Best iPad Mini Keyboard Case

ipad-miniiPad mini was received really well on the market and soon became a clear competitor for the others in the niche. With a lower price than the classic iPad but similar features, the iPad mini is a handy gadget to have when you want to stay connected to your business. No matter where you are or if you simply enjoy to be in close connection with the rest of the world, you can build up your network or stay in touch with your friends using this great gadget.

But why would you need a mini keyboard case for it? Obviously, you did not want a laptop when you went for a tablet! But that does not mean you have to ignore the advantages of such an accessory: a mini keyboard cover is light yet strong enough to protect your iPad mini and offer you more accuracy and speed. Without a stylus, how many times did you type something and had to try it twice? If you answer e-mails or use your tablet to write a blog post your way to work I am sure you experienced this. In the following post I will offer you some tips on some really great keyboard cases on the market: they are fashionable, elegant and most important, they do a great job protecting your iPad mini.

QQ-Tech Removable Detachable Wireless Bluetooth ABS Keyboard PU Leather Case

One of the best producer of accessories for tablets and mobiles, QQ-Tech has a special line for iPad mini: the removable, wireless, Bluetooth Keyboard Case made of high end ABS material that replaces the rough silicone and offers decent protection and a better grip. The super slim and light weight(7 mm) Bluetooth keyboard has a 10 m range offering improved and comfortable typing experience. It is available in 4 colors: red, black, white and brown.

apple ipad mini keyboard case


Poetic KeyBook Removable Bluetooth Keyboard Case

The KeyBook Series by Poetic is the ideal case for those who need to do a lot of typing, featuring a removable Bluetooth keyboard. The rubberized keys are spill-proof, and also protects your device’s screen from scratching when closed. The adjustable stand securely holds your device in landscape mode. The slim, durable vegan leather cover protects your device, plus also provides full access to all controls. Poetic offers a 3 years warranty for their cases. More colors are available: red, black, white, green, purple, navy blue and brown.

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poetic keyboard case for i[ad mini


CoverBot iPad Mini Keyboard Case Station

With CoverBot clam-shell keyboard station you can transform your iPad mini into a stylish, light- weighted laptop in no time. The sleek, portable keyboard allows you to write fast and precise and carry your laptop around without any fear you might scratch it. It is great for traveling- it offers vertical or horizontal positions for multi-viewing angles. Other advantages you get with this case:  full body protection, matte surface finish, elegant and fingerprint free , chocolate key design. The keyboard also has some build-in functions, like a home key, functions to change the brightness of the screen, volume, search, music controls, and more! This keyboard case comes with a built in rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Available colors: white, black, red, green, pink.

coverbot ipad mini keyboard case


Bear Motion Leather Case for iPad Mini with Detachable/Interchangeable Bluetooth Keyboard and Notepad Board

When it comes to iPad cases, nobody knows better than Bear Motion. They build their reputation on two strong principles:  rigorous and relentless quality control  and best material guaranteed. The Bear Motion leather case for iPad mini with detachable/interchangeable Bluetooth Keyboard and notepad board is 3 in 1.  It comes with a genuine leather case for iPad mini, a detachable Bluetooth keyboard and a detachable notepad board. Notepad and keyboard pad are interchangeable. You can keep one in the bag and use either of them when needed.

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Bear Motion Leather Case for iPad Mini


GreatShield 2!Go Detachable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Leather Case

The full-sized Bluetooth keyboard provides that true keyboard feeling without adding extra weight! It delivers the same text input as the traditional PC and laptops with no need to install software or drivers and includes special keys that activate iPad features. With its built-in stand, engineered to absorb shock-damage from accidental bumps and drops, this case truly is the ultimate companion for your precious iPad Mini. You will also appreciate the sleep function that makes sure you use your gadget as efficient as possible.

GreatShield iPad mini keyboard case


Belkin Wireless Keyboard and Case for iPad Mini

This laptop-style keyboard has well-spaced keys that reduce typing mistakes. Each key has a spring mechanism that provides tactile feedback when struck, enabling fast, intuitive, and comfortable typing. A snug fit and smooth inner lining helps protect your iPad mini from scratches, scuffs, and other types of wear. When you’re not using it, the keyboard folds flat into the case, making it ideal for when you’re on the go. Not only does the case have a cutout for the iPad mini’s camera, but the keyboard also has shortcut keys specific to the iPad mini that allow you to easily adjust volume and control your music and video.

Belkin Wireless Keyboard and Case for iPad Mini


SHARKK Apple iPad Mini Keyboard Bluetooth Case

Made of high quality aluminium, the SHARKK iPad Mini keyboard case provides great protection and ease of type. The  Built in lithium battery lets you enjoy your tablet without interruption. Customized with sleep/wake hibernation mode-it is great for long travels, outdoor use, etc.

SHARKK Apple iPad Mini Keyboard Bluetooth Case


Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover Black for iPad Mini

Protect your iPad mini’s screen and enjoy a comfortable typing experience without detracting from its thin, light and cool style. At 208 g, the Ultrathin Keyboard mini weighs almost a third less than iPad mini. When it’s time to write an IM or email, you’ll enjoy smooth and quiet typing on this Bluetooth wireless keyboard. Featuring EasyType keys for fast and comfortable typing experience. EasyType keys offer a traditional typing layout in a small form factor, plus iPad mini function shortcut keys for commands you use most often, such as copy, paste and more. It comes with an auto wake/sleep function. Available in black or white.

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Logitech keyboard case for ipad mini


MiniSuit Bluetooth QWERTY Keyboard Case and Dock Stand for iPad Mini(Aluminium Finish)

MiniSuit introduces their newest must-have accessory for Apple iPad Mini Tablet: a 3-in-1 stand, keyboard, and dock. This versatile keyboard docking station is made exclusively to protect your virtual world. The removable and rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard is easy to use, and easy to carry. The smart stand design of this cover allows you prop device up to comfortable viewing and typing angle. Intuitive cover initiates device to automatically wake or hibernate. The case is compact, lightweight and made with aluminum color finish for a professional look and feel.

iPad Mini Chrome Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


ZAGGkeys MINI 7 Case/Keyboard for iPad mini

Featuring an attractive folio designed specifically around the curves of iPad mini, and highlighted with ZAGG’s award-winning keyboard technology, the MINI 7 offers a complete mobile experience for a tablet. Island-style keys in a sleek and unique layout provide maximum finger space in a compact Bluetooth keyboard, perfect for accentuating the utility and convenience of iPad mini.

zagg ipad mini keyboard case


 This was my post regarding the best iPad mini Keyboard cases you can find these days on the market. If you tested any of them I would love to hear your feedback! Also, feel free to share if you have a favourite one and I might have skipped mentioning it!