Best iPad Pro Stands and Tablet Holders

We know the feeling when you just want to kick back and watch a movie on your iPad or tablet. And for the optimal viewing experience, you need to have a great stand. Using a stand gives you the optimal viewing angle. But you need to ensure your stand is built of high quality. If you do not then you would risk your tablet falling down and cracking the screen. That is why we only review great quality iPad Pro stands and tablet holders, ones that have a solid build and portable design. The key feature we look for in an iPad Pro stand is that we adjust the viewing angle without any hassle. This allows you to set up a comfortable viewing angle while your device is locked into the stand. With all these features in mind, we have put together a list of the best iPad Pro stands and tablet holders.

Looking beautiful and fabricated with immense detail all these stands look great. They let you enjoy your tablet without a problem at all. And what’re more the best stands also help you with cable management? So read on and learn about the best iPad Pro stands and tablet holders.

1) Twelve South ParcSlope

Twelve South ParcSlope is a low profile stand, that means it tilts your tablet just perfectly for your best viewing experience. High-grade aluminum has been used for this stand, letting you place your iPad down safely and securely. This stand will definitely hold up your device no matter where you take it and be very durable. As it has a nice open wedge, the stand allows for optimal airflow which ensures your tablet never overheats. Also, did we mention you can clip your Apple Pencil easily in the top silicone ridge?

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All in all, this is a great stand that you can pick up today, it has all the features you need to give your tablet that desktop feel. Also, it comes in some great color options: silver and black.

2) MagicHold 360º

Magichold just like the name indicates seems to hold up your iPad as if powered by magic. The minimalist design looks splendid and delivers the ideal viewing angle. The solid aluminum design ensures your stand is solid and safe for your device. It remains very light and easily transportable.

Rubber cushions on the stand make sure your tablet will not slip out of sight. A very impressive stand that you can easily carry around with you. The innovative open wedge design allows complete unrestricted airflow.

3) Viozon

Viozon really is a stand for users trying to turn their iPad into a desktop pc. It is custom made and allows 360-degree rotatable viewing experience. This is a one of kind stand and allows anyone to find their perfect viewing angle. The stand is built with top of the line alloy material. Which makes it stay light and very secure.

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Of course, silicone keeps the feet steady so no stress about it falling over. With the best cable management system, you can find on an iPad stand it just makes your setup look beautiful.

4) MoKo

MoKo is made for those that want the simple vintage look. A small foldable clip stand is all you are given. Yet still, the MoKo provides you with unrivaled viewing angles for your iPad. The stand can give you portrait or landscape views so you can always enjoy your media. The little black finish over the top of the steel poles ensures it looks good. And also makes sure it doesn’t scratch your device.

Screws on the sides hold up your iPad without ever faltering. A perfect lightweight stand for someone looking for the budget option with all the features. No cable management to be found here though!

5) Omoton

The Omoton is a stand that gives you all the functionality that you need in a tablet stand. Experience viewing angles that you did not think were possible: the perfect ones. Easily adjust when needed so never any problems of a sun glare ruining your media. Rotating up to 225 degrees you can really view in any way you want between portrait or landscape. A high-quality stand that remains ever so user-friendly.

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A very sturdy and sticky base make sure your device stays put while you browse. And best of all this stand comes in six different colors so you will be sure to find one that fits your style.

And that is it, folks!

Hope you enjoyed reading through our top iPad pro stands and tablet holders. Let us know what stand you end up going for, even if it is not on the list!

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