Best NginX Online Courses and Tutorials (Free and Paid)

Nginx is a free and open source software which can be utilized as a load balancer, a reverse proxy, HTTP cache, and mail proxy. Nginx is the most used web server on the internet because is the fastest, so if you want to use it you need some course or training to help you out. If you want to learn more about Nginx here are the best NginX courses to help you out.

Best Free NginX Online Courses

1. Learning NGINX Web Server from Zero to Hero

Set up high-performance architecture with NGINX and install and configure NGINX on a Linux machine and complete LEMP web development stack also coverer NLB, Reverse Proxy

The Following Topics are Covered

  1. Installing NGINX on LinuxConfiguring a virtual host
  2. Installing PHP and MariaDB for the LEMP stack
  3. Securing sites with NGINX
  4. Creating SSL certificates
  5. Reverse proxies
  6. Load balancing

2. Load Balancing with Nginx

We cover how to use Nginx as a load balancer, and see how load balancing affects our application.

3. Some Youtube Videos

There are some YouTube videos that can be checked to better understand NginX:

Best Paid NginX Online Courses

1. Nginx Fundamentals: High-Performance Servers from Scratch

Learners enrolling for this course will learn how to install, set up, and tweak NginX. This is a practical course specially designed for beginners and elite developers. At the end of this course, you will be able to develop a robust foundation in NginX. If you are a novice developer, you may want to take this course in order to understand NginX fast and effectively.

During the course, learners will get practical knowledge of NginX as an actual world web server without struggling with all its features. While the course doesn’t cover networking and hosting concepts, it helps you understand the use of various commands and basic principles.


  • Understand how to customize the NginX installation
  • Safeguard NginX using the best security practices
  • Learn the configuration of NginX as a web server
  • Understand how to tweak NginX to achieve ultimate performance
  • Understand the process of installing and configuring a server-side programming language as an NginX backend
  • Get an authentic certificate of completion
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2. Nginx 2019 – Beginner to Advanced

This course is specially designed for beginners who are interested in mastering NginX as a load balancer and reverse proxy. Having a clear understanding of NginX exposes students to a solid HTTP Protocol foundation. Therefore, this course first covers HTTP Protocol before proceeding to NginX and using it within a high-performance enterprise environment. Everything about this course is well designed to accommodate beginners.


  • Get comprehensive knowledge of HTTP Protocol
  • Learn how to configure your own website using reverse proxies
  • Understand how to set up a web application firewall.
  • Get a solid base for load balancers and an understanding of how to implement them practically

3. The Perfect Nginx Server – Ubuntu Edition

This course is specially designed for beginners to teach them how to configure NginX effectively. Learners will get a step by step lesson on how to set up the ultimate NginX server. Lecturers ensure that you get the ultimate expertise, understanding, and confidence you require to host multi-secure WordPress websites on an unadministered Virtual Private Server using NginX.

This course teaches you how to become a system administrator without necessarily needing any support from your host. This course covers a comprehensive scope of setting up an Ubuntu oriented NginX server. Learners will understand everything there is to know from basic server configuration to installation of Nginx, PHP 7.x., and MariaDB. After the installation, learners will learn how to set up, safeguard, and optimize NginX, PHP 7.x., and MariaDB.

This course is specially designed for you if you want to learn how to host rapid WordPress websites using NginX, if you own a WordPress site and are interested in making a transition to self-managed hosting from shared hosting, if you’re a website owner who can’t condone oversubscribed and slow shared web hosting servers, and if you are unhappy with the support you’re getting from your host. You can learn to do it yourself by taking this course.

By the completion of this course, learners will be able to include a new revenue stream and use their skills to earn extra income by hosting their own sites with NginX. There’s going to be many new services learners will include to their resumes as website developers. What’s more, learners will start charging for many new services such as site optimization, site hosting, let’s encrypt SSL certificate installation and renewal, monthly maintenance fee, and backup.

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  • Learn how to configure a hardened, secure, and optimized virtual private server from scratch
  • Understand the configuration of a safe and optimized server and host various multiple WordPress sites with NginX

4. The Perfect NGINX Server – CentOS Edition

CentOS is a free operating system entirely acquired from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution. It offers an enterprise-class server operating system and is among the most popular Linux distribution for servers due to its stability and solid reliability with uptime calculated in years as opposed to weeks. This is the ultimate beginner’s course specially designed for learners who have no prior experience in setting up an NginX or CentOs server.


  • Understand how to configure a solid, secure, and optimized CentOS founded on virtual private server purchase from an undistributed VPS or any host and understand the configuration of the VPS correctly and securely.
  • Host and serve a variety of WordPress sites on a single CentOS oriented server using NginX
  • Install a WordPress website within a few seconds with the WordPress command line interface
  • Install various WordPress sites on one server
  • Learn how to install, safeguard, and optimize NginX, PHP, and MariaDB
  • Learn how to install free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates and set up automatic renewal for the SSL certificates for all your websites hosted on the server
  • Understand how to create a website backup solution plugin for your websites

5. Practical Nginx – The Zero to Hero Guide

This course is specially designed to help developers understand Nginx by enhancing their basics of web servers. Learners will also understand the basics and advanced NginX features from scratch in a brief yet practical approach with this course. The course will breakdown everything there is to learn in terms of NginX and web servers. Learners will be exposed to an appropriate combination of practical and theory to ensure students understand how they can use NginX applications and the practical examples which they will be able to follow together with their lecturers.  In the end, students will be in a position to install setup and implement their own web servers.

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  • Understand the principle concepts of the Nginx server and incorporate it into practical projects
  • Understand how to utilize Nginx as a reverse proxy
  • Learn how to use NginX as a web server

6. Learning NginX – Create a VM with Vagrant

Taking up NginX will help you configure a high-performance architecture. NginX provides you with enhanced speed, unlike its competitors. It also comes with additional features such as HTTP caching and load balancing. This software is fast becoming popular among developers, which means that it’s a must-have skill for system administrators, website developers and different types of web technologists. This is a beginner level LinkedIn learning and training course which demonstrates to learners how to install and set up NginX on a Linux machine and configure the remaining pieces required for the entire LEMP web development stack


  • Understand password authentication, SSL certificates, and HTTPS
  • Learn the NginX capabilities as a load balancer and reverse proxy
  • Run a comparison between Apache and NginX
  • Configure a sandbox using vagrant and VirtualBox

7. Nginx and PHP Fundamentals

PHP influences more dynamic web content than other platforms. On the other hand, NginX is a rapidly developing HTTP server across the internet. This course helps you understand how to host dynamic PHP and static HTML sites in Nginx. Further, it helps you understand how to develop websites in PHP that engage with users and coordinate with cloud services such as Amazon AWS and Windows Azure. The course assumes a hands-on approach, shifting an ASP.NET MVC website to PHP, and is guaranteed to demonstrate cost and performance comparisons for both stacks.  


  • Learn the basics of PHP and NginX
  • Learn the basic web forms of PHP
  • Understand how to host static content in Nginx
  • Learn how to host PHP in Nginx
  • Understand PHP integration and packaged


Do you want to enhance your knowledge of NginX? If the answer is yes, then you can benefit from learning the above-mentioned courses. Choose one course that resonates with your needs and you are guaranteed to learn and understand how the software operates.