Best Keyboard Cases for iPad Air 2

Whether you are a social media guru and need to be in touch with the world all the time, or an inspired writer that knows the importance of writing down every idea that comes your way, a keyboard case brings many benefits. Pair the refinement and finesse of the iPad Air 2 with the maneuverability and usefulness of the best keyboard cases on the market and you can enjoy a versatile gadget that will change the way you interact with your business and the online environment.

Belkin QODE Ultimate Wireless Keyboard and Case for iPad Air 2

Belkin has quite a tradition of providing incredible accessories for the Apple gadgets. At a glance, the Belkin QODE is extremely thin and light but capable of offering a premium feel and durable screen protection due to the aircraft grade aluminium alloy that it uses. The keyboard is well spaced and provides typing accuracy. It folds away when you don’t need it and also it turns on only when you want to use it. The battery has an autonomy of  264 hours of use and 4,300 hours in standby. For a comfortable experience, you can benefit from the 3 viewing angles.

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QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2

Kensington KeyFolio Thin X2 Plus Backlit iPad Air 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case

The sleek KeyFolio case surrounds the iPad Air 2 like a hard shell. Thin and lightweighted, the keyboard case has an integrated white LED backlit, ideal for low-light conditions. The island style, 6 rows, Bluetooth keyboard ensures productivity.

kensington keyboard case

Aerb iPad Air 2 Case W Keyboard

This new release Aerb Keyboard Case made from high quality PU leather offers complete protection from scratches, abrasions, shocks, etc. The enclosed removable Bluetooth keyboard provides easy typing. The keyboard can work with other iPhones, iPads. The real laptop- style keys and ABS keyboard material improve the typing experience.

Aerb keyboard case

Bear Motion for iPad Air 2 Ultra thin Folio Case

Bear Motion is another big name in the mobile accessories industry. The keyboard case for iPad Air 2 is elegant and durable. This is a top quality product for a very reasonable price. The keyboard works perfectly and ensures ease of use and fast typing. It supports two different ways to create a stand: either use the built in kickstand on the back of the case or use the front cover to fold into a triangle shape.

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Bear motion ipad air 2 case

Ionic Bluetooth Keyboard Leather Stand Apple iPad Air 2

With a sturdy and stylish pebble-grain leather exterior  and a mini keyboard with bluetooth connectivity, the Ionic Case is a must have for Apple Ipad 2 owners. The  keyboard is about the same as the iPad (9 inches) and using it will be a breeze. The letters are placed just like a regular keyboard and you can pretty much control all your functions of the ipad through it, such as sound/brightness/photos etc.

Ipad air keyb case