Best Floor Steam Cleaners For 2013

imageSteam is a natural, powerful cleaning force using only simple, plain water. In a world preoccupied more and more with the environment and willing to invest in a bio living, a steam vacuum cleaner is a great appliance  It helps save money that otherwise you would have to give for potentially harmful and expensive chemicals and cleaning solutions.
Steam cleans safely round your home: it leaves no toxic residues on the areas you choose to clean and won’t stain carpets. Another benefit of steam cleaning is getting rid of well known bacteria such as e-coli, listeria, and salmonella.
It’s a versatile method that cleans spots, dirt and grime no matter how stubborn they would be.

In this post I am going to present you some of the most popular models of floor steam cleaners in 2013, based on the reviews received from buyers, their main features and accessories.

Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge

Extend the life of your carpet with regular steam cleaning – and hit tough stains with the power of Clean Surge for spotless carpets. The multi-directional brushes surround carpet fibers, to remove dirt at every angle. 3-speed brushroll control function, transforms the vacuum in a really versatile tool: high for normal cleaning, low for gentle cleaning, off for spill pick-up.

The Tool Mode – stops scrubbing brushes to protect hard flooring.

Other great features: removable brushes – pop out for easy rinsing, Clean Surge Control – fingertip control applies extra detergent to stains and heavy traffic areas, Heated Drying – applies heat to floor to speed drying time, Dual Tanks – easy-to-fill tanks keep cleaning solution and dirty water separate, Powerful 12-amp Motor – has all the power needed to get floors truly clean, SpinScrub Powered Hand Tool – puts hard-to-reach cleaning in the palm of your hand: perfect for stairs, upholstery and stains.

The vacuum has a limited one-year warranty.



Eureka Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer

Environmentally safe, Eureka Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer sanitizes hard floors with up to 15 minutes of steam, without the use of harsh chemicals. This hard-floor cleaner is perfect for cleaning sealed hardwood floors, tile, vinyl, linoleum, marble and more.

The extra-long, 20-foot power cord lets you clean a large area without worrying about changing outlets, and there is an indicator light to let you know when to add water.

Ideal for people who want Eco-friendlier cleaning products it provides hygienic and effective cleaning.
Furthermore, its generous 12-1/2-inch cleaning head maneuvers easily into corners and cleans hard to reach areas-the magic cloth covering the head fits easily to the base and can be washed in your washing machine.

The hard floor steamer comes with a measuring cup that helps fill up the mop easier, a funnel and two magic cloth steam pads.

The vacuum comes with 1-year limited warranty.



McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

With 1500 watts of steam power, this heavy-duty cleaner is easy to use and needs no chemicals to do a great job . It is great for cleaning cars, trucks, motorcycles, or boats.

The cleaner removes stains and odors from upholstery, carpeting, and floor mats, as well as grease and grime from engines, wheels, and chrome accessories. It also works well for removing stuck-on dirt from the BBQ grill, patio furniture, or garage. The “steam ready” light indicates when the unit is ready to use, and a steam-control switch provides control over the amount of steam coming from the unit.

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 Other accessories: that will ease your work: a steam jet nozzle, two extension wands, a triangle brush, an upholstery/floor brush and a utility brush, a squeegee, funnel, measuring cup, and terry cover for the floor brush. The 12-foot power cord allows cleaning large areas. The 13-pound steam cleaner has a 50-ounce water-tank capacity, enough for one full hour of use.

Although it is a bit heavy and loud, the McCulloch  heavy-duty steam cleaner is a solid tool that will help you steam clean like a professional!

McCulloch MC-1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner


HAAN SI-70 Multi Multiple Purpose Floor Steamer

The HAAN Multi SI70 steam mop converts into a handheld steamer at the touch of a button so that you can enjoy the effectiveness of a steam mop, plus the versatility of a handheld steam cleaner.
It does a great job on every surface in the house from the kitchen to bathroom, living room and bedroom. With Smart Steam Technology feature, the HAAN steam cleaner provides chemical free, natural, safe and environmentally friendly home cleaning.
With its help you can get rid of 99.9% of germs, bacteria and dust mites and enjoy a healthy home. The 15 steam jets provide a wide cleaning path and reduce hot spots while focusing steam where it’s needed most. The water tank is removable making it easy to maneuver, fill and clean. It uses simple tap water and an electronic pump provides continuous steam for a quick and effortless cleaning. The steam takes only 20 seconds to form. It works great on sanitizing your carpets, rugs, mattresses, sofas.

The MULTI not only comes with a carpet tray but also comes with specially designed attachments to be used with the head-held steamer. Included: Angle nozzle, Brush attachment, Small steam head attachment with cleaning bonnet.The bonnet is used for any hard surface such as; counter tops, fridge, sealed tables, shower doors, tile, porcelain etc. Remove the bonnet when you want to sanitize your sofa, drapes or any other soft surface.

HAAN Multi SI70 steam mop


Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Steam Carpet Cleaner

Easy to use and operate, the PowerLifter PowerBrush upright deep cleaner has 4 cleaning rows. The DirtLifter Powerbrush, as a unique and powerful feature, has stiff bristles placed in a wavy formation on the rotating brush, helping to scrub and lift the dirt and stains your vacuum can’t get. Then powerful suction lifts it away. Carpets are left clean, odor-free, even gently groomed for a polished look.

The vacuum has a lot of accessories that will ease your work and help you save precious time: tough stain tool, 4″ upholstery tool, 6″ stair tool includes brush, hard floor tool, powered turbo brush hand tool,built-in measuring cup .
Bissell is a leader on the vacuum cleaners market- buying one of their models will soon prove to be a great investment.

At a purchase you also receive a 16-ounce bottle of Fiber Cleansing Formula. The steam carpet cleaner has a 1-year limited warranty.

Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush Upright Steam Carpet Cleaner


BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop

Treat your hard floors a shiny, sanitized clean with the variable, digital steam control. Armed with the handy, flip-down Easy Scrubber, you can thoroughly clean tough messes and even grout. Clean sticky, dried-on spots 2 times faster than the leading steam mop with a built-in Easy Scrubber, while experiencing whole-room freshness from the optional scent discs. Now clean, sanitized floors are a simple steam away.
It eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria to make sure you enjoy a fresh and safe environment. It is great for households with pets and kids. The SmartSet digital function lets you personalize your cleaning sessions.
Say goodbye to buckets and spills  to dirty mops that seem only to spread the dirt and not to pick it up and eliminate it, Bissell has come up once again with a perfect solution for you!

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Other accessories: spring breeze fragrance discs,  a 23′ power cord for covering large areas without unplugging, removable water tank and 2 different mop pads- one for everyday cleaning and one with scrubbing strips.

The steam cleaner comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop


Euroflex Monster Steam-Jet-II Floor Steam Cleaner

There is an incredible feeling of relief each time you enter your freshly cleaned house. It is like everything is in balance – your energies and your houses- you know it is safe for your kids to play on the floor and that your pets hair is no longer a problem.
The never ending chore that is keeping a house clean gets a lot easier with the Euroflex Monster Steam-Jet-II 1200 w disinfecting floor steam cleaner. It is a powerful tool, versatile and easy to use.

The versatile Euroflex Monster Steam-Jet-II is a steam mop for hard floors and an effective cleaner for carpets and rugs. It puts light pressure on ceramic tiles, vinyl, sealed wood, laminated floors and linoleum. With the carpet sledge fitted it is a quick, easy and effective cleaner for carpets and rugs. As a steam cleaner it can clean without the use of smelly harsh chemicals, and using just ordinary tap water. Steam away dirt, grease, grime, mildew and mold with the Double Steam Jet , 6 jet portals on bottom, 4 jet portals on front.

Ready in 3 minutes, the package including 3 microfiber pads (2 hard floor & 1 carpets),  a measuring cup, carpet sledge is ready to become your trusted partner in the household.

The product has a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Euroflex Monster Steam-Jet-II


SteamFast SteamMax Steam Cleaner

The Steamfast SF-275 Steam Cleaner is the ideal tool for those who are serious about steam cleaning. Using ordinary water heated to over 200ºF, the Steam Cleaner effectively and naturally cleans and sanitizes a wide variety of surfaces. With its various attachments, the Steam Cleaner is designed for handling the most stubborn cleaning jobs throughout your home. From shower doors to children’s toys, carpeting and barbecue grills, there’s no job too big – or too small – for the Steam Cleaner.
The Steam cleaner is designed to make your life easier, it’s perfect for kitchen counters, stoves, floor’s, bathroom’s mirrors and window’s. It removes tough grease, dirt, grime and helps eliminate allergens . Using it, you will save time and money that otherwise would go on chemical cleaning solutions that in time, affect our lives and the environment.
The Steam cleaner has the following accessories: a medium-size triangle brush for special areas such as corners, a short nylon utility brush for general cleaning, a long nylon utility brush for hard-to-reach places, a short brass brush for BBQ cleaning, a scrub pad for scrubbing while steaming and a cloth cover to clean and sanitize hard floors. Also included, a free bonus package with four utility brushes, a scrub pad, and a brass BBQ grill brush.
Enjoy the Steamfast SF-275 steam cleaner with 1 year limited warranty.

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SteamFast SF-275 SteamMax Steam Cleaner


Vapamore MR-100 PRIMO Steam Cleaning System

Based on the consumers feedback, Vapamore developed the MR 100 Primo which gathers a series of features and accessories that make it a top pick in the line of household appliances.
This model promises 60 minutes of operation per tank and in this time the 210˚- 220˚ steam that it produces makes sure to clean and sanitize all over your house, removing dirt, grease, grime, stains. It also kills germs, dust mites, mold chemical fast and chemical free. It advertises to be an extremely effective bed bug treatment. What is amazing about the Primo is the lifetime of use, backed by a lifetime warranty.

Vapamore also offers the parts and accessories that need replacing after prolonged use such as brushes, as well as the Vapamore high level of customer support. Great accessories that come with the package include: steam gun and hose detail adapter, jet nozzle tool, detail scraper tool, nylon grout brush, nylon medium duty brush,large nylon brush, brass metal brush, fabric tool cotton cover, micro fiber floor pad, floor cleaning head, 3 extension tubes, clothes / fabric tool, smooth surface squeegee, measuring cup, fill funnel, accessory storage bag, replacement O-ring set.

All these plus the lifetime warranty makes it one tough competitor on the market.

MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaning System With Lifetime Warranty


Haan Slim and Light Steam Cleaner SI-35

Say goodbye to the days you had to get down on your knees with a bucket and a cloth to clean your floors. And if you would have to answer fairly, how effective was that method? All the scrub and washing, time and effort and for how long?
Haan gave much importance to that aspect and concentrated their studies on delivering a slim and lightweighted product, the SI35. It easily reaches under appliances and cabinets to clean every corner of your floor. Using Smart Steam Technology, a HAAN steam cleaner provides chemical free, natural, safe, and environmentally friendly home cleaning.
Safely clean and sanitize around kids and pets. It is easy to store and assemble. The package includes a carpet glide to sanitize and refresh carpet and 2 reusable ultra microfiber pads for extended cleaning time. A full tank is sufficient for 25 minutes of steam cleaning- but if you should see this as a disadvantage, remember how easy Haan steam cleaner is to carry around and maneuver in all the hard to reach places.
It is available in white, red and green and has a 1 year limited warranty.

Haan SI35 steam cleaner


In conclusion, the market offers a variety of models- efficient and powerful that will ease your life and do a great, chemical – free cleaning job. The best steam cleaners will make you forget about bucket and spills, about dirty mop heads and bacteria. Offer yourself and your home this great treat and you will be amazed with the differences.