Best iPhone Wooden Docking Stations

A Docking Station is a key iPhone accessory for anyone in possession of an iPhone. The right kind of Docking Station will keep your iPhone safe and secure while it charges. With wooden docking stations, you can hold your phone, charge it and use it as a decorative in your house or office.

The bamboo wood design brings a natural and classy vibe anywhere you decide to place it. Below is a list of the best iPhone Wooden Docking Stations.



This Bracket is specially designed with bamboo wood to provide that comfortable viewing experience. In addition, it is equipped with a 2 in 1 compartment for your Apple Watch and iPhone. This also securely holds your device stable.
The Aerb Bamboo Wood Docking Station is compatible with a wide range of iPhone designs from iPhone 5 to the latest editions of the iPhone X. It can also hold a variety of Apple watches such as the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition Series one and two.
It comes ready to use with no equipment necessary for assembling. Furthermore, it is conveniently lightweight making it easy to carry it around.

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Being Amazon’s choice, this is definitely something you should consider as a docking station for your iPhone. It has a clean polished edge to give you that soft touch and comfortable feeling. The wooden docking station is designed to be user-friendly, enabling you to remove the Apple watch stand and use it as a single holder to prevent scratches to your watch.

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This docking station is perfect for any kind of environment, be it in the office, living room, bedroom or kitchen.



The Hapurs Wooden Station is compatible with most iPhones and iWatch Series 2 (38mm and 42mm size). Additionally, the inductive charger fits easily in the dock, you simply place your watch on the bracket and it charges comfortably. This makes it a perfect place to put your watch safe while charging.

This model is solidly built with bamboo wood to provide extra stability and a natural classy look for your home or office.



Specially designed with 100% natural bamboo wood for a solid build that supports your iPhone and can hold your Apple watch at a comfortable viewing angle of 45 degrees. It has a sleek design with precise hole location making it convenient and user-friendly. It also presents circular cut-off that perfectly fits your watch charger.

This design features a 3 in 1 function for charging your Apple devices, a card slot, and an iPhone holder. It is also a great place to keep your devices safe and clean while charging.
Despite its wooden nature, it is strong and equipped with a rubber mat on each corner of the station to securely hold your phone and provide stability.


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This model is also designed from natural bamboo wood walnut oak design which adds a natural elegance to your home or office. It also ensures steadiness and durability enabling it to stay in use for a long time without wearing out. Furthermore, it provides a secure and comfortable viewing angle for your iPhone and Apple watch.

It is also integrated with a slip-resistant mat at the bottom of the product which ensures protection and stability for the whole unit. The Tomplus Docking Station is compatible with most iPhones and Apple watches and supports vertical viewing with hands-free interaction for Facetime and Skype.

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Another elegant bamboo wood design docking station for your iPhone. With three USB ports and a 3.0 hub charging station, it gives you the freedom of charging your Apple devices simultaneously. The Docking Station recognizes the needed current required for your device and automatically provides it.

The Tendak Docking Station can organize your power cables neatly by hiding all charging cords in the designed grooves neatly. This unit is compatible with most iPhones and Apple watches and can be a good addition to your nightstand, living room, and kitchen.


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The Yome Docking Station is integrated with 4 USB ports enabling it to charge up to four devices simultaneously. This unit is made with all natural bamboo wood which guarantees long-term use without aging. It is also polished and smooth, with a streamlined design and structure making it attractive and pleasant to view.

The Apple Watch stand is fixed to the unit with a magnet and can be removed at any time to accommodate large devices. The Yome Docking Station is compatible with most iPhones and Apple Watches.

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