6 Best Nmap & Nessus Online Courses

Whereas Nessus is an accountability scanner NMAP plays the role of aligning the hosts’ open ports as well as his network. Even though these two tools are used to assess network security, they feature some differences as well. Let’s find out more about these tools. 


As we’ve mentioned above Nessus is an accountability scanner and while it scans through ports the same way NMAP does, Nessus particularly focuses on the open ports and alerts users in the event the ports have probable vulnerabilities within them. Often, Nessus is installed on a server and operated as a web-oriented application. This tool utilizes plugins to establish the presence of vulnerability on a certain machine. 

Admins log on to the Nessus interface and configure scans policies and view reports. Policies are configured to figure out the specific vulnerabilities that are being scanned. One policy could be configured to specifically establish database vulnerabilities and can be driven to operate against the user’s database servers. 

Another policy could be aimed at identifying Windows vulnerabilities as it operates against a users network. In Nessus, policies configure things that shall be scanned and devise robust scan strategies. Nessus’ cost is determined by who’s using it. For instance; you can use it free of charge under the home feed option when using it for non-commercial purposes. 

If you’re using it for commercial reasons, also known as professional feeds you may want to know that you’ll get an entire year of software updates and plugin, and email oriented support. Often, professional feeds cost $1,200 annually


NMAP discovers hosts and discovers tools. Rather than using Nessus to find various vulnerabilities against known hosts, this tool utilizes various probes to establish active IP hosts. Once a network is configured, NMAP can check various hosts to identify open ports. 

Besides, it can try to assemble extra information regarding the open ports such as establishing the database version operating on any of your servers. Nmap & Nessus are becoming critical tools in the world of programming and developers need to master them at least to scale their careers. Here are various courses which can help you improve your knowledge of these tools. 

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1. Ethical Hacking: Network Scan by Nmap & Nessus

To enroll in this course, you’ll need to have a computer to install all the free tools and software you need for practice. You’ll also need a robust work ethic, be passionate about the back door details of the digital realm, and express a willingness to learn. This course seeks to help you understand how to use Nmap to uncover the secrets of network discovery and ethical hacking. 

You will get comprehensive information about Nmap, a popularly used de facto network scanning tool. Once you’ve downloaded and installed Nmap on your computer, you’ll be in a position to utilize it to scan ports, identify gadgets running through the system, and launch port tester. 

Eventually, learners will use Nessus to identify the vulnerabilities of the network they discovered. Learners don’t require a prior understanding of establishing gadget vulnerabilities network scanning or even using Nessus & Nmap. 


  • Know how to utilize Nmap and enhance your experience and knowledge
  • Have comprehensive information about network scanning and establishing vulnerabilities in gadgets within a network
  • Understand how to scan through a network for scripts
  • Know how to utilize Hping
  • Understand network scan types

2. The Complete Nmap Ethical Hacking Course: Network Security

This course is specially designed for anybody passionate about ethical hacking and network security. If you’re an ethical hacker, techie, system administrator, a penetration tester, or want to venture in any of these careers, this course is ideal for you. To enroll for this course, you will need basic knowledge of using TCP/IP, networks, operating systems, and the internet. 


  • Enhance your knowledge and experience in utilizing Nmap for ethical hacking, network security, and system administration
  • Learn how to identify network discovery and ethical hacking secrets through the use of Nmap
  • Understand how to identify vulnerable and active hosts in a network
  • Utilize advanced hacking and discovery to learn the Nmap scripting engine
  • Understand intrusion and firewall detection evasion, Zenmap and Nmap output as well as understand how criminal black hackers utilize Nmap
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3. Nmap: Network Security Scanning Basics & Advanced Techniques

This course is specially designed for network and system administrators network security administrators, IT developers and professionals, people who are passionate about security as well as those who enjoy discovering networks and hosts. 

To enroll for this course, you’ll need to understand how to configure virtual machines to operate Nmap basic experience with the Linux command line, and a computer system complete with enough hardware resources to operate one or more virtual machines. You will also need between 4 and 8GBs of memory.


  • Gain the skills you need to become an ethical hacker, penetration tester, and security professionals
  • Understand how to scan networks rapidly to identify undiscovered services and hosts
  • Gather the skills you require to enhance your network security testing skills 
  • Identify vulnerable systems during penetration analysis
  • Understand the basics of the Nmap scripting engine and start developing NSE scripts on your own
  • Execute network scanning effectively and safely

4 Mastering Nmap

To enroll in this course, students should have a basic understanding of Nmap. Students will gain an understanding of how to utilize Nmap to execute a vast range of practical tasks affiliated with network monitoring and pen-testing. Students will begin by learning basic scanning techniques and Nmap fundamentals. Eventually, learners will learn the advanced Nmap scripting engine functionalities such as scripts, libraries, and APIs. 


  • Understand network security ideas that you need to know the functionalities of Nmap utilities
  • Gain knowledge on the Nmap scripting engine by customizing already existing or writing new Lua scripts which extend Nmap’s capabilities further
  • Gain an understanding of how to execute large numbers of results from scanning big numbers
  • Use the Nmap suite’s supplementary tools to automate and refine your day to day tasks such as visualizing, debugging network auditing, and monitoring
  • Execute host discovery, OS and version detection, and port scanning for each system within your network. 
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5 Nmap – Learn to use the ultimate network scanner available

This course is specially designed for people who need to scan their networks. To enroll in this course, learners will need a robust understanding of TCP/IP and have a computer installed with Nmap. 


  • Understand how to utilize Nmap as a network scanner
  • Apply different command options to change Nmap behavior
  • Know how each stage of a Nmap scan operates
  • Utilize NSE-scripts for enhanced network enumeration

6 Nessus: Malware and Vulnerability Assessment

This course is designed for learners who are interested in becoming web vulnerability evaluators, those who are interested in working in big web security companies, and people who want to secure their websites through the use of an open-source tool. To enroll in this course, students will need a basic understanding of programming language and knowledge about web server and web application.


  • Learn about the  ideas of vulnerabilities
  • Understand different vulnerabilities according to their severity
  • Learn the importance of security scanner
  • Understand how to generate and manage malware reports
  • Know malware concepts


Choose any of these courses if you’re interested in learning Nmap and Nessus. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these courses are bound to expose you and your career to new ideas.