Best iPad Air 3 Keyboard Cases

iPad Air 3 is a reasonably priced device that gives you enhanced performance. It’s ideal for people who are looking for a robust and productive iPad without paying the colossal iPad Pro prices. If you want to enhance the productivity of your iPad Air 3, you need to purchase a specially designed keyboard case. Below are some of the best iPad Air 3 keyboard cases you can choose from.

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Best iPad Air 3 Keyboard Cases

Fintie Keyboard Case with Built-in Apple Pencil Holder

Fintie Keyboard Case

The Fintie Keyboard Case comes in various colors, unique designs, and patterns. If you’re going to use your iPad in the office, you can choose neutral colors which are more professional.

The case is made of PU leather on the exterior and features an anti-slip material lined with rubber on the inner part to offer your iPad Air 3 total protection. What’s more, the keyboard is detachable and the grooves along the cover can be used as a stand to allow for the ideal viewing angle.


  • Comes with an inbuilt pencil holder for convenience and to ensure that you have your drawing or writing tool within easy reach.
  • This keyboard cover is available in a slim design to guarantee maximum protection without being too bulky.
  • The keyboard cover comes with a spring technique beneath each key to guarantee a tangible response helping you to type faster with minimal error.
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  • It may be slightly heavy, requires charging, and needs Bluetooth connection to operate
  • Has a funny smell and sometimes doesn’t stay in place.

2. ONHI Wireless Keyboard Case

ONHI Wireless Keyboard Case

The ONHI Wireless Keyboard Case comes with an elegant aluminum case. It’s specially designed to elevate the appearance of your iPad. It comes with three different brightness adjustment modes and seven backlight colors to enhance your typing and visual experience.


  • Features an X-type keypress structure complete with a 4mm thickness.
  • It comes with a shaft bracket structure which enables users to position the iPad up to 135° for the ultimate comfy viewing position.
  • It’s light in weight and can standby up to 60 days with just a single charging session.
  • It’s appropriately compatible with the gadget which means it’ll not detach easily. Users can access all buttons, ports, and even camera with ease.
  • The battery can run up to 5 hours when using the backlight and up to 180 hours when the backlight is not in use.
  • This keyboard case has a smart auto wake and sleep function which helps preserve the battery.


  • The shift key is wrongly placed
  • Susceptible to wear and tear after minimal use
  • Hinges may break after using it for a short time

3. 7 Color Backlight Keyboard Case With Pencil Holder

Vancle Bands

This iPad Air 2 case comes with seven different backlit colors and 3 brightness levels to make your typing easy and fun whether you’re typing in the light or dark. It features a premium resilience ultra slender keyboard island design keys for a quiet and enjoyable typing experience.


  • The keys are smooth, responsive, and comfortable to use. They come with a spring mechanism beneath each key to guarantee a tangible response with each stroke.
  • It comes with a leather iPad case for added protection. It’s made of high-quality synthetic leather and the keyboard surface is specially designed to avert slipping which can make you drop your iPad.
  • The auto sleep and wake feature ensure that your keyboard case goes on automatic sleep or wake more whenever you close or open it. This helps preserve the battery.
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  • The stand may not function well
  • The case is heavy and comes in a weird design which can make it difficult to use the iPad

4. Arteck Ultra-Thin Bluetooth Keyboard

Arteck Ultra-Thin Bluetooth Keyboard

The Arteck Ultra-Thin Bluetooth Keyboard comes with a wider key size to enhance your typing experience. It’s designed to wirelessly connect through Bluetooth via easy connect process.


  • Specially designed with a magnetic attaching design for convenient and easy attachment to the keyboard.
  • It features auto wake and sleep mode which is automatically activated when you open or close the case.
  • Users can easily switch between the laptop style and iPad case through the magnetic attaching
  • Charge the case for two hours and enjoy up to 100 hours of use.


  • Can be slightly heavy

5. Anker Folio Keyboard Case

Anker Folio Keyboard Case

The Anker Folio Keyboard Case exterior is made of synthetic leather which looks like a notebook. It comes with a fast typing yet comfortable keyboard which is designed to complement your iPad.


  • Gives you flexible viewing options.
  • This keyboard case comes to a power saving mode which activates automatically if your gadget remains inactive for 10 minutes.
  • Comes with sleep and wake options which activate automatically when users open and close their keyboard cases. This feature prolongs your battery life.
  • It comes with high battery life.
  • Cons
  • May not be suitable for long term everyday use
  • Can be noisy with keys that fall easily
  • Compatibility problems

6. MoKo Keyboard Case

MoKo Keyboard Case

The MoKo Keyboard Case comes in an elegant yet simple design. It’s exterior is made of superior quality PU leather material for enhanced protection on your iPad.

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  • Comes with a hard shell case complete with openings to ease access of ports and buttons.
  • Bluetooth enabled and detachable keyboard which enhances your typing experience.
  • Comes with an Apple pencil slot and a magnetic closure.
  • Features a removable wireless keyboard for accelerated typing.
  • It’s lightweight and ultra thin and the battery is rechargeable


  • The case is slightly bulky and heavy
  • The folding option may not work appropriately
  • The auto wake and sleep mode is likely to fail

7. Boriyuan Protective Ultra Slim Hard Shell Folio Stand Smart Cover

VBoriyuan Protective Ultra Slim Hard Shell Folio Stand Smart Cover

This keyboard case is made of high-quality material to enhance the appearance of your iPad and enhance your typing experience. It comes with seven backlit colors.


  • Comes with three level brightness control which improves the appearance of your iPad even in the dark and gives you comfort and visual enjoyment.
  • Helps you choose various viewing options
  • Auto wake and sleep function which is triggered when the iPad is opened or closed.
  • Users can access their buttons and ports with ease when using this keyboard case.
  • Charge the keyboard case for two hours and enjoy thirty days of uninterrupted use without backlight. If the backlight option is on, you’ll use the case for between 5 to 10 hours.


  • Painting on the keyboard is likely to come off
  • Some keys will fall off after a short period of use


Choose any of the above keyboard cases to enhance the appearance of your iPad and maximize your user experience.