Best JMeter Courses and Tutorials ( Free and Paid)

The Apache JMeterTM is an authentic open source software designed to pack practical behavior and calculate performance. You can use it to evaluate the functionality of web application or various services. Functionality testing refers to the testing of a web application against concurrent and multiple user traffic and heavy load. Jmeter was in the past used for testing FTP or web application but today it’s used as a data server or practical test.

Jmeter is free and allows the developer to utilize the source code for the development process, it’s easy to use and you don’t have to undertake strenuous exercises to understand it. What’s more, Jmeter is made of authentic Java desktop application which allows it to run on various platforms. In order to master Jmeter, you can take the following courses designed for both experienced and novice individuals.

Best Free JMeter Courses and Tutorials

If you are a beginner into JMeter and you want to learn more about it then you can check some of the below free courses as it will help you get going.

1. JMeter – Step by Step for Beginners

In this course, you will learn Jmeter from scratch step by step. You will learn the basics in a very easy way and you will be able to use JMeter for all types of performance and functional testing.

After this course you can work with JMeter for personal and enterprise projects.

2. Master JMeter from Basics (Performance + Load + API Testing)

In this course you will learn the below:

  • Working of JMeter
  • Developing Test Scenarios in JMeter
  • Ways how to do performance Testing with JMeter
  • Generate different types of Reports
  • Integration of JMeter with Selenium
  • JMeter advance Concepts
  • Practicing Sessions
  • Detail knowledge of JMeter Components

3. JMeter Tutorial For Beginners | JMeter Load Testing Tutorial

If you are a Youtube fan then you are in luck as you will find some JMeter free videos there that will get you going. You can start with:

Best Paid JMeter Courses and Tutorials

1. Learn JMETER from Scratch on Live Apps -Performance Testing

You don’t need previous load testing experience to enroll in this course. You’ll learn everything from scratch. The lecturers will make lessons engaging and provide live support. You’ll be able to post your questions on the discussion board or even contact your instructor directly who in turn responds within a span of 12 hours. This course is designed for Non-programming aware testers, web service testers, and manual testers who want to learn performance testing.

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  • Learn how to load on REST API’s and web applications
  • Learn all the features found in the Jmeter tool to load test cases
  • Understand how to use Jmeter to add plugins for more effective reports
  • Understand how to monitor the performance of your application using the applicable load
  • Learn BeanShell scripting fundamentals for Jmeter
  • Learn how to integrate selenium with Jmeter

2. Performance Testing Course with JMeter and Blazemete

You don’t need previous knowledge to enroll in this course which is designed for developers and testers who are passionate about learning how to use Jmeter to automate scripts. This course will take you through the fundamentals of Jmeter to the intricate details of the same. In the end, you’ll be able to implement a load execution replicating simultaneous users from various countries who use varying bandwidths to access the same using varying test data, and validating the resource consumption and response times of an actual e-commerce application.

You’ll learn the main features of this course through an array of texts and videos. Many of the videos include examples and demos using the tools. This is a highly functional course with all lessons requiring students to test the tools and manage the tasks and challenges.


  • Learn the fundamentals of performance testing
  • Run tests and automate scripts using Jmeter
  • Design and run load tests using blazemeter

3. Wanna Learn JMeter? Get Training by Industry Experts-16+hrs

This course is specially designed for automation and manual testers or any professional who wants to begin a performance testing career. Functional testers searching for a chance in automation testing can also benefit from this course. The course will take learners from the fundamental level all the way to the advanced Jmeter and performance testing concepts.

Learners will get a comprehensive understanding of the Jmeter tool and will also utilize some of the excellent jmeter plugins available. The course will also tackle distributed testing using Jmeter and providing coverage to Jmeter default functions.

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In the end, learners will be able to calculate the functionality of any web-based service or application. They’ll also be able to excel in performance testing related interviews. To enroll in this course, you’ll need basic knowledge of performance testing concepts and experience in Windows operating system.


  • Gain a comprehensive knowledge of Jmeter fundamental and advanced features
  • Understand how to execute performance testing on web services and web applications
  • Implement Jmeter in your actual-time project performance testing
  • Learn BeanShell from fundamental to advanced and utilize them in actual-time projects
  • Gain a comprehensive knowledge of Jmeter plugins to execute an advance operation

4. JMETER – Master Performance & Load Testing(Basics + Advance)

To enroll for this course, you’ll need a basic understanding of testing. This course is specially designed for test leads, manual testers, automation testers, and test managers who are passionate about improving their performance testing knowledge. In this course, learners will go through a comprehensive evaluation of Jmeter tool and will integrate the same with Blazameter to implement the substantial amount of load testing and performance.

This course is designed for learners with no performance and programming testing experience and it covers everything from scratch all the way to the advanced level. At the end of this course, learners will be in a position to measure the functionality of any web-based application and will be able to excel in performance testing interviews.


  • Execute performance testing of different web-based applications
  • Excel in Jmeter performance testing interviews
  • Incorporate various APIs such as JDBC, selenium, or SOAP/REST to prolong the performance evaluating the framework

5. Learning JMeter 5.0

This course is designed for people working with Jmeter components to develop a test for your application’s functionality. This course allows you to learn how to test applications running in the cloud. At the end of this course, you should be able to develop tests by not only recording component reactions but also by taking remedial action.

Learners will be in a position to understand the comprehensive procedure of load testing a web application to analyze their app’s load handling capability. Still, they’ll be able to test responses from an API and compare the same against the anticipated behavior in order to evaluate how an application generally works.

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This course will come in handy for you if you’re a test manager, QA engineer, and software developer who is passionate about learning performance testing and enhancing the quality of their software.


  • Understand the objectives and importance of load testing
  • Learn how to create a demo scenario using Jmeter
  • Monitor results from demo scenarios using inbuilt and in Grafana

6. Complete Automation Package -Selenium – Jmeter – SoapUI

This is an exclusive course which strives to teach learners how to use Jmeter to achieve performance automation, and utilizes SoapUI to achieve services automation, and use Selenium to achieve functional automation. The course consists of numerous advanced topics in Jmeter such as Jmeter plugin, performance monitoring, and Java programming in Jmeter.

At the end of this course, learners should be in a position to understand the specifications of web services as well as write various effective manual and automation test cases to examine them in SoapUI by use of divergent features available on the tool. This course is specially designed for manual testers who are passionate about automation, and software testers who are interested in changing their careers.

To enroll for this course, you’ll need a machine complete with Windows operating system, a machine well configured with the latest Java updates, and configure both free and paid for SoapUI version.


  • Get a comprehensive understanding of Selenium, SoapUI, and Jmeter designed in a manner that enables learners to work on actual time projects immediately after completing the course.

7. Complete Performance testing package- LoadRunner & Jmeter

This course is designed for software testing experts and will take learners from the basic level all the way to advance using well-paced videos. In this video, learners will learn both fundamental and advance LoadRunner and performance concept testing. At the end of this course, learners should be able to calculate the performance of any web-based service or application and can excel in performance testing interviews.


  • Learn how to create a functional strategy for load testing an enterprise system


If you want to change your career or are passionate about Jmeter, you may want to choose any of these courses to enhance your knowledge.