Best 6 iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Wireless Chargers

Tired of wandering around airports, restaurants and coffee shops looking for a seat near the wall to plug your phone so you can extend at least a little bit your battery life while you are waiting for the next flight or having your daily dose of caffeine? Maybe is time for you to invest in a quality wireless charger that will keep your phone in life whenever you are, with no need to stand next to walls or religiously watch your precious iPhone from your seat at the airport, when all you need is a nap, brunch or you even would go shop around and kill time, instead of being bored and tied to one place. We are pleased to present you our selection of the best 6 iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus wireless chargers.

1. Laniakea

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This wireless charger built from ABS solid and acrylic crystal material offers a complete protection from scratches drops or other damages. Comes with a safeguard from overheating or overcharging hence, so no worries your smartphone will be perfectly safe. It is equipped with a non-slip ring on the charging area and non-slip pads on the actual charger to prevent from sliding and provides 1A charging speed.

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OTBBA wireless charge guarantees to charge your smartphone rapidly. Thanks to the 5V-2A input and 5V-1A output capability, this wireless charger gets the job done much faster than any other! Once your phone is fully charged, this charger will go to idle mode, so you don’t have to worry about overcharging at all. It’s made of ABS solid and acrylic crystal and anti-slip rubber with convenient and portable design and has a blue breathing LED indicator to inform you about the charging status.

3. DanForce

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If you are one of those who falls for the design, then this is probably going to be your choice. But DanForce wireless charger offers much more than just a pretty design: it’s equipped with over and under voltage protection, short circuit and charging speed 1A. The built-in smart breathing LED light will shine bright enough to let you know your phone is charging safely, but won’t distract you in low lit areas or while sleeping.

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4. Upow

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Upow wireless chargers it’s probably one of the tiniest wireless chargers that you can find: its manufacturer describes it as a coffee cup coaster size! Offers smart IC (high-efficiency energy management) which means that is programmed to give maximum output when needed and will consume minimum energy when in idle mode. The silicone charger pad won’t slip while charging your phone and the LED indicator will always keep you updated about the charging status: blue light means the charger is ready to charge, green light means your phone is charging, both lights flashing means your smartphone is fully charged.

5. KoolPad (Fonesalesman)

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KoolPad by Fonesalesman has many safety features: protection from overcharge, short-circuit or a wrong position while charging (you will hear a signal every time you misposition your smartphone while charging, which can be turned off using a touch-sensitive switch on the back of the device). You will be able to charge your iPhone on a charging distance of 8mm, with most non-metallic cases. Offers freedom of placement because doesn’t come with a magnet for attaching.

6. WoodPuck (Fonesalesman)

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The WoodPuck wireless charger has a cool unusual design that makes it very unique and eye catchy: It’s made of natural bamboo, therefore it is very solid and durable. The wood design hides the micro-USB socket & plug making the Qi technology inside even more discreet. Features Poor Sync Detection that prevents any excess heat, with an audible cycling signal alerting of inefficient placement.