Best OnePlus 6T Slim Cases

The OnePlus 6T features a 6.41 Optic AMOLED display that requires necessary measures to keep it safe from scratches and occasional bumps. A slim case customized for the OnePlus 6T will not only keep your device safe but also preserve the natural beauty and elegance of the phone.

With the right case, you can be guaranteed of the above features. Below is a list of the best OnePlus 6T Slim Cases that have been carefully selected to meet your needs.


ORNARTO slim case

The ORNARTO slim case is a great way to start this list. It has an ultra-thin and ultra-light design. You will feel completely nothing on your phone. Regardless of its thin nature, it provides a firm grip to the phone to prevent any slips while using it.

In addition, this case is made with a Premium PC Material that provides full protection to your device against damages and dust. Its Urethane coating gives your mobile an original classy look and prevents discoloration. Furthermore, it has accurate precisions that allows easy access to all ports and buttons.


B BELK OnePlus 6T slim case

The B BELK OnePlus 6T slim case has a refined design that provides simplicity and elegance to your device once in place. Additionally, its ultra-thin and lightweight making it easily portable and still preserves the natural look. It also offers you a great grip.

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This model provides full protection to your device. It covers all around the outer edges, with 0.5mm raised camera lip, protecting your camera lens from any scratches. Its precise cutouts enables you to access the full functions of the phone without removing the cover.


TopACE case

Another great option to consider when getting a case for your OnePlus 6T. The TopACE case is made with high quality material that fully secures your device from scratches, dust and everyday bumps. Furthermore, it also provides a firm and comfortable grip to your device to prevent any accidental slips that may damage your device.

This design is a perfect combination of style and durability. With this case, you won’t even feel it on your phone. Its precise molding and cutouts enable easy access to all available functions and ports of the device even with the case on.


Almiao Thin Fit Case for OnePlus 6T

The Almiao Thin Fit Case for OnePlus 6T demonstrates minimalism at its finest with an extremely lightweight material and bulk free design. The case provides precise coverage of your device to ensure excellent protection against scratches, scuffs and other damage. In addition, it is form-fitted to ensure anti-slip grip with unbeatable slimness.

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It is designed with flawless cutouts that offer a quick and dependable access to all functions of your phone. It is also made with tactile buttons that ensures no delay when using them. This will be a great addition to your OnePlus 6T.

Almiao OnePlus 6T Case, [Ultra-Thin] Minimalist Slim Protective Phone Case Back Cover for OnePlus 6T (Smooth...
Almiao OnePlus 6T Case, [Ultra-Thin] Minimalist Slim Protective Phone Case Back Cover for OnePlus 6T (Smooth...
Designed specially for OnePlus 6T.; Slim fit design keeps application and more beautiful; Flexible buttons offer original click response and quick accessibility



This case is made with TPU Transparent Material that features raised bezels to protect screen and camera from scratches when placed face down. It also provides more grip to your hand, to prevent it from falling while in use. You can be sure of full protection to your device at all times.

It has a slim and lightweight design. Your device will be still as slim as possible with this case on and very easy to slide into your pocket or purse. It also has perfectly aligned cutouts that ensure full access to cameras, speakers and ports of your device.


KuGi slim case

The KuGi slim case is among the most reviewed slim cases in Amazon. It is made with high quality TPU material that gives your phone maximum protection at all times. It also provides a soft comfortable touch and simultaneously a firm grip to your device at all times.

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It has an ultra-thin design that provides an elegant look to your device. This enables you to easily place it inside your pocket or bag. It precise cutouts enables full access to your device capabilities.


kqimi sleek ultra-thin shockproof mobile phone shell

The kqimi sleek ultra-thin shockproof mobile phone shell is specifically designed for OnePlus 6T. This model is made of high quality PC material, capable of withstanding dropping impact and fully protecting your device throughout. It also has a smooth, comfortable surface and provides a firm grip on your phone.

With its precise design, you have easy access to ports and all functions of the device. In addition, this case provides an exquisite and luxurious look to your device.