Best iPhone Lenses 2013

kitToday, I decided to make a bit out of the ordinary review. If you are passionate about photography/gadgets and want to transform your iPhone  into a  professional camera there is a new opportunity on the market: the camera lens kit. Photographers know that, while the camera is important, the lenses always make a difference. It is great to start with a basic, less expensive package of lenses, see how they work and what results you achieve, and if you enjoy them and really see improvement in your photos you can always go for a more expensive offer next time. Transforming your iPhone in a professional-like camera, not only will help you get quality shots but also helps  you save the trouble of carrying another heavy gadget with you in your trips while you already have the hands full: no need to think about charging some other batteries, or unloading the photos on another device to make space, etc.

In this post you will see the most popular camera lens kit for iPhone that you find on the market- with their main features- so you can decide whether or not you want to try them.

EarlyBirdSavings 3 in 1 Lens Photo Kit Set for Iphone 4 /4GS/ 4S

The 3 in 1 Lens Photo kit from EarlyBird promises to bring a visible improvement to the photos you take with your iPhone. 180 degrees fish eye lens let you present a funny perspective of the things you like to capture, the wide angle lens extends 2x the angle of your cellphone camera allowing you to catch beautiful, wide landscapes and the macro lens help you record videos or take photos up to 12 mm close  to the desired object, very sensitive to details, colors and shades.

early bird savngs lens kit


Neewer 3-in-1 Lens Kit for Apple iPhone 5

Portable and detachable, the Neewer kit promises to help you take high clarity pictures, anytime you want. Made of high-class glass with a strong aluminium margin they are fun and easy to use. Compatible with iPhone 5G / 5, they make it easier for you to share a personal view on the surroundings. The fish eye lens allows capturing ultra wide angles and wraps your photos into round, hemispherical images. The wide angle/Macro lens works as a 2-in-1 device:the removable Macro ring does a great job with great high quality close-up details, while the Wide Angle Lens expands your view. A disadvantage would be that the flash light of your phone will be blocked when the lens is in use.

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kit for iphone


VicTsing 3 in 1 Lens Photo Kit Set

Easy to use and detachable, you can take photo with your devices at any time. The VicTsing 3 in 1 Lens Photo Kit Set works on most type of mobile phones that are not bigger than mm diameter. The kit is made of top-grade Aluminium and the lenses of high clarity glass- they attach to the phone with a magnetic ring with self-adhesive tape.  The wide conversion lens and Macro lens are joint together when you receive it, please screw to separate them if you want to use the Macro Lens. It doesn’t need the metal ring if your phone has a metal cover. It is advisable that you clean the lens of your mobile phone before installation. Compatible with :iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4G /4S iPod Nano 5th, iPod Nano 6th.

VicTsing 3in1 180° Fish Eye Lens Wide Angle


Patazon Camera Lens Kit for iPhone

This is a excellent product for the price asked- it got really good reviews from the buyers- content with the quality of the pictures taken while using these lenses.  To avoid confusions, the Wide Angle lens and the Macro lens are a 2 in 1 deal lens. They screw together to form the Wide Angle lens, then you have to screw the top bit off to get the Macro lens. The Fish-Eye is a stand-alone lens.There are 2 plastic lens caps (1 for the Fish-Eye & 1 for the Wide Angle/Macro lens. They also come with 2 key-chain straps/lens bottom plates (that the lens magnet attaches to for safe keeping).  The package also contains 4 regular metal rings & 4 iPhone 4/4s optimized metal rings. I would prefer not to stick the rings directly to the iPhone camera and better use a metal case, great for protection and that allows you to stick the ring to it- maybe, in the future you want to change the kit or give it up, and this way you avoid ruining/scratching the phone as well.

patazon kit for lenses iphone


Brainydeal 3 in 1 Camera Lens Kit

The lenses are very good – you can take macro pictures, keeping a lot of the details that the iPhone can’t get by itself. The down side is how you attach this to your phone: the lenses are magnetic, but it requires a metallic surface to attach, obviously. The problem is that the iPhone finish is not metallic: this is why they include metallic rings with a sticker on it. The sticker will attach pretty well to anything – minus the iPhone glass finish, where it keeps sliding around so you better use it with a case. The products functionality, build and quality are appreciated by buyers- in some really flattering reviews. It will not cover the flash of your phone and it comes with two kinds of rings to fit different camera-phones: the rings for camera-phone with lens smaller than 9.5 mm and lens specially designed for iPhone 4/4S/ iPad.

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brainy lenses kit


ALM mCAMLITE Stabilizer Mount with Video Lens and Mic for iPhone

The mCAMLITE allows you to shoot stunning photos and videos and share them with the world faster and better than ever before. The aluminum frame allows better stability and empowers the user to shoot with confidence. Interchangeable lenses give you more shooting options and the ability to capture breathtaking images that an iPhone alone never would. This is a really good combination of secure protective mount made of aluminum, a silicone case that ensures a snug fit for your iPhone allowing access to all usable ports and external buttons and 37 mm Wide Angle/Macro Combo Lens for amazing photos anytime. The 180° External Microphone is a bit sensitive,  picking noise from the hands, or just regular turns while holding the mount so you have to be more careful about this aspect when you want to record something. Compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and iPod 5G.



HITCASE PRO – World’s Most Versatile iPhone Case

Rugged and easy to use, the waterproof and shockproof Hitcase is the quickest trick for hitting the elements without a worry. Hitcase is all about making those best days even better. Hit the slopes, Hit the water, or Hit the road – they got you covered. Hitcase Pro has a built in lens for capturing professional quality photos and videos. It doubles the effective field of view of your iPhone so you get more action. The Pro is designed to give you more perspective so you can get more out of your videos and photos. The compact yet high-quality lens, combined with rugged and weatherproof features gives you an exceptional iPhone accessory that keeps your focus where it needs to be. Compatible with iPhone 4/4s and since March 2013, with iPhone 5.

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FOM Telescope 8X Zoom Long Focal Camera Lens Tripod for iPhone

The smart design is great for focusing longer distance when taking photo or video with your iPhone. While it doesn’t pretend to be a super zoom, it is great for nature photos and fun photos of the moon that people won’t believe you took with your iPhone! Avoid image contortion with the manual focus adjustment.The long lens with telescope functions proves handy when you watch sports, concerts and views from a distance. It’s a good product for a entry level photographer or for someone that wants to get more out of the usual iPhone camera. Compatible with iPhone 4, 4S.

iphone telescope


GoPano Micro for iPhone 4/4S

The GoPano micro is a lens for the iPhone 4 and 4S that enables you to create 360° panoramic videos. Just snap the lens to your iPhone and tap record to make cool interactive 360° videos instantly. GoPano micro uses a specially curved mirror which gathers light from all directions and funnels it into the iPhone’s camera. The free GoPano app then transforms this image into a live interactive scene where you can control the view! They even developed their own app where you can instantly upload the videos and share them with your friends on the main social networks. The buyers opinion on this product are divided- some are really happy with it while others hoped for something more. Also, very important, watch out for counterfeit products- this also might be the cause some clients are not very happy with the product.



To sum up, these were the most interesting accessories for enhancing the quality of the photos you take with your iPhone that I have seen on the market. Personally, I love taking photos and a thing is clear: no lens will transform your phone into a professional gadget- so invest in a cheaper package maybe to see exactly how useful it can be. It will save you space and money for batteries or time lost while charging them. Please share your experience, if you used any of these lenses.