Best iPhone XS Max Belt Clip Cases

The XS has the largest screen in the history of iPhones. At 5.8 inches, iPhone XS presents a super retina large display combined with a powerful front and rear camera to give you the ultimate mobile experience.

However, even with the extra-reinforced glass of iPhone XS Max, the phone still faces extensive damage in the event that it slips from your palm. Grossing at over $1000 and above, it is becoming increasingly important to provide extra security for your phone.

These are some of the best iPhone XS Max belt-clip cases to hold your phone in place even as you go about your business. If you are taking a morning or evening jog, and you just can’t pocket your iPhone due to the discomfort, these belt-clip cases will do the job for you.

Vena iPhone Xs/X Case

This rugged belt-clip case offers you the best protection from shocks and falls. This makes handling of your iPhone XS worry-free. You could do your gardening, or go about your DIY activities without major hindrances.

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Also, the case features a detachable belt clip, which enables you to remove it when not in use. The holster has an inbuilt kickstand to give you convenience during work, travel, and play.

Encased iPhone Xs MAX

This reinforced belt-clip case features a rotating belt-clip to give you the flexibility of using either vertically or horizontally.  Additionally, it has a slim shield holster set, with cutouts at appropriate usage points for quick access.

This belt clip case also has a secure-fit top latch which facilitates mounting and dismounting of your iPhone XS. This ensures you use the belt-clip case only when you want to.

Its slim ergonomic design also serves to maintain the phone’s thin profile to give you convenience as you use and move around.

As an additional layer of security, Encased, offers clients a lifetime guarantee on this belt-clip case.

Encased iPhone XS MAX

This case offers a reliable safety as a result of its hardened polycarbonate frame which runs all around the design of the clip. This protection layer ensures the iPhone XS is safe at all angles of the fall.

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Similarly, it offers you a secure-fit belt clip which prevents accidental slips and falls. Its precise cutout points also make it easy to mount earphones, wireless chargers and regular chargers.

Honju belt-clip case

This belt-clip iPhone XS holder is made of genuine leather with brown stitches running along the perimeter of the case. The soft leather interior provides protection to the phone display, while the hardened outer leather protects from falls.

However, accidental falls and slips are almost unheard of due to the compatibility of this case with all belt types. This case gives you a greater level of compatibility with other phones.



Mopaclle iPhone XS belt-clip case features a super soft inner lining which prevents scratches on the iPhone XS retina display. This revolutionary case is equipped with two secure belt loops to enhance your device security.

Similarly, it gives you the option of storing your other important documents as smart cards, ID cards and a few dollar bills.

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It has a magnetic-closure feature for ease of access and secure storage of the iPhone. This case equally gives you the flexibility of storing other iPhone brands.