Best iPad Pro Floor Stands

Tablets are not really the smallest devices on the market, and most of the time that’s why they are desirable. They offer the luxury of a bigger screen without the unpractical size of a laptop. But sometimes you may find yourself wanting to multitask. Rather than just putting your tablet precariously somewhere on your furniture, you might want a professional and safer option. Here are the best iPad Pro Floor Stands, to ease your burden.

CTA Digital PAD-AFS Height-Adjustable Gooseneck Floor Stand

This Gooseneck floor stand is highly flexible and completely adjustable while also having a sturdy base. The table holder itself is fully mobile, tilting and rotating, to your preferred position. It is easy to set up, and the height is also adjustable. With over 500 reviews it’s one of the best-sold floors available. Unfortunately, is compatible only with 7-13 inch tablets, but it does have a version fit for bigger tablets, with the same quality offer and

LEVO Deluxe iPad Floor Stand

This floor stand allows a perfect viewing experience, at the perfect possible angle, whether you are standing up or sitting down. It has a 5 axis articulated swing arm and flip lever height locks which lets you spin it and twist it around until you are satisfied with the view. That makes it very easy to use, and it also comes with wheels, so you can move it around without any effort at all. Sturdy, quick to mend to your every wish, this product tops off the offer with an eye-catching design. Shiny aluminum, gunmetal color, a truly décor piece for your office or family room.

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Raking Floor iPad and tablet tripod stand

This is a lightweight tripod, that also comes with a transportation bag. Even though its main use would be for taking those professional photographs that we all wish to snap at least once in our lifetime, it does have a wide use range. So if you are more into movies, videos or reading e-books, don’t worry. This stand is still as good as any. Adjustable, with an interesting 3-way head for “ultimate versatility”. Just tilt, turn the knobs to secure it, and you’re all set. Is easy to store, in that brad bag they so kindly offered, and it has a useful quick-release function, to ensure that most anyone can use the tripod in a breeze. Bonus: you get a free Raking brand flashlight. Great present for kids and friends.

Idée floor stand for tablets

Yet another floor stand with an adjustable height suitable for any sort of activities like exercising, laying down, or whatever is that you might want to do while enjoying your iPad Pro. The tablet holder itself is detachable and expandable, slid proof, that permits a lot of space for movement. The base is nice and trustable, just as you’d like for a product made to keep your device secure. With the swivel gooseneck included, it’s a good quality product, though the price might scare away a few possible buyers.

Mount-It! iPad Floor Stand

The Mount-It Stand fits any 7 to a 10-inch device, with a fully adjustable pole. Simply raise or lower it by opening and closing a smart clamp located in the middle of the pole. It comes with a gooseneck for mobility, a 360-degree rotation touchscreen mount. Some sort of a novelty that this product brings is the mountable soft EVA cushion, that ensures a greater degree of protection for your device. The tablet is kept in place, at all times, the locking and unlocking mechanism is controlled by the easy to use, switch, hidden on the back of the device. Is useful, smart, and with a kicker design. This is one stand to really keep in mind.

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FLEXIMOUNTS Floor Mount Stand

This item is mostly fit of 7”-12” tablets. It’s perfect both for home and office use, being easy to mount. The dismounting process is equally simple. With the FLEXIMOUNTS product, you can position your device wherever you like, the viewing angle and rotation being completely for you to decide. With a loading capacity of 2.2lbs, it can safely support your iPad. Not truly remarkable, but it’s simple and reliable. Also comes at an affordable price.

Audio 2000S Floor stand for Ipad

The Audio 2000S model can be used as a stand-alone or with an equipped gooseneck to enhance its abilities. The bracket can be rotated vertically or horizontally, or even tilted if you like to live dangerously. A good weighted base for stability, a high degree of compatibility. Not all that popular, but with good review and a 4 out of 5 scores, it’s worth your while. If these are the things you’re looking for, why not go for this simple floor stand?

MagicHold® Floor stand for iPad Pro

It might be the last on this list, but that does not make the MagicHold product any less desirable. Actually, this is the only stand here that’s also an Amazon Choice. It holds all the tablets and smartphones that might be a little challenging for some other stands on the market. Of course, the height is adjustable, as you could already tell by now since is a common and necessary feature. As a bonus, the legs of the stand can slide under your sofa, or bed, or even your mattress, for an added vantage point. It turns and tilts with most excellency from 180 to 360 degrees. Pricey, but quite light and with generally favorable feedbacks, it surely deserves to be here next to the other good quality products.

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We now know some of the most important features a proper floor stand should have. Adjustable is all the rave, and truly a factor to help you keep a comfortable position while browsing your device. Since most of those stands offer the necessary functions that you need, at the end of the day the choice is all yours. Maybe a juicy price or a pleasant design is your go to. So, what is the best iPad Pro floor stand for you?