Best Leather Sleeve for 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2020

Did you get a MacBook pro-16-inch? Then secure it against any destructs and enjoy its experience for a long time. Use the fantastic sleeves well designed for your MacBook. They are well fashioned and exhibits clear edge compared to the fancy covers. When you choose to be simple yet professional, the MacBook Pro 16-inch sleeves guarantee you your preference and taste.

The best leather sleeve for a 16-inch MacBook Pro is the ideal primary protective accessory you can ever have for your laptop today. This article explores the best sleeves you can buy in the market today for your 16-inch MacBook pro. Choose from any of these and enjoy the fantastic protection of your laptop.

Best Leather Sleeve for 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2020

Harber London sleeve

Harber London sleeve exhibits top-notch artistry. It is a high-quality sleeve with striking leather touch. The Harber London sleeve is lightweight and compact. Its strength makes it withstand any impact and ward off scratches. Besides being accessible in varied designs, the Harber leather sleeves come in numerous color options.

Therefore, acquiring appropriate pair for your MacBook, which matches your outing, is made easy. It enables you to carry your laptop via a relaxed and personal fashion. The Harber leather sleeve is designed in a manner that shelters your gadget tightly while protecting it against scratches and bumps.

If you like something casual smart and sporty, you can consider this leather sleeve cover for your tablet, which suits outfit, whether suit or jeans.

Features of Harber leather sleeve

  • Custom-made to tightly snag your MacBook
  • Made with actual cowhide leather
  • Offer genuine typical personal protection

Apple leather sleeve

Apple leather sleeve

The apple leather sleeve for MacBook is quite is made of authentic leather. If you are looking for a high-quality leather sleeve, this is ideal for you. It is sporty and has an exceptional look and texture. Even after using for some time, the apple leather sleeve will not quickly lose its allure.

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The apple leather sleeve is durable and is made with soft microfiber coating, which keeps your MacBook 16-inch pro-well-guarded. It comes in three variants when color is one of your tastes. With saddle brown, midnight blue as well as black colors, you are guaranteed to obtain the one with your preferred color. It is designed in a way that the sleeve gives you a space of charging your tablet while maintaining its protection.

Feature of apple leather sleeve

  • Made of high-quality European leather
  • Its designations allow charging
  • Weighs about 1.14 pounds
  • Has a dimension of 13.1×8.8×0.6 inch

Caison shockproof sleeve

Caison shockproof sleeve

Enjoy maximum protection of your MacBook with shockproof caisson sleeve. It is designed with five layers for adequate protection of your tablet. Caison exhibits an ultra-compact design. The neoprene material, which makes this sleeve, is water-resistant and durable, which offers a fantastic guard to your tablet.

To add more protection to your laptop, this sleeve is also made using a soft inner fabric layer. It is fitted with a large external pocket for keeping documents and pens. The USB memory sticks to ensure that it is also kept secure. Caison sleeves come with several varied colors. They are attractive, and you are guaranteed to acquire one that suits your color taste. While it is ultra-compact, it also gives maximum protection to your device.

Features of Caison

  • Its design is compact
  • Made of several layers
  • The inner lining is made of a soft fabric layer
  • Has large external pockets
  • It is water-resistant
  • Durable

Tomtoc protective sleeve

Tomtoc protective sleeve

When you are one of those likes simplicity, Tomtoc sleeve guarantees you exactly preference. While assuring you simplicity, this protective sleeve also maximally secures your 16-inch MacBook pro against any destruction. Its design is lightweight weigh hence protects your device without adding much weight.

The softness of this sleeve also provides the anticipated protection to your MacBook. The interior lining is designed with soft-touch fuzzy padding that can withstand shock while keeping the device secure from scratches. Tomtoc is made up of three protective layers and an additional guard for corners, making it durable for long protection of your MacBook.

There are extra partitions on Tomtoc sleeve for keeping chargers, mouse, and also Air pods. Besides, Tomtoc sleeve comes with multiple color alternatives, which guarantees you the color of your preference and taste. You will acquire one cheaply yet of high quality.

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Features of Tomtoc sleeve

  • It is a classic lightweight
  • Durable
  • Offer superior protection
  • Has roomy space
  • Premium quality
  • Weighs about 1.12 pounds

Leather sleeve from Woolnut

Leather sleeve from Woolnut

Woolnut gives the best leather sleeve for a 16-inch MacBook pro. While it is among the expensive leather sleeves, the material of Woolnut sleeve grows more unique as you continue using. The interior lining of this sleeve is soft, water-resistant, and absorbs shock, which keeps your MacBook secure.

Besides, the aesthetics, as well as looks, Woolnut leather sleeves, offers you maximum functionality, which includes charging to the underneath pad. They are fantastically made to last for a lifespan. With the open end of the Woolnut sleeve, you can comfortably chart your MacBook pro 16- inch while right inside the sleeve. It is designed in a manner that snugs fit your laptop.

Features this sleeve

  • It is made of wool and leather
  • Grows beautiful with the time of use
  • Interior lining is made of natural wool
  • It is a slim sleeve design
  • Weighs about 11.4ounces

Crazy horse craft sleeve

Crazy horse craft sleeve

Crazy horse craft offers you top-notch sleeves for your 16-inch MacBook pro protection. The laudable handmade design of this leather sleeve makes it unique by the appealing look it provides. The crazy horse sleeve is made with fabric touched, which protects your tablet from shock as well as scratches.

The exterior of the crazy horse sleeve is covered with luxurious leather texture hence providing more comfort when holding. Many sleeve cases usually lose their attractiveness after some period of use. However, when it comes to crazy horse sleeves, as you use it and grows old, it develops new color making its appearance look better.

The thick wool touch of this sleeve offers your maximum tablet protection against bumps as well as cleaning your gadget after removing the case.

Features of this sleeve

  • Made of leather and wool
  • Become attractive as you use

Native Union exterior pocket sleeve

Native Union exterior pocket sleeve

The Native Union sleeve is a polished design. It makes your 16-inch MacBook pro look elegant. With its actual leather make and its extraordinary quality, the Native Union sleeve is a better pick for your laptop. The exterior pockets of native union sleeves are spacious for storing your pens, and documents making this leather sleeve convenient for you.

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Native union sleeve has a slim and compact design, which makes them slip easily into a bag. The layered work of this leather sleeve, along with its waterproof zipper, guarantees your MacBook civil protection. It can take on any unexpected impact. While it is not that expensive, the quality of the native union leather sleeve lives up to its demand.

Mosiso neoprene leather sleeve

Mosiso neoprene leather sleeve

Are you one of those people with an exceptional taste for colors? Mosiso sleeve would be the best choice to present your MacBook beautifully. It comes with high-quality neoprene material. Besides, it also features a foam wadding coat, which improves impact resistance as it protects your 16-inch MacBook pro.

The small pouch that is designed with it enables you to carry earphones and smartphone comfortably. The top-loading fastener of this leather sleeve ensures your valuables remain securely inside.

Features of Mosiso sleeve

  • Slim as well as lightweight
  • Weighs about 9.1 ounces
  • Made of internal shock resistant layer

Uppercase slim leather sleeve

Uppercase slim leather sleeve

When you are looking for a fitted sleeve for carrying your tablet, you can try this one. It is among the best leather sleeve for a 16-inch MacBook pro. It is crafted expertly. The uppercase slim leather sleeve offers protection to your device against any scratches. It is made of best vegie leather material with also a soft velvet lining.

The uppercase thin sleeve snugly fits your tablets while offering maximum protection. You can comfortably charge your MacBook while it is inside the sleeve. The leather sleeve is only compatible with the specific MacBook.

Features of uppercase sleeve

  • Handmade to high standard craftsmanship
  • Made of smooth vegie leather
  • Designed such that device is chargeable when it’s still on
  • Protects your device on the rough surfaces
  • Weighs about 14.4 ounces
  • It is splash-proof
  • The thickness of about 2.8mm


The list above has the top picks for the best leather sleeve for a 16-inch MacBook pro. Make any choice from them and enjoy the guaranteed security of your tablet. March book 1-inch pro is a valuable gadget worthy of maximum protection. From the above best sleeve, you are guaranteed your taste and preference.