Best iPhone Car Accessories for 2013

accesories I love to carry my phone around- I have my favourite music on it, carefully categorized depending on my mood- from rock ballads to chill-out,  from classics to club music or those crazy trance mixes that almost make me jump off the treadmill when I go to the gym. It’s great when I see something nice and want to take a picture to share it with my friends on Twitter/ Facebook, or when I have to get somewhere and I am not really sure how to reach the exact address and then a GPS app come so in handy. Of course, sometimes when I need it the most I see that I my battery is running low and that really ruins my day. If you use your phone as much as I do, if you spend time on the road, driving to work and back or you simply want to stay connected with the world no matter you are in the car or at home, I hope you will enjoy the following post. I have tried to put together here some of the best iPhone car accessories on the market.

iOttie Easy One Touch Universal Car Mount Holder for iPhone

The iOttie One-Touch Windshield Dashboard Car Mounts main focus is functionality. It is easy one-touch system allows for the mounting and releasing of the device with just the push of a finger. Thanks to its super strong extra-large suction cup, the One-Touch Car Mount sticks securely to most smooth flat surfaces, yet is still easily removable. The stickiness of the suction cup is infinite, just rinse with warm water and let air dry, then the mount is good as new. No matter if your phone is protected by a skin or a case, the iOttie One-Touch Car Mount grips securely onto your device so you can drive with confidence. Get protected. Get Going! Fully adjustable with 360 degree rotation for quick portrait and landscape views.



PowerGen USB Car charger Designed for Apple and Android Devices

PowerGen Dual Port USB Car Charger charges your iPad, iPhone, iPod ( but also HTC, Blackberry, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, PDAs). Use your existing USB charging cables to charge most USB powered devices. A visible LED confirms whether USB charger is properly connected
Dual Port Design, one 2 Ampere port for iPad and one 1 Ampere port for Mobile phones or other devices. It has a sophisticated circuit design with over-heated, over-current, over-charging protection. Charging automatically stops when battery is full.

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AmazonBasics USB A to Lightning Compatible Cable

The 3 feet/0.9 meter meter length lets you easily reach a USB port on the front or back of most computers. Light-weight and easily coiled, you can carry this cable wherever you go.This Lightning to USB A charging/sync cable lets you connect you iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning connector to charge your device or sync with your media library.This AmazonBasics product features Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging that is recyclable. It comes without excess packaging materials such as hard plastic clam shell casings, plastic bindings, or wire ties.This cable is Apple approved and uses a Lightning connector that is 100% identical to the original cable’s plug.

light A


nGroove MT5000 CD/DVD Slot Car Mount by Mountek

The revolutionary nGroove MT5000 CD/DVD Slot Car Mount by Mountek will hold virtually any small portable electronic device, such as cell phones, GPS receivers, PDAs, satellite radio players and more! The dock uses NO SUCTION CUPS, NO CLIPS, NO SCREWS, and requires NO TOOLS. Best part, it won’t obstruct your view of the road – the holder installs directly into your CD player slot or in between the grooves of your dashboard,where device controls are easily accessible by the driver, making it the most versatile car mount available.
If you’re looking for an iPhone 5 car mount or one for your HTC DNA, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Note 2, LG Google Nexus or Motorola Razr Maxx device, rest assured that your smart phone will fit nicely in the mount!



GOgroove FlexSMART X2 In-Car Stereo Bluetooth Adapter

The X2 is proven to be one of the best all-around car kits on the market, and for good reason. Equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 technology, a USB charging port, a FM tuner, 2 Auxiliary ports (In & Out), & DC surge protection, it’s ready for anything. Plug in, setup, and pair to the X2 in seconds. A LED display hub lets you control your music and take calls with ease.
The frequency-finder & LED display make tuning into your music a snap. Just sync the X2 to your Bluetooth device and enjoy the wireless experience. Worried you’ll miss a call? The hands-free tech in the X2 allows the user to make and receive phone calls while driving. If music is playing, it will fade out to allow the user to connect to a call. The X2 also has a built-in microphone with voice detection, so every conversation comes out crystal clear. Battery low? Use the USB port to charge your phone or MP 3 player so you always have power.
Compatible with: Apple: iPhone 5 , 4S , 4 / iPod (All Gens) and a wide range of other mobile phones from Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, BlackBerry and Sony.

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 GOgroove FlexSMART


Apple Lightning to USB Cable

 This is an official Apple accessory so you can rest assure that your precious gadget is in good hands. Reviews indicate people are content with this product. There’s not much to say. It’s the same cable that came with your iPhone/iPod/iPad. It’s pretty sturdy, doesn’t wiggle like Micro USB cables, and best of all it’s reversible.

lightining to usb apple cable
Aduro U-GRIP Universal Dashboard Windshield Car Mount

With Aduro U-grip you can quickly and easily mount or take off your phone or device.Fits most Phones with 3.5 to 5.3 inch screens. Adjustable- 360° viewing angles.You can operate it with one hand for iPhone. Works great with other phone models or GPS gadgets.



Belkin Bluetooth Car Hands-Free Kit

Route your calls, streaming music and playlist through your car speakers using aux-in and Bluetooth wireless technology. AirCast Auto easily connects your smartphone to your car stereo—no need for professional installation. Simply plug it into your car’s auxiliary input jack and use Bluetooth to pair with your phone. A convenient light ring makes it visible at all hours and blinks when calls come in. Plus, the power adapter with USB port lets you charge your smartphone while you drive. The microphone—embedded within the Call/Play button—can go just about anywhere. Choose a spot that’s convenient and close to you for the best voice pick-up, then attach it magnetically to the dashboard. Bluetooth provides convenient wireless connectivity with excellent audio quality for calls and music. After an initial pairing process, just push the AirCast Auto button to reconnect—even if your smartphone is in your pocket or a bag. Plus, with built-in echo cancellation technology specifically designed for in-car use, Bluetooth ensures that you get optimal sound during calls.

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GOgroove SMARTmini BT

If you use a company car and wish to enjoy the wonderful features these devices offer, but don’t want to drag around the long necked version, this model is perfect. It’s collapsible and fits easily in your coat pocket or travel pouch. Sound quality is SUPERIOR to almost any FM Transmitter on the market and features an advanced FM Bluetooth Transmitting Chip set  A well designed display and easy to use frequency finder makes tuning into your music simple. Sync the GOgroove SMARTmini BT to your Bluetooth device in seconds and enjoy a wireless music listening experience.Equipped with an enhanced voice detection microphone, it’s easy to use your phone while driving. The hands-free technology allows the user to make and receive phone calls through their car speakers. If music is playing, it will slowly fade out to allow the user to clearly connect to any phone call.

GOgroove SMARTmini BT


Conclusions for  Iphone Car Accessories 2013

The market is full of tempting offers that promise to release your hands while making sure you enjoy full access to your smartphones functions and stay connected to your friends and family. They are pretty useful when you are in traffic and you need to stay focused but also you receive important calls, or simply like to shuffle though your music to find the best tunes to improve your mood or help you relax. It is great also that most of these accessories also charge your phone’s battery.

All in all, they are interesting to check out. Please share your opinion or experience if you have used any of them.