Best iPhone 8 Apps To Download In 2017

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The iPhone 8 release is just around the corner and many excited iPhone lovers are looking forward to what the new iPhone will bring to the table and how they can be able to use it to their benefit. To be honest, no matter how great a phone this new release from Apple may be, it won’t be able to give you everything you need without the best iPhone 8 apps out there. So, why not get equipped with some useful information on which apps are going to be the best in 2017.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best iPhone 8 apps that you must download to your new device in 2017.

1 Password

It is free security app that gives you full control over your passwords. In fact, every iPhone user – be it old or new – must have this wonderful app on their device. It is important to setup unique password for all the services or apps that you are using in your daily routine. Obviously, the purpose behind this is to make sure if someone manages to get into one account of yours, they may not be able to control everything you have. But the problem lies in managing or remembering all those unique passwords for all the services that you use. It’s not that easy. So, the best you can do is to have 1 Password app on your new iPhone and it will store all the passwords you have in a single password vault and you just have to remember the password of the vault itself. Your iPhone 8 app will sync automatically with a desktop app for helping you out in keeping everything secure.

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2. Signal

Signal is your messaging app and it is best at what it does. If you’re more conscious than anyone else about your security, you must go for Signal for all your voice calling and messaging. The all-in-one package gives you everything you might need. End-to-end encryption is there to make sure that all your communications are safe and secure. So, communicate with anyone in your contacts freely and send them files as and when needed without having to worry about them getting lost in the process. Messages can also be set to self-destruct at any time.

3. Clips

It is a video app right from the house of Apple. The app gives you the opportunity of quickly taking your video clips, then add some wacky filters and edit and share them with anyone you may like. The feature that is most interesting is the Live Titles which allows you to insert captions or subtitles into your video. And, you can do that just by talking into your iPhone. The innovative sharing feature of the app comes up with its own recommendations on who you should share your videos with depending on who from your contacts is part of the video. Doesn’t that sound great? The videos can also be shared on social sites like Instagram and Facebook.

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4. Mint

If you are too conscious about your personal finances, Mint is probably the best app that you can have on your new iPhone. This wonder app can pull everything related to your banks, loans, credit cards and the investment accounts right there in a single place. You get some useful insights into the way you’re spending your wealth, how the loans are being paid down, etc. The app even lets you to set reminders for your credit cards as well as other bills for avoiding any late fees. If you are amongst many of those who don’t really like to do all the planning of their budgets and are weak at tracking things down as well, Mint is right there for you to help you out with your finances.

5. Mobile Passport

Those who have to travel internationally too often always want to avoid getting stuck in those long queues at customs after their long and tiring flights. Mobile Passport is the app from US Customs & Border Protection and it gives you the solution to above mentioned problem. You don’t really have to keep waiting anymore in queues at customs and just have to open Mobile Passport on the way back, answer some simple queries about the trip and you’re good. There are 23 selected airports where there is separate lane designated to Mobile Passport users and it’s ridiculously shorter compared to normal lanes at airport customs. Just get into that lane and get yourself cleared.

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There are plethora of apps that iPhone users can use to make their new iPhone 8 more functional than ever and make their lives a lot more easier. If you are unable to decide which of them you should go for, at least have the ones mentioned above to make your iPhone your best buddy when it comes to your finances, entertainment, travel, security and socializing. They will really change the way you use your iPhone for sure.

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