Best Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Bands

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Are you among the growing number of fitness enthusiasts? As more people embrace fitness, fitness technology is also evolving rapidly. Whether you adore the gym or just go to the gym for fun, everybody is excited about wearing a fitness tracker around their wrists and recording their data.

Understanding A Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracker is a gadget that resembles a bracelet or a watch that calculates your heart rate, steps, and overall activity levels. The gadget uses the collected information to analyze and track various other components such as the total number of calories burned for each gym session.

Comparable gadgets such as heart rate monitors and pedometers have been in existence for many years but they don’t match the versatility of the all in one style of fitness trackers. Market studies suggest that approximately four million fitness trackers were sold in the UK alone in 2017.

Currently, there are numerous brands of fitness trackers in the market. Choosing the ideal brand can be an arduous task which is we have compiled this list of the best Fitbit Alta and Alta HR bands both for women and men.

Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Bands For Men

1. Vancle Bands

Vancle Bands

Customize your Fitbit Alta HR and Fitbit Alta with Vance bands which are specially designed to fit appropriately in the Fitbit Alta HR 2017 / Fitbit Alta 2016 Fitness Tracker. You can use these bands to replace your authentic Alta HR wristband.


  • Vance bands are made of superior quality flexible and durable TPU material.
  • They are soft and comfortable to wear during exercise. You can even sleep with them.
  • Vance bands are stylish, classy, and you can use them to display your distinctive taste.
  • They are available in both small and large sizes meaning everybody can get them regardless of their size.
  • They come with a buckle making them easy to wear and take off
  • The manufacturer offers a 90-day money back. Your wristband can also be replaced free of charge if you don’t like it for instance or it’s damaged by the time of receipt.


  • Comes with a plastic buckle as opposed to a metal one. Some buyers opine that the plastic buckle is slightly stiff.
  • Some of the available colors aren’t appealing

2. Maledan Replacement Bands

No products found.

Maledan Replacement Bands are made of superior quality elastomer. It’s soft, lightweight, durable and doesn’t irritate the skin. These bands are specially designed to ensure that the wearer is comfortable when wearing them.

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  • There is a wide variety of colors to choose from. Further, there are two sizes to meet customer requirements. These give you the opportunity to customize your Fitbit Alta and Alta HR to match your outfit and mood accordingly.
  • These bands come with Fitbit Alta and Alta HR watch Lugs on each end. These lock securely and entirely on the watch interface.
  • They come with an exclusive buckle design which is not only easy to resize, but it’s also easy to assemble. The buckle is specially designed to grasp your band in place as well as fasten the additional length.
  • The manufacturer offers a one year warranty within which they can either refund your money or offer free replacement.


  • The metal clip in fastened in the bands is likely to corrode after a short period
  • They are prone to dirt
  • May break easily

No products found.

3. AK Bands

AK bands

AK bands are the ultimate replacement bands for Fitbit Alta HR 2017 and Fitbit Alta 2016. They are made of TPU material which makes them durable and comfortable to wear. They are unisex and can be worn in various events such as sporting, meetings, or on regular dates.


  • AK bands are available in both large and small sizes.
  • They are available in a wide variety of colors meant to improve your mood. If you are a style fanatic, you can wear them to match your outfits and current mood.
  • They are easily adjustable depending on the wearer’s wrist.


  • Get dirty easily and fast
  • Are more prone to wear and tear
  • Fastening may be difficult

4. TreasureMax


The TreasureMax fitness tracker is specially designed using a soft yet durable material. It comes in fashionable design and is comfortable to wear. You can wear it during the day and at night.


  • Treasure Max comes in small, standard, and large sizes.
  • Choose between the wide range of available colors to improve the appearance of your Fitbit Alta and match your daily outfits.
  • TreasureMax is eco-friendly, practical, and elegant and comes with an hour tracker.
  • You can easily take it on and off your Fitbit Alta.


  • Connectors may rust after a few months of use
  • Print may peel

5. GreenInsync

GreenInsync bands

GreenInsync bands are available in a wide range of colors. They come with an ultrathin fastener and a polished shock resistant design which safeguards your Fitbit Alta from vibration and shock.

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  • Leverage on the vast range of colors to match your outfits and enhance your mood.
  • They are flexible and made from a durable superior material which is not only hypoallergenic, but it also gives the wearer a comfortable experience.
  • The package includes: 10 exclusive design fastener, 10 Fitbit Alta replacement bands, and 10 metal clasps are in a gift box.


  • May break
  • Is sometimes hard to break

Fitbit Alta and Alta HR Bands For Women

1. Oitom Bands

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Oitom bands come in small and large sizes. They are available in various colors.


  • Features an exclusive full Milanese magnetic loop which you can adjust accordingly.
  • They are made from good quality material to guarantee quality.
  • The adjustable loop means that the wearers can wear their bands comfortably across the day.
  • Comes with a stainless steel mesh for nobility and fashion. They are ideal for any occasion.
  • Manufacturer gives an 18-month warranty within which your gadget can be repaired free of charge. You may also choose to be refunded.


  • May shorten Fitbit Alta battery life
  • Magnetic closure may stick on any metallic object hence increasing the chances of losing your Fitbit.
  • Color might come off hence staining outfits

No products found.

2. Wearlizer Small Silver Rose Gold Women Metal Replacement Bands Accessories Straps Bracelet

Wearlizer Small Silver Rose Gold Women Metal Replacement Band

The Wearlizer Small Silver Rose Gold Women Metal Replacement Band is adjustable which means that you can use it regardless of the size of your wrist.


  • Comes in a fashionable and stainless steel silver material. It’s specially designed in a stylish manner which gives it a jewelry appearance on your wrist.
  • It’s easy to remove and you can even add the links and adjust the size on your own by hand.
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty


  • The coating may rub off fast
  • May slide around your wrist
  • May cause an allergic reaction on some wearers

3. Wearlizer Metal Silver Rose Gold Black Pink Wristband Accessories Straps Bangle

Metal Silver Rose Gold Black Pink Wristband Accessories

The Metal Silver Rose Gold Black Pink Wristband Accessories are unique, stylish, and elegant. They are specially designed to give your Fitbit Alta a jewelry appearance. These can be the perfect gift choice for birthdays, weddings, or any other special occasion for you and your loved ones.

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  • These wristbands come with a stylish which has a push button drawstring design lock for absolute fit.
  • They are made from good quality metal to guarantee durability and elegance.
  • Manufacturer gives a one year warranty


  • May not fit on people with large wrists
  • The chain may break after a few months of use

4. ImmSss Metal Bands

ImmSss Metal Bands

The ImmSss Metal Bands are made of pure stainless steel to give your Fitbit Alta an elegant and stylish appearance.


  • The band comes with smart Fitbit Alta HR and Fitbit Alta fitness tracker lugs on each end to lock in the Fitbit Alta HR and Fitbit Alta watch band interface securely and precisely.
  • They are easy to wear and take off
  • Comes with a link remover
  • They are easy to adjust to your preferred size
  • The ImmSss Metal Bands comes with an exclusive butterfly folding clasp to ensure that the band is securely fastened and to prevent it from becoming loose.


  • Link remover may not work appropriately
  • The band may not fit well on some wearers
  • Faulty clips

5. Bayite Leather Bands

Bayite Leather Bands

Bayite Leather Bands have been improved to include 2 folding and removable link clasps to guarantee secure locking and easy resizing.


  • Comes in small and large sizes
  • Manufacturer gives a one year warranty within which buyers can either have their money back or get a replacement.


  • The band may break after a few months of use
  • May not fit well on people with small wrists


If you are a fitness enthusiast who loves stylish items, the above fitness tracker bands give you an opportunity to showcase your unique style as well as match your outfits with ease.

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