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Best 5 iPhone 6 Wireless Charger Receivers

Any gadget enthusiasts dream of owning a wireless charger that’s been exasperatingly difficult to obtain before. There are handsets available in the market that support this technology but creates confusion to the consumers on deciding what product to pick from the swamp of competing standards and third-party-add-ons. Some manufacturers already produce products that offers the …

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Best Stylus for iPad Air 2

Smartphones and tablets are necessities to most people nowadays. Everyone regardless of age or gender has own at least one of those touchscreen devices. The success of touchscreen devices manufacturers are proven with the large market share they gained. This success has introduced new opportunities to a new market, namely the accessories. The accessory that …

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Best 10 iPhone 6 Cases

Apple iPhone 6 is now available in the market and most owners of this new product wanted to protect their newly purchased device from scratches, dusts, and accidental drops. To meet the consumer’s demands, a slew of new cases of iPhone 6 that offer maximum protection hits the market. Most of these cases are designed …

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