to a fingerprint door lock is one of the perks brought about by technology. By the use of your finger only, you can gain access to your house or office without worry of misplacing your key. Furthermore, fingerprint door locks give you the option of granting access to specific type of people and revoking them at any time you please.

It is essential to get yourself a fingerprint door lock and after reading this article you will know exactly which one suits you best. Below is a list of the best fingerprint door locks worth looking at.


Ultraloq door lock

The Ultraloq door lock is among the most reviewed locks in Amazon and this makes it a great starter for this list. With an advanced fingerprint identification, unlocking is made easier and faster. This model identifies you within 0.5 seconds. Furthermore, it uses a scratch-proof, dust-proof and waterproof sensor that makes it ideal also for indoor and outdoor installation.

The Ultraloq comes with an equipped rechargeable battery that allows up to 8,000 times access. In addition, it uses a reversible lever. This allows you to install it in either left-handed or right-handed doors.

Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock (Aged Bronze) | 5-in-1 Keyless Entry...
U-tec Group Inc. - Tools & Home Improvement
$204.00 - $188.01 from $15.99


fingerprint door lock

This biometric fingerprint door lock is designed for your home and office for maximum flexibility and convenience. It uses an advanced fingerprint recognition algorithm. This system guarantees the users safety and enhances security at all times. In addition, it allows you to enroll up to 100 fingerprints and identifies a user in less than 0.5 seconds.

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With its compatible app for your smartphone, you can easily keep track of who enters and leaves your home. Its unique keys for different users enables you to distinguish exactly the person accessing the lock.


Ardwolf Fingerprint Door Lock

One of the best door locks currently in the market. The Ardwolf Fingerprint Door Lock has an impressive large capacity that can accommodate up to 256 fingerprints. It is also equipped with a built-in active sensor that scans your finger with only one touch. Furthermore, it only takes less than 0.5 seconds to gain access.

This unit features an OLED display that shows the battery level and alerts you on low battery. In addition, this design features a double verification mode function. This allows you to use your fingerprint with a user code to enhance security.


Samsung Fingerprint Door Lock

A popular brand known for producing the best products when it comes to electronics and its door lock is no exception. The Samsung Fingerprint Door Lock has a sleek modern design which complements any exterior or interior door. This makes it ideal for residential home, apartment or office.

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It is equipped with a state of the art alarm system. After five unsuccessful entry attempts, a warning sounds and stops the system for about three minutes. This makes an intruder likely to flee. With this door lock, you are guaranteed of full protection


HARFO Door Lock


With a flexibility ranging from fingerprint entry, access cards, backup key, codes, and double-verification to unlock, you can be sure of maximum protection. It features an advanced semiconductor fingerprint sensor that grants access within 0.5 seconds. In addition, the HARFO Door Lock is equipped with a private/general switch. In private mode, only administrators can gain access.

This model is easy to install and use. The OLED display will walk you through the whole process. You can also use the touchscreen keypad to easily add or delete user information from the device.


SCYAN lock

The SCYAN lock features a combination of a fingerprint scanner and a keypad enabling both fingerprint access and code entry. It also provides a key option to those who are comfortable with using a key. This fingerprint door lock can hold up to 100 fingerprints and 100 codes that can be registered in the system.

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The SCYAN Fingerprint Door Lock uses self-learning ability which enables the device to update a user fingerprint template after every entry. This significantly reduces the rejection rate.

SCYAN X7SC Keyless Keypad Door Lock with Fingerprint Scanner
$103.14 - $3.19 $99.95


PINEWORLD Fingerprint Door Lock.

There is no better way to end this list than with the PINEWORLD Fingerprint Door Lock. With its Bio-Electrostatic Fingerprint Identification Technology, you can be guaranteed a faster and safer unlock. It only takes less than 0.4 seconds to grant entry access. It also gives you the freedom to choose between fingerprint, card, user codes or the mechanical key.

The model has a reversible handle. This enables it to support both right and left installation. Additionally, it is made with a black durable anti-collision acrylic panel that provides a simple and stylish look.