Best iPhone X Belt Clip Cases

When you have just picked up one of the most expensive iPhones ever to be made: The iPhone X. You will want to make sure it is adequately protected. Not to mention they are quite delicate and have high repair costs. So why take the risk? There are many gadgets and protects to protect your iPhone X. Better to invest a little and keep it safe. If you love adventure and like to bike around, then you are going to need an iPhone X Belt Clip Case. Maybe you just want an option that can protect your iPhone X no matter what the activity? Then the best iPhone X belt clip case will definitely help you. Do not worry today we have prepared an article for you, looking at the best iPhone X belt clip cases you can find. So remember to stay safe and put your iPhone X in a belt clip case.

A belt clip case has a great holster which lets you carry your smartphone around easily. They offer complete protection for your device from all sorts of falls. No matter what the disaster, your iPhone X will be secure and protected. Need one for your iPhone X? Read on and find the best iPhone X belt clip cases.


We would have to rank the Otterbox DEFENDER as the number one when it comes to great belt clip cases. It is an amazing case for adventurous people who need their iPhone X with them when out on a trek in the wild. The case has a perfect synergy between a solid interior and soft exterior. The case is very strong and will provide safety from ugly scratches and accidental drops.

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The belt clipping design is very secure and sturdy. And the mechanism gives you the ability to carry around your device hands-free. Not to mention it doubles as a kickstand. The DEFENDER cases come with a lifetime warranty and come in several different colors.

Trianium iPhone X Case

The Trianium Duranium series is another solid choice when you need to secure your iPhone X. This is a top quality case for heavy duty users. Do you drop your phone a lot? Then the Trianium case is for you. This has shock absorbing shell made from polycarbonate. No bump or scratch will ever touch your iPhone X. No matter what activities you love doing, your phone will be safe.

They come in four different colors and have a lifetime warranty. The clip for your belt is very secure and doubles as a stand when wanting to watch a movie hands-free. Also has a very protective screen cover which makes sure no scratches can break the display.

i-Blason Transformer

The i-Blason Transformer as its name suggests turns your iPhone X into a transformer. And transformers can never be destroyed, right? Basically, that is what this heavy duty case offers you. Ultimate protection, never no need to worry about a drop or an accidental scratch. The case fits amazing well with the iPhone X and looks stylish. The holster for the belt clip is also detachable which will free up some space for you.

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The belt clip works amazingly well for this product. And also can be used as a stand when you need some video time. The cutouts for the case fit perfectly with the buttons so you can access everything you need on your iPhone X. Definitely a belt clip case that we recommend highly.

Zizo (Bolt Series) with FREE (iPhone X Screen Protector)

If you are looking for the most stylish belt clip case to impress your friends? Then the Zizo Bolt Series is the one to look at. A mighty protective case that offers complete security for your iPhone X. This belt clip case is military grade, meaning you do not have to worry. It can survive a drop of 12 feet. This case gives you a full body protection on your iPhone X. No matter what sports activity or extreme things you like to do. Your smartphone will always be secure and safe in this protective super case.

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The belt clip holster is very sturdy and easy to use. It clips in effortlessly allowing you to walk around handsfree. It has a rotatable swivel also so you can attach the phone to your belt at any angle. Like its competitors, you can also use the belt clip as a stand for when you need to watch your favorite bloggers on youtube.

Maxboost DuraSlim Pro Apple iPhone X Holster Kickstand + Swivel Belt Clip Holder

The Maxboost DuraSlim Pro is our last option that we are going to recommend to you today. But do not think this means it is the worst. By no means! This case offers superb protection for your iPhone X. It comes with a very modern engineered shockproof design and can shield your device from any fall. The case is dual-layered meaning it can withstand the biggest shocks. No matter what sort of hobbies you have your iPhone X will always be protected.

The detachable holster can let you clip your iPhone X on to your belt or bag quickly. And it has a nifty looking built-in kickstand that holds your smartphone up perfectly. This case is very snug so it keeps your device slim, letting you easily put it in your pocket when needed. And best yet? It has a lifetime warranty.