Best HomePod Compatible Smart Plugs

When it comes to building the ultimate smart home, smart outlets are going to be essential to this dream. As soon as you have plugged in your devices to your new smart plug, suddenly your HomePod & Siri can control the devices. This could be light bulbs, thermostats, radios, coffee makers or whatever HomePod enabled device you want to plug in. The best HomePod compatible smart plugs are all produced by top brands. Looking for premium smart plugs for your HomePod smart home? Then read on and check out our list of the best HomePod compatible smart plugs on the market today.

The smart outlets and plugs we have gathered up today all come highly recommended by experts and users. Almost all of these smart plugs will be Wi-Fi enabled, though there are Bluetooth options also if needed. And we have even included an outdoor option for you if that is what you need. With a good Wi-Fi connection in your home, you will be bringing all your devices online quickly with your HomePod smart plug. Read on and discover our best smart outlets that you can pair up with your HomeKit.

1) ConnectSense Smart Outlet with Apple HomeKit Technology

The ConnectSense has to be out top one choice. The brand is well known and it is built to last. It offers you two Wi-Fi connected plugs that you will be able to control with Siri voice commands. Also, a nifty feature is that you can monitor the two plugs individually which means you can comfortably monitor the two devices. Another feature we love about the ConnectSense is that it comes packing with a USB charging port.

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Set up a schedule for your coffeemaker, monitor your favorite gadgets energy consumption. All possible with this great HomePod smart plug.

2) iDevices Switch Apple Smart Plug

iDevices Switch will allow your HomePod to work as the hub so no need to buy any sort of extra controller. This smart plug can let you view all your devices connected via the Home app. Even turn things off and on by the command of your voice. The iDevices can easily integrate any sort of electrical into your smart home setup. Which means you will enjoy remote access to your device.

Perfect option for users who need to control multiple devices. And you can even set up daily operation schedules for your electricals. The iDevices is an amazing smart plug.

3) iHome Smart Wi-Fi AppleKit Plug

iHome is one of the most known brands when it comes to smart outlets. So you just knew they were going to smash it with their premium product. This Wi-Fi enabled wall plug can control any device and stays extremely safe. Need to set up a schedule on a portable heater or a fan? You can do this simply in a couple of seconds by using a smart plug. Access your device via the Home App or set up commands from Siri. The choice is yours and the options are limitless. Want your home audio system to be blaring your favorite tune when you get home? Schedule it via a smart socket.

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Enjoy easy global remote access via the iHome, one of the best smart home products available.

4) Elgato Eve Energy

Elgato Eve Energy, as the name suggests is about safe energy consumption. When you set up with your HomePod everything is integrated with saving energy in mind. Control your device via this wall plug and make sure it turns off when you do not need it. Accessible via your Home App or iPad, this smart plug is fully compatible with your HomePod. This smart plug uses Bluetooth low energy technology to link up with your devices. So you can use this smart outlet even if you do not have Wi-Fi.

This choice is the best option for no home Wi-Fi network users, Elgato smart wall plug uses Bluetooth to pair up with your iPhone.

5) iDevices Outdoor Switch

iDevices Outdoor outlet, what a beast of a smart socket. Like we said we would include an option for you outdoor users. This is a very durable smart plug system that is Wi-Fi enabled. You will need a pretty powerful signal from your router though. But this opens up amazing opportunities for your smart home. Control of lights or electric sprinklers, all via the Home App or your voice commands via Siri. Just relax inside and control anything you need outside via your iOS device. Forgot to schedule a device to turn on? No problem you can access it remotely that is the beauty of using a smart plug.

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If you are an outdoor user and need devices accessible in the garden then the iDevices Outdoor Outlet is the best option for you.

Hope you had fun reading our best 5 HomePod compatible smart plugs. Let us know if you have any thoughts or a different product to suggest.

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