Best iPhone 6S Bumper Cases

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Brand new features and magnificent design, make the iPhone 6 one of the best mobile phones on the market. Packed with the latest technology, the iPhone deserves full protection from accidental bumps and damage. Most people don’t like to put their iPhone in a cases because it spoils the appearance and significantly increases its weight. For users who want to maximize protection for their precious piece of art the bumper case is the perfect solution.

Check out this post for the Best iPhone 6S Bumper Cases on the market.

iPhone 6S Case, SUPCASE Ares Full-body Rugged Clear Bumper Case with Built-in Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 6 (2014) / iPhone 6s (2015) 4.7 Inch

This bright and elegant case significantly reduces shock when the phone is dropped and also offers great protection against scratches. Gorgeous looks combined with quality materials ensure full protection of the iPhone including dust and drops. To customize your experience 3 colors are available: gray, silver and gold. Although this case is waterproof, you should not immerse your device into water because the moisture will destroy the iPhone.

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iPhone 6S Case , Trianium® (Clear Cushion) Premium iPhone 6 Case Bumper (4.7 Inch)(Scratch Resistant) Seamless integrated Shock-Absorbing Cover Cases Hard Back Panel Apple iPhone 6 6S (2014/2015)

This two-layer case provides protection for your iPhone on two levels: a framework that absorbs, protects and prevents drops falling in phone housing and a body made of sturdy materials that prevents the phone from scratching. The original color and design of the iPhone will not be disturbed because this case is thin and transparent. The case is designed specifically for the iPhone so it has all the openings for the buttons and ports. The Trianium bumper case is so well-made that can support the entire life of your iPhone.



iPhone 6 Case, Vofolen(TM) iPhone 6 Full-Body Protective Shell Anti-Scratch Cover Hard Case Anti-skid Rugged Rubber Soft Bumper Anti-dust Clear Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 6 4.7 inch (Black)

With beautiful colors that alternate gradually, this case is designed to make the iPhone more beautiful than it is. But besides good looks it offers solid protection from the harmful effects of dust, water drops, scratches and minimize damage during a fall. It is made of  materials that will prevent deformation. Coated with urethane, it prevents the occurrence of the yellow traces and after a long time of use it looks like brand new.

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iPhone 6 Case, Anker Ultra Slim Scratch Free Case for iPhone 6 (4.7 inch) with Flexible Rounded Bumper Frame, Crystal Clear Back Cover and 5H Hardness Rating (Black)

This is perhaps one of the most durable cases because it was tested for drops 5 times and the iPhone did not suffer any damage.
It offers great protection while adding only 0:15 inches in thickness and 30 grams of weight. One of the great features in this case is that it’s made of a material that provides a good grip. All entrances and openings are fully secured by the dust stopper. The manufacturer offers a warranty of 18 months.



iPhone 6S Case / iPhone 6 Case, Verus (Iron Bumper)(Satin Silver/Black) – (Aluminum Frame)(Heavy Duty)(Minimalistic)(Slim Fit) – For Apple iPhone 6/6S 4.7″ Devices

This case is entirely different: practical, functional and refined, made of aluminum that gives the phone even better looks. It covers all the corners and the TPU lip  protects the display from scratches. Although it is made of metal, it is designed primarily to emphasize the beautiful thin line of the phone. The rubber inner part protects the iPhone from moisture, strong and solid bodywork.The alumina component will give the phone a perfect feeling in your hand and ensure that your precious gadget stays new for a long time.

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