Best Magnetic Phone Holder for Cars

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There are many reasons why you may need a phone holder for your car. Safety is the first that comes to mind, but don’t forget the practical aspect of it. Especially if you, like so many of us, are inclined to use your phone for everything. So here are the best magnetic phone holders for cars, that will make your phone browsing ritual easier and most of all safe.

WizGear Universal Magnetic Phone Holder

This first contender seems to be the hottest on the market, with its outstanding number of reviews. Over twenty thousand people set their mind on it, which is a shattering amount for any sort of product. The producers believe that its reinforced magnetic holder, that holds any smart-phone, is the cherry on the top of this sturdy built and easy to use the device. It guarantees full stability for your phone, that combined with a huge degree of mobility since it allows you to rotate and swivel it to your liking. For a small product, that can be mounted in your air vent it sure offers some neat deal breakers. No wonder it stole buyer’s hearts.

TechMatte MagGrip Universal Phone Holder

Another magnetic holder to mount to your air vent. A little bit shyer than the WizGear model, it confesses that its neodymium magnets can hold most smart-phones. Some unfortunate phones are sadly left out. But that is a minor aspect. Focusing on the bigger picture, its rubber base is perfect for your car air vent, making sure to keep your prized technology safe. Easy to use, and with an attractive minimalistic design that won’t sour in any way your driving experience, this goes on the list of magnetic holders that you should keep in mind.

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Caw.Car Universal Magnetic Holder

We have to give it to Caw.Car. They knew how to make it practical, useful and completely gorgeous at the same time. They even describe it as ‘looking awesome’. And they are completely in the right to do so. This black chrome mount manages the minimalistic style like a pro, bringing it class and quality. Work on any phone and it can be used with three different devices. Happily, for us, the installation process is easy, and it provides full rotation and viewing angle freedom. To resume it a little, it’s multi-functional, safe, practical, easy, looks good, and it offers a refund. Just in case.

Scosche MAGDMB Magnetic Phone Holder

It’s a good thing that most of those phone holders are universal. It really broadens your choices. The Scosche model is sleek and versatile, with high- powered magnets to keep everything in place. The locking system it’s easier than ever. You just have to hover your device, that has the MagicPlate attached, near the magnetic surface and that’s it. You can install it where you wish, and it comes with an uncanny temperature resistant feature. Which sure, it’s nice and all, professional sounding, but many will argue that it’s sadly unnecessary. I’d say to take into consideration the crazy weather we had these past years, and you might find this product aspect rather charming.

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Magnetic Cell Phone Holder Kit by Wuteku

Yet one more phone holder with an attractive design. It’s top quality, compatible with all types of smart-phones and top rated by Uber and Lyft drivers. But sure, there’s no need for you to be a professional driver to use this holder. It just gives you a small suggestion to not forget that your device can also be used as a GPS. Thanks, guys. It’s fit for tablets too, secure, easy installation. And here’s the catch. You can attach it to your bike, your truck, your RV. Probably the bicycle model it’s still in the making. Jokes aside, it’s a good quality product, that calls itself a must have phone and car accessory.

Mpow Magnetic Phone Holder for Car

Back to the air vent mountable holders again. It’s simple and complementary design makes it simple to use, and as a nice surprise, it comes with a backup for instant replacement.  You should know that this device is best for smaller, thinner smart-phones, but it does, however, have a different version, especially for the big guys. It also may not fit all car vents so that’s a thing you should check the product’s description. Still a nice and well-appreciated product. Fun fact: you can also use it as a desktop holder. Why? The right question is, why not?

Nite Ize Original Steelie Magnetic Phone Holder

It’s adjustable, fit for any smart-phones and cars, and hands-free. It comes with all the features that you might expect by now. You are able to choose your viewing angle, it is safe and secure to trust it with your dear phone. High-Strength Magnet that will tackle in your device even when driving on the bumpiest of roads. It’s as good as any other on this list and it comes with a Worry-Free Guarantee, that’s sure to coax in some buyers.

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Smart& Easy Magnetic Cell Phone Holder for Car

This product is pretty much self- explanatory. Smart and easy. It allows you to keep your phone in view at all times, without putting yourself in harm’s way. It’s been tested to ensure that your device will not be damaged in any way by the force of the magnet, which is reassuring. Easy to use, compatible with all the phones on the market, and with tablets. It sticks to any surface and you can also use it as a nice office accessory. Or even in the kitchen or bathroom. It’s good to know that it offers you so many functions.  It also comes with a premium packaging, a free e-book, and the sweet promise to give you your money back, 100%.


I hope you learned a thing or two about what a good quality magnetic phone holder for your car looks like. The models are vast and all of them is unique in its own way. At the end of the day, always remember to drive safe, eyes on the road!


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