Best Wall Mounts for the Amazon Cloud Cam.

The Amazon Cloud Cam is an essential feature that every household should be having at this very moment to keep your home safe. This amazing invention not only gives you control of every activity going on in your home but also allows you to check in at any time with your family members using its built-in mic and speaker.

With a device of such importance and value to your home, it needs to be protected or rather be kept in such a way that it wouldn’t be knocked over. For you to set it at a different position, you will need a mount.

Below is a list of the best mounts for the Amazon Cloud Cam that you should definitely consider for your Cloud Cam.

TotalMount hole-free wall mount.

TotalMount Hole-free wall mountBeing Amazon’s choice, it is the most popular wall mount for the Amazon Cloud Cam. The hole-free design gives you the freedom to mount your cloud cam on a wall anywhere in your home without the need to drill holes in.

Additionally, you don’t require any tools to install. The patent-pending mount facilitates mounting for as long as you want, and you can easily remove it by pulling the tabs. With this model, you can mount your Amazon cloud cam looking upward or downwards.

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Wasserstein Ac Outlet Mount.

Wasserstein AC outlet Mount

The Wasserstein Ac outlet mount provides another convenient method of mounting that is less tedious. Without the use of cables or drilling holes to your wall, you can mount your cloud cam directly to any Ac outlet in your home.

The viewing area of this model is also another notable feature it has. Already with a 130 degree Cloud Cam angle, its patent-pending design allows you to swivel the camera by an additional 360 degrees. It also comes with a small micro USB cable to connect the adapter and Cloud Cam.

TotalMount Full-Motion Mount.

TotalMount Full-Motion MountThis wall mount is another amazing creation by TotalMount. This design can mount to a wall anywhere in your house. Unlike most standard wall mounts that are not adjustable, the TotalMount Full-Motion adjusts itself by tilting, swiveling, and a full rotation through different vantage points to give you your desired viewing angle.

So if you are looking to achieve multiple angles with your Amazon Cloud Cam then this is the perfect option for you.

Wasserstein 2 in 1 Magnetic Mount.

Wasserstein 2 in 1 Magnetic MountThe Wasserstein Magnetic Mount is the first ever magnetic mount specifically designed for the Amazon Cloud Cam. Through its patent-pending mounting feature, it gives you the option of either mounting your Cloud Cam by screws or placing it on any metallic surface.

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If you are looking for an easier installation method then the magnetic mount will suit you well. All you need is metallic exteriors or a steel plate and once you place the base of the mount to the surface, it will securely hold your camera and provide great stability.

TotalMount Outlet Mount.

TotalMount Outlet MountLike any other outlet mount, this model mounts your Amazon Cloud Cam to a power outlet anywhere in your house. This enables monitoring of key areas in your house such as doorways and hallways.

It also includes a micropower cable. However, if you are using Amazon Key to unlock your door, then you might need to use the long cable that comes with the Amazon Cloud Cam.

LANMU Outlet Wall Mount.

Lanmu Outlet Wall MountThis is another great Amazon Cloud Cam outlet mount. The LANMU Outlet Wall Mount can be easily fixed to a power outlet anywhere in your home without the use of screws or other tools. This prevents any damages to your walls.

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The outlet mount provides multiple viewing angles by swiveling the camera by an additional 360 degrees to enable you to capture all key areas. It also comes with a micro-power cable but if you are using the Amazon Key then you should use the long cable included in the Amazon Cloud Cam.

This Design is only compatible with the Amazon Cloud Cam.

Yawenner Outlet Mount.

Yawenner Outlet Mount

The Yawenner Mount is exclusively designed for the Amazon Cloud Cam. It is very easy to install and remove. You only require to insert it to a power outlet anywhere in your house. This mount has an adjustable 40-degree viewing angle to expand your viewing range as wide as possible.

Furthermore, it is made with high-quality ABS material with oil painting to provide that aesthetic appearance and make your Amazon Cloud Cam look neater.


The safety of your Amazon Cloud Cam is important and amount will surely keep it safe. Moreover, with the right Cloud Cam Mount, you can be able to get a wide range of view to keep you aware of everything that is happening in key areas.