Best iPhone X Clear Cases

You have just ordered that iPhone X and it is time to show it off to your friends. Or make your family admire your new purchase? But you need to still keep it safe in a case though. With such a nice smartphone you will want it to survive some time! So how do you keep your iPhone X safe but still keep the beauty of its design? That is easy, time to pick up an iPhone X clear case.

iPhone X clear cases let you handle your device knowing there is no chance of an accidentally scratch. But still, let that beautiful Apple design shine through. If you love Apple’s devices then why hide it in an ugly black case? No better to keep it in a shiny clear case. Today we have put together a quick list of 5 clear iPhone X Cases you can order today.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid would undoubtedly be on the top of our list. And that is why you find it here. Such an amazing design, fitting your device perfectly with all the correct cutouts. Not to mention that Spigen is such a well-known brand in the accessory world – you know that this is a premium made clear-case. They actually come in five different colors: but one of them is crystal clear and that is the one you will want to pick up.

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With a hard polycarbonate backing, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid provides, nothing is going to break or scratch your smartphone. It has a good grip on the TPU around the sides, making sure you can’t let go of your device accidentally. Raised bezels ensure that your phone’s screen will stay safe if ever it was to be dropped. A great price for perfect security and durability.

TOZO for iPhone X Case

TOZO’s clear iPhone X case is crispy thin and very flexible. In fact, you may not even notice that it is there. But it is and provides all the security your device will need. Though not as durable as other cases for drop protection, this is the perfect case if you really want your iPhone X to stay slim.

Being only 1MM thick you easily swap it out or switch case when needed. A soft TPU shell makes sure no scratches will leave a mark on your device. This clear case will definitely match up well with your iPhone X all the while keeping it safe. This case’s cutouts match symmetrically around your phone’s buttons so no problems at all reaching for the camera function. The edges can come in different colors giving your case a unique look.

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Otterbox is such a well know iPhone X case brand that you just knew they would come out with a clear case. And they did, this Otterbox Symmetry Clear Series is a case that gives you drop protection and much more. The raised beveled edges to protect the screen. And a sturdy well made design ensures your phone is always safe. Also, Otterbox’s cases always come with their certified drop protection. Definitely a clear case for user who really does have clumsy hands.

The company sends this case through rigorous testing to make sure it can survive any situation. This clear case will definitely keep your prized gadget safe and away from any harm. Even protects your phone from sweat, so if you are an athlete this will be a great companion for your iPhone X.

X-Doria Defense Clear Series

X- Doria Defense Clear Case is another perfect option that we had to mention on our list. The minimalist and clear design make your smartphone stand out in the crowd. With a cool futuristic polycarbonate hard out layer followed by a TPU layer – basically, your smartphone is scratch and drop proof!

X-Doria comes with much more though they give you a lifetime warranty and a 30-day hassle free return. This is a rugged looking case, perfect to take on those treks where there may be dangers for your iPhone X. Shock polymer inside the case ensure that nothing can harm your device though. Aptly nicknamed the DropShield, this sort of technology is only found in premium clear cases.

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Seidio OPTIK Case for Apple iPhone X

Seidio Optik iPhone X clear case is a super flexible option you could pick up. If you like a case that is easy to pop off and on, then this is the one for you. A flexible TPU protection that has some sturdy edges for extra drop protection. The case is very slim so can easily still keep your smartphone safe.

Like most clear cases the edges are still raised up for you so the screen is protected from a bad scratch. The cutouts keep the buttons reachable very easily, so no problem to adjust the sound or use your camera. The clear case really lets your iPhone X beauty shine right through.

And that wraps up our list of best iPhone X clear cases, hope you like it!

What is your favorite? We are always interested in what our readers like to use so please get in touch.