The Best iPhone/iPad/iPod Alarm Clock Speaker Dock

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despertador_04If you find it hard to get up in the morning or simply want to do that with style, an alarm clock, speaker dock for iPhone/iPad/iPod could be the answer to your prayers. The versatile unit plays your favourite tunes or radio stations while charging your favourite gadget. It is clever enough to separate alarm settings for weekdays and weekend and delivers a great sound quality, enriched with deep bass, all wrapped in a sleek design. In the following post, I will present you some of the most popular models, available on the market these days.

iHome iD37 30-Pin iPod/iPhone/iPad Alarm Clock Speaker Dock

“Live.Life.Loud” is the motto that inspired the iHome team to develop some pretty amazing accessories to help the user enjoy better sound from their favourite gadgets: iPhone/iPad/iPod. The iHome  iD37 is the perfect solution when you want to wake or sleep to iPad/ iPhone/ iPod custom playlist or FM radio. You will fall in love with the Gradual Wake and Gradual Sleep functions, that will simply redefine the way you start and end your days. Customizable snooze time lets you sleep in a little or a lot: between 1 and 29 minutes. Adjustable EQ bass, treble, and balance controls to let you put a personal touch on the sound.  It fits iPad, iPhone and docking iPod models in cases.

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Philips DC390/37 Dual-Docking 30-Pin iPod/iPhone/iPad Alarm Clock Speaker Dock

With a solid, popular reputation on the market, Philips does not disappoint with it’s DC390/37 Dual-Docking 30-Pin iPod/iPhone/iPad Alarm Clock Speaker Dock. The shiny accessory invites you to rise and shine to your favourite music. A rich, deep, clear sound and the chic aluminium design make it a tempting offer. The dock can charge up  two devices together.



Pyle-Home Touch Screen Dock/Alarm Clock for iPod, iPhone and iPad

Total output power of 150 watts, 2.0 channel amplifier, touch panel control system, video -out component make from Pyle PIPDSP2B, a serious competitor on the market. The modern design and the alarm clock/speaker dock/charging functions, with many customizable possibilities back up that position. Available in white, black and red.



Sony Dock Clock Radio with Lightning Connector for iPhone/iPod

Another powerful name on the market is Sony. Perfect accessory for your nightstand or dresser, the ICF-C11IP clock radio gathers a variety of functions into a space-saving design. Designed for Apple devices with lightning connector it features automatic time set with a backup battery for reliable functionality even when the power goes off. Other cool features: dual 2-5-7 day alarms, AM/FM radio with 30 presets, auxiliary input for connecting additional audio sources and a full function wireless remote control.

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DOK 6 Port Smart Phone Charger with Alarm Clock and FM Radio

Described as an compatible cradle for mart phones and MP3 players, DOK 6 can hold and charge up to three devices. Enjoy the high quality sound and functions like: clock, alarm, radio and snooze feature.



These devices look great and since I am not a “morning person” I can see their utility: getting up to my favourite, energizing tunes and never run out of battery simply because I forgot to plug in the charger. If you tested any of these, please share your experience in a comment, below!




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