Best MacBook Pro 16-inch Keyboard Covers in 2020

Apple’s MacBook is not just the most powerful, but also the best. Just the way it is the best, it requires you to cover its keyboard with the best keyboard cover ever made. If you are determined to protect your MacBook keyboard and keep it pristine, look for the best MacBook Pro 16-inch keyboard covers.

The keyboard covers will make your MacBook laptop last longer. This article explores the best MacBook keyboard covers for your device. Choose from the list and enjoy keyboard protection for your MacBook.

Best MacBook Pro 16-inch Keyboard Covers in 2020

UPPERCASE Ghost keyboard cover

UPPERCASE Ghost keyboard cover

Protect your MacBook laptop keyboard with this fantastic cover. It will guard your keyboard against scratches and specks of dust. It has an ultra-thin texture, which makes the keyboard backlight detectible to enable you to work even when darkness.

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The touch bar of the MacBook keyboard skin conserves its original classiness even after using it for a long time. When your MacBook becomes dirty, you have a chance to wash and use it again after getting dry.

Features of uppercase ghost cover

  • It is 0.12mm thin
  • Well cut out and fits precisely with no obstruction to keyboard backlight
  • Cleanable
  • High transparency
  • Weighs about 3.2 ounces

FORITO Ultra-thin MacBook keyboard cover

FORITO Ultra-thin MacBook keyboard cover

Forito keyboard cover is also among the best keyboard cover for MacBook. It is a beautiful keyboard cover that is well cut out to provide you fantastic tying experience. Investing in this keyboard cover will ideally save you the cost of repairing your keyboard in case of any damage. It will protect your keyboard from dust and even water.

Features of Forito cover

  • Very thin
  • Washable
  • Well cutout to fit original keys

imComor keyboard protective cover

TimComor keyboard protective cover

It is a keyboard protective cover-worthy your investment. While you won’t feel it when you are using your laptop, it plays a significant role in protecting your device. It is ultra-thin and has a high transparent film which makes its backlight to shine. Therefore, this enables you to enjoy an excellent typing experience anywhere.

The imcomor keyboard cover protects your keyboard against water since it is water-resistant. You can wash it and keep it to dry and then reuse. Being durable and dustproof cover, it guarantees maximum protection of your MacBook’s keyboard.

Promas keyboard cover

Techkey Wireless USB Adapter

Your MacBook’s keyboard layout is guaranteed protection when you use Promas transparent cove. All the keyboard keys, touch ID, as well as the touch bar and the entire keyboard, are reasonably protected when you use Promas cover. Promas TPU is transparent, reliable and elastic, which enables you to have the keyboard’s first typing experience. Promas keyboard cover offers you a chance using a wet cloth to wipe when and make it clean for reuse.

KECC keyboard cover for MacBook

KECC keyboard cover for MacBook

Are you stylish and looking for a keyboard cover for your MacBook? If yes, then consider the Kec keyboard cover. It will make your keyboard to remain to look new even after extended use. It comes with many striking pastel designs that give you a chance to select your design base on your taste and preference. While kec’s keyboard covers are not among the slimmest, it ideally suits and tightly conforms to the MacBook’s keyboard.

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Features of Kec keyboard

  • Has multicolor options
  • It is durable
  • Cleanable
  • Well cut to stay in place

Mosiso keyboard cover

Mosiso keyboard cover

The Mosiso keyboard cover protects your keyboard very well. Although it is not the thinnest, it keeps you MacBook’s keyboard easy and ideal for typing. The covered keys are easy to get used to their silicone feeling. Mosiso keyboard cover sits flat on your MacBook keyboard. However, you can easily remove it for cleaning when it is dirty.

Features of Mosiso keyboard cover

  • It has shining backlight keys
  • Easily to remove

Kuzy keyboard cover

Kuzy keyboard cover

If you are one of those who fancy colors and looking for a colored keyboard. The kuzy keyboard is ideal for your MacBook keyboard cover. The Kuzy keyboard cover will maximally protect you’re the keys from tear, stains, spills, crumbs and wear.

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It has keys that are individually precast and printed on durable silicone. The rainbow colors cover and reliable color keyboards are available, and you can choose the one that suits your taste and preference.

Features of Kuzy keyboard cover

  • It is thin
  • Easily removable
  • Well cutout to fit multiple MacBook sizes
  • Keys are individually precast and correctly printed


Cover your MacBook keyboard any of the above options and enjoy maximum protection. They are favorite keyboard covers that can make your laptop always to remain to look new. Protecting your MacBook’s keyboard saves you the cost of repair in case of any damage when there is no protection.