Best iPad Pro 12.9-inch Keyboard Cases for 2020

The technology is advancing with high speed. People all over the world are using advanced computer models. The new models are replacing old desktops. IPad has gained colossal popularity iPad available; the Pro 2020 is the best offer to buy. It will give you tremendous speed and has a battery, which is a long life.

The 2020 iPad comes with excellent cameras. Besides, its trackpad support is just amazing. The major challenge of tablets is the lack of keyboards. When you have an iPad, using it on the screen is a usually tricky task. However, acquiring the best keyboard case will offer you a fantastic typing experience. When you apply an iPad keyboard, your iPad turns into a laptop. Keyboard cases for iPad pro 12.9 inches will provide you with the best typing experience for your tablet. Do you have the apple 2020 iPad tablet? You can consider one of these best 2020 iPad pro 12.9- inch keyboard cases.

Best iPad Pro 12.9-inch Keyboard Cases for 2020

Lenrich keyboard case for iPad pro 12.9 inches

Lenrich keyboard case for iPad pro 12.9 inches

Lenrich keyboard case provides maximum security protection for your tablet. It is movable around 360 degrees and brings yours into a laptop nature. The ability to use the keyboard case to adjust to laptop nature enables you to have good experience of reading and typing when traveling.

Lenrich keyboard case slim design and well-spread keys make it ideal to use at any place and time. The case protects the iPad from scratches, bumps, and spills. This iPad case allows you to adjust the tablet into different modes of use. You can adapt to write, read, play games, watch, and even do a presentation. When you want to use it, it is recommendable that you charge the keyboard.

Features of Lenrich iPad Pro keyboard case

  • Well-designed case and gives to all ports while protecting the iPad
  • It is well fitted with an in-built rechargeable battery
  • Provides 360-degree adjustable angles to suit your preferred use mode
  • Made of the most beautiful material that allows easy iPad flip over
  • Weighs about 3 pounds
  • It is about 12×9.5×0.8 inches in terms of length
  • Easy folding for portability when traveling

Logitech slim keyboard case for iPad Pro 12.9-inch

Logitech slim keyboard case for iPad Pro 12.9-inch

Logitech keyboard case ensures your iPad is secure from damage. In case of any drop, knock or spill, the Logitech keyboard case is ideal for security. It will secure your iPad against such destructive factors. It has Bluetooth keyboard, which has dramatically spread out keys with covered travel. It also incorporates a suitable row of small keys that are useful.

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You can adjust the iPad at angles ideal for you to view or even carry out typing. Its slim folio correctly locks the iPad in the most exceptional edge while firmly holding on the available surface.

The keyboard case has soft outer fabric yet very durable. The keyboard case offers you a chance of folding back the keyboard when you want to read the books as well as the articles. Collapsing the screen of the iPad is also possible in case you want to take notes and even do drawings using Logitech crayons. Delight in using the iPad during the night or even when there is dim lighting. With its backlit keys, there are adaptable brightness points that ensure you can see anything you do when in the bedroom, plane, and any environment with low light.

Features of this keyboard case

  • Has backlit keys to help you attain peak productivity t any place
  • Fitted with charging space while the case is on
  • It has on, and of auto power save. The keyboard can turn on and of depending on the mode of iPad pro
  • The battery is rechargeable and can last for three months
  • The Bluetooth uses a small amount of energy for paring
  • Its large key is well spread out
  • Weighs about 1.56 pounds
  • Has 11.3×9.1×0.9 length in inches

Chesona iPad keyboard case

Chesona iPad keyboard case

The Chesona iPad pro-12.9-inch keyboard case offers the most adaptable keyboard case. It provides you with the easy option of connecting the iPad pro with many external devices. For more effortless transportability, it is designed in a manner that is collapsable. It is detachable and attractive. The TPU case is soft and flexible. TPU smooth material will make your touch feel great.

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Your contact never leaves fingerprints or scratch on the keyboard case. The cover case protects the iPad pro12.9 ropes charging mode for apple pencil. Its pencil slots are also secured. The chesona iPad pro keyboard case has no automatic on-off function.

Setting the iPad to auto sleep is essential for saving iPad battery life. When using the keyboard first time, fully charge it is required. Bluetooth for iPad is then turned on. After matching keyboard with the iPad, indicator light for Bluetooth goes out

Features of chesona keyboard case for iPad pro 12.9 inches

  • Adjustable to various stand angles
  • It is a durable case that fully protects your iPad
  • Inbuilt pencil holder makes carrying it and uses to be easy
  • Magnetic fusion case easily enable the transformation of iPad to a laptop or preferred book within seconds
  • Weighs about 1.81 pounds
  • Its length in inches is 11.2×9.3×0.7
  • Wireless keyboard

IVSO iPad 12.9 inch keyboard case

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The IVSO keyboard case is impressive for iPad pro 12.9 inches. It is good and of high quality. The case perfectly fits the iPad pro. IVSO keyboard case magnet securely holds the valuables. It is designed in a manner that you can charge the iPad without necessarily removing the case.

When using this iPad keyboard case, you enjoy all the standing angles it offers. You can adjust it to stand upright, just like in a laptop mode. It also enables you to flip the keyboard to avoid disturbance when it not in use. You can as well flip over the whole iPad using a keyboard case to attain an angle that enables you to read and also write.

The keyboard case is impressive, and your iPad just remain lightweight even when coved the case. With the ability to enclose your iPad pro, the IVSO keyboard case gives full protection of the iPad

Features of IVSO iPad Pro keyboard case

  • Has excellent cutout for easy access of all ports
  • The inner lining of the leaver cover is soft and gives good touch feeling while protecting your iPad
  • designed with adjustable stand purpose which provides you with a different viewing angle
  • fitted with an in-built rechargeable battery
  • Easily foldable to carry when traveling
  • The case is ultra-thinly designed

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Torubia keyboard case for iPad pro 12.9 inches

Torubia keyboard case for iPad pro 12.9 incheso 16-inch Case

Torubia’s keyboard case offers you a fantastic experience. With this keyboard holder, your tablet is transformable into laptop mode. That enables you to use the tablet to maximum comfort. Torubia’s keyboard case guarantees you easy use and efficiency. The in-built sensitive touchpad ok the keyboard case makes scrolling easier.

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The board case is best for iPad pro due to its simplicity as the tablet holder. It provides you with maximum protection of the iPad.You can adjust the tablet while covered by the case to your preferred viewing angle. The softness of the leaver the PU leather protection gives you a nice touch.

The interior of the matter is lined with microfiber that offers maximum protection for the iPad. The charging of the apple pencil is appropriate with a keyboard case that is fitted with Bluetooth. It is ultra- thinly designed for tablet protection with no added bulk. Besides, it is easy to carry around since it is lightweight.

Features of Torubia iPad pro 12.9 inches keyboard case

  • Opening and closing the keyboard case brings the iPad to wake and sleep mode
  • Offer full accessibility to the ports
  • It is ultra-thinly designed to offer protection with minimal weight
  • Weigh about 1.28pounds

Zagg Slim keyboard case for iPad 12.9 inches

Zagg Slim keyboard case for iPad 12.9 inches

The Zagg slip keyboard case is detachable and ultra-thinly designed. Guarantee you maximum security for the iPad. Its joints allow you to adjust the tablet into a preferred angle of viewing. You can also flatly fold it as a protective case mode. When you want to read, that allows you to reverse the iPad pro book mode.

The case is fitted with substantially spaced keys rightfully placed to use even when traveling. The Zagg Bluetooth keyboard case and its unique keys will give ultimate productivity in this technological error.

Features of Zagg keyboard case

  • Case mode gives protection to the tablet
  • Its length is about 12.1xx9.1x 0.9 inches
  • Thinly designed
  • Very light for portability


Tablets are expensive gadgets. Whenever you acquire one, it is essential to ensure maximum protection. When protected with the excellent keyboard cases, you are guaranteed long-term use. From the list above, you can select the best keyboard case for the iPad pro 12.9 inches.

They are designed in such a manner that you can enjoy various view angles of your preference. The cover case enables you to transform the iPad quickly into a small laptop for your ultimate use. Enjoy ultimate tablet protection with any of the options.