Best iPhone X Waterproof Cases

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If you want to enjoy swimming without having to worry about your iPhone X then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to look at some of the best iPhone X Waterproof cases that you can find today. Think of them as protective scuba suits for your smartphone, making sure no water can damage your precious device. Because if you didn’t know well your iPhone X will not very last very long in the water: only 30 minutes before it dies!

So you will need an extra safeguard if you want to keep your iPhone X on you will you enjoy a water-based sport. If you like to jump in every swimming pool you see or have friends that push you in. Then you need an iPhone X Waterproof case. And why not? You shouldn’t have to leave your phone on the beach. Why not get some great underwater photos! Then read on and find out about the cases that give your iPhone X all around protection.

Goton Full Body IP68

When it comes to the best waterproof case, there is a clear winner. And that is the Groton. It looks amazing and keeps your smartphone as safe as can be. The exterior is super hard making sure it can withstand drops and bumps. The interior though is nice and soft, letting your phone sit nice and snug.

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No chance that it suddenly drops out into the water, this case is airtight. Keeps your phone safe from any scratches or getting a dent from a rock. This case boasts up to 3 hours water protection and can keep your device working even at 2-meter depth. And the Groton waterproof case comes in two sublime colors: teal and black. Perfect choice.

Temdan SUPREME Series

Temdan UNIQUE Series, this is a waterproof case for users that are always on the water challenge. If you drop into the water from heights or love to surf, then this case is meant for you. This is a MILITARY-grade case, giving your smartphone complete protection. No risk of a scratch or a dent, your phone sits completely safe in this Temdan iPhone X case.

And it can go under 10 feet of water for up to an hour. That means you have the time to jump into the pool swim around, without having to worry about your phone dying. And if you want to set back and kick a movie in landscape mode? Then this case can easily do this for you with the built-in kickstand.

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Eonfine iPhone X Clear Protective Case

EONFINE complete protection waterproof case boasts superb screen responsiveness with complete protection. A nifty rugged look gives you a case that protects your phone from all dangers. Double layered means that even at the biggest drops your phone will stay safe.
The rubber sizes keep everything in place easily and your hands can keep hold of the phone without a problem. It does have a standard waterproof rating so can ensure your device works fine for about an hour even 2m deep. This case has engineered cutouts to precision so will ensure your phone stays safe at all times.

Mangix Underwater Cover

Mangix iPhone X waterproof case is a great choice if you are looking to keep your phone safe. Giving your device the durability it needs to be underwater for about two hours even at 10 feet of water. So you can take some nice snaps when you are swimming underwater.

A great plus for the Mangix case is that it is an impact resistant case. It is shockproof for up to 6.6 feet high. And the touchscreen even stays safe with an anti-scratch screen protector. Soft buttons on the case make the control smooth and everything safe. Definitely, a case to keep your eye on as it does have sales regularly on Amazon so can be snapped up at a good price!

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The Pelican Marine case really has a fairy-like design. This is a secure case that is made for looking stylish. It pairs up perfectly with an iPhone X and goes well with any look. The durable super fortified casing has been engineered to be shock resistant and drop proof. In fact, this design boasts military grade material which will always keep your smartphone safe.

And this waterproof case has a certified IP68 rating, this lets you relax and swim as much as you want. The screen protection is also superb shielding everything from scratches. And best of all it has a clear option or a black color, even a 2-year warranty.

So that is our top 5 iPhone X waterproof cases that we can recommend to our readers. Hope you enjoyed reading our roundup.

And please let us know what iPhone X waterproof case you are using!

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