Best Mini Portable GPS Tracker

Mini portable GPS trackers may come in handy if you worried about the whereabouts of your loved ones or costly items. This amazing invention enables you to track your loved ones and valuable assets whenever you are not around. Whether you are worried about the safety of your children or your vehicle, this devices will keep you informed.

With the right kind of tracker, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing the exact location of what you want to be tracked. Below is a list of the best mini portable GPS trackers carefully selected to satisfy your needs.

Best Mini Portable GPS Trackers

Spy Tech.

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The mini portable GPS tracker by Spy Tech is Amazon’s choice and this already verifies its quality. Its compact design makes it hard to detect and easy to insert in small spaces. You can put in inside a backpack, vehicle or attach it to a belt.

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It is designed with a waterproof magnetic case and has a battery life that can last up to two weeks. This enables it to work perfectly throughout the day without any unnecessary interruptions. It is designed with a motion detection sensor that improves its accuracy. Furthermore, you can access tracking reports and Google maps from any device.

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Vyncs mini portable GPS tracker

Being Amazon’s best seller, this is another great option to consider. The Vyncs mini portable GPS tracker is designed specifically for vehicles. This tracker does not require a battery, it draws power from the OBD-II port. This ensures the full function of the device without any power interruptions.

In the case the car ignition is off, the Vyncs tracker will still keep your vehicle safe. Once the car is off, it goes to sleep and wakes up once every hour to update you on the car’s location. It also gives you alerts on unsafe driving, tampering, over speeding, driver score and many others.


americaloc GPS tracker

This is GPS tracker designed for people, vehicles, and assets. With only a weight of 2.24 ounces, the mini portable GPS tracker is easily portable and unnoticeable once it is placed on what you want to be tracked. It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery with an extended battery life that keeps you always informed throughout.

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In addition, the system allows you to configure email notifications which give you alerts on any movement, speeding, or moving out of an allocated area.


LandAirSea mini GPS

Designed to track anyone or anything in real time with utmost accuracy and precision. The mini tracker by LandAirSea is small in size and discreet. This enables you to easily insert into a backpack, pocket, coat, luggage or attach to the underside of the vehicle with its strong inbuilt magnet.

This tracker is easy to use. With its web-based software, you have the ability to tailor the software to suit your needs. This software provides historical playback, geofence and address proximity alert, GPS location and other features.


Yepzon mini portable tracker

With an impressive unbeatable battery life, the Yepzon mini portable tracker can last up to four months. It has an 850mAh Li-ion battery that you don’t require to keep charging. This device provides the precise location of your loved ones with just a click. It also has no limitations. You can add as many Yepzon devices to your smartphone allowing you to track multiple things at the same time.

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Additionally, the Yepzon app is easy to install and use. No passwords or registrations are required. This guarantees your privacy and safety.


Amcrest mini tracker

The Amcrest mini tracker is ideal for children, vehicles, pets, loved ones or any valuable assets. Its software allows you to create desired zones that you want to monitor and set maximum speed alerts that suit your needs. These alerts are then sent to the Amcrest app through texts and notifications.

It is equipped with a battery that can last up to 10 to 14 days enabling you to stay connected all through. In addition, it is built to withstand harsh weather conditions for quality maximum use.


Linxup GPS tracker

The portable mini tracker is also a good option to consider when getting a GPS tracker. The Linxup tracker is designed mostly for vehicles. It is designed with a GPS tracker with extreme accuracy using Google Maps to keep you informed of your car’s location.

Apart from its detailed reports, the system will alert when the vehicle leaves or enters virtual boundaries identified, speeding, idling hours and many more. Furthermore, it monitors unsafe behaviors to increase driver safety and reduce liability risk.