Best Free MacBook Apps You Should Try

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Great features sometimes will come with free packages. There are many things that you can do with these free apps. Considering that your device will not come with every App you would need, you have to search for more apps which will make using your MacBook Pro a fun.

Sometimes it will take you a long time to know of a great application that would be a valuable addition in your device. App Store has hundreds of free Softwares which will make your selection even more difficult. For this reason, I have rounded 10 free applications that are worth considering and have them in your MacBook.

Check the below video from HotshotTek to see the best free MacBook Apps You Should Try

Best Free MacBook Apps You Should Try


This utility software will help you organize your windows more efficiently without necessarily using a mouse.

The app enables you to view multiple documents side by side and even move windows displays on top of others. This makes you more productive when using this app on your MacBook Pro.

You can use arrow keys to snap windows to different sides of your desktop. Also, you can make the windows smaller or bigger depending on the size of your display or how you want it.

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Hidden Me

Sometimes you may want to have a clean desktop with no icons. All you need to do is to get or download Hider free package and have it installed in your MacBook Pro. You will make the icons disappear or reappear by just a click of the HiddenMe icon on the menu bar.

The application is functional and very easy to use. Just click it on the menu bar and everything disappears. Another click and everything reappears back.


You can easily toggle between light and dark modes with NightOwl. This can be done based on time or sunlight intensity. You don’t have to keep on switching to light mode every time the sun rises. NightOwl will do all this for you.

More interesting options come with this free package. For instance, you can choose which apps to stay light, while your system runs in dark mode. You can achieve this more efficiently by mastering dark mode per App.

Mac Fan Control

Everybody wants to run a device with a fan which is as silent as it can be. You realize how this becomes difficult especially when your device temperatures go up.

Mac Fan Control application will allow you to monitors aspects of your device’s fans. Sometimes your device might heat up due to workload. With this application, you can also monitor temperatures of sensor panes.

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Controlling fan speed is essential and ensures your device functions properly and this App helps you do it.


You can play a web-based video while still multitasking. Helium helps you have your floating video which you can hover over.

This closely resembles the Picture-In-Picture feature for iPads. Helium also allows for Picture-In-Picture mode on your MacBook desktop.

The app gives a good experience. Working and still watching videos on YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and other media streaming sites.


Are you still adjusting your power saving to keep your MacBook Pro device powered on? Well, the good news is that you can forget that for something better because Amphetamine will help keep your device powered on.

After the application is installed, right-click on the menu bar icon to have the setting you want for your device to stay on as long as you like or for some time to enable you to do your staff.

The application has settings that can enable you to keep your device on indefinitely under certain conditions say like when connected to your home Wi-Fi.

Stop thinking about how you will get it, the package is entirely free.

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The App will review and monitor your battery conditions and ensure your MacBook Pro battery endures and last longer.

Keeping a keen eye on your Mac device battery status, the App will always notify you when the status changes. It also recommendations on the Apps which should be stopped to reduce the power drain.

Chargeberry will keep you in the loop about your battery health, percentage, standby time and current power consumption pattern.


Whatever you do to a screenshot on your phone, you can as well do it on your MacBook Pro using Annotate Free App.

It will enable you to sketch, add texts and share your screenshots on your Mac device easily and quickly. You can also save your annotated screenshot.


It slows down the processing speed of your device to reduce the power drain. When your battery drains to certain levels, the App makes adjustments to reduce the rate of power consumption.

Running in the background, it will turn off features deemed not very essential and ensure your battery last longer.

App Cleaner

With this app, you can safely uninstall unwanted Apps from your system. This awesome App is free and easily deletes all the files associated with uninstalled software leaving no residues.

With the addition of these Apps in your MacBook, your experience will be great. You will increase your productivity at no extra cost since the Apps are free.

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