Best iPad Pro 12.9-inch Screen Protectors in 2020 (4th Generation)

Do you have an iPad? You will observe that it is a very delicate device. They have the beautiful screen worthy protection. A screen protector for your iPad Pro is the best option for keeping pristine. The screen protectors will guard your valuable tablet against scratches as well as resisting bumps.

Use the best screen protector for keeping retina display of your iPad pro secure from common destructs. Here is a list that you can make the best choice of your iPad Pro screen protector. Pick any of these options, and you will enjoy the pristine screen of your tablet.

Best iPad Pro 12.9-inch Screen Protectors

Sparin screen protector

Sparin screen protector

Sparin will fully protect your tablet screen from dust, scratches, and even smashes. Besides, it also offers protection of the iPad screen against any form of dirty. The installation of this screen protector is quite simple.

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In case you mess up the installation process, you have a chance to remove and do re-adjustment of the protector to suit your desired results. The screen protector is tempered glass designed and well cut out for fitting the whole iPad screen. While protecting your screen, the Sparin screen protector does not add much to the thickness of your iPad.

Feature of Sparin screen protector

  • Ideally suited for 4th generation iPad pro- 12 inches
  • Works well the face identity of iPad pro
  • The hardness of the tempered glass protects screen effectively from any scratches
  • It is very sensitive and offers accurate touch experiences when in use
  • Weighs about 9.6 ounces
  • Its measurement is about 8.3×10.9×0 inches

JETech protector

JETech protector

It is a fantastic screen protector. When using a JETech screen protector, your iPad Pro is protected against fingerprints and dust. JETech also protects any minor scratches on your tablet. With this screen protector, your iPad screen is guaranteed protection against any damage.

The installation of the protector is quite simple, with no worry about the air bubbles. The JETech screen protector is durable and keeps your iPad screen pristine. With 9H hardness, the strength of JETech can resist any form of scratch from objects.

Feature of JETech screen protector

  • Has a thickness of 0.33mm high-quality tempered glass
  • Its responsiveness and transparency is quite high
  • Offer protection against fingerprints and dust.
  • Easy installation with only single super push
  • Weighs about 2.08 ounces
  • Has measurement of about 7.1×3.6x 0 inch

Supershieldz iPad screen protector

Supershieldz iPad screen protector

Supershieldz screen protector offers the best protection for your tablet. It well cut for appropriate fitting on your iPad screen. With its five-layer, Supershieldz protector guards your iPad screen against any scratch.

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Your tablet screen is well protected from grave cut damage. The Supershieldz protector does not use adhesives. You do not also need to spray anything to the protector nor your device when fixing this screen protector.

Features of Supershieldz screen protector

  • It is compatible with 4generation new iPad
  • Easy to install and when removed, no remains of residue
  • High level of sensitivity when touch which promotes the accuracy
  • Weighs about 1.6 ounces

ESR Matte Screen protector

ESR Matte Screen protector

With ESR screen protector, your iPad screen is secure. The ESR protector guards the tablet screen against scratches and bumps. Its ship-shape cutout prevents it from interfering with the front camera and microphone of your iPad. ESR offers you high touch responsive when using your tablet, which promotes accuracy.

The installation of the ESR protector is straightforward. After fixing this screen protector on your tablet, you enjoy reduced glare and fingerprints.

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Feature of ESR matte screen protector

  • Its touch sensitivity is very high
  • It is easy to install the protector on your iPad screen
  • It is resistant to fingerprint
  • Resistant to cracking

Omoton screen protector

Omoton screen protector

Protect your iPad screen with this fantastic screen protector. Omoton will offer you, comprehensive guard, on the tablet touch screen. While providing protection, the Omoton protector never interferes with your tablet’s microphone as well as the camera.

Its hardness of 9H guarantees your iPad screen protection against nasty bumps as well as sharp scratches. Omoton’s 2.5D rounded edges make the screen protector fit on the iPad screen very perfectly. With Omoton’s high touch sensitivity, image sketching, or jotting down your thoughts using your iPad gives you a fantastic experience.

Feature of Omoton screen protectors

  • It is resistant to scratches
  • Highly sensitive to touch
  • Easy to install
  • It clear to view due to retina clarity


Select the best screen protector from the above list and enjoy an uncompromising guard on your tablet’s screen. Protecting the screen of your iPad guarantees you extended use while keeping the touchscreen pristine. Safeguard your tablet screen best way and less costly compared to repair in case of any destruction.