Best Outdoor Solar Powered Wireless Security Cameras

Finding the best outdoor solar powered wireless security camera is essential especially if you are looking for a quality surveillance system. However, you might be required to spend more compared to ordinary security cameras that are commonly used. But all this will not be in vain. With this solar powered cameras, you’ll have a perfect balance of high video resolution, easy installation, durability, and many more advantages.

Furthermore, the solar panels harness energy from direct sunlight to power up the security cameras. This makes them environmentally friendly and you can be sure it will not cause harm to the environment. Before getting yourself a solar powered security camera, there are a few things you need to know about them.

What to Check When Buying an Outdoor Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera.

There many key factors to consider before making a purchase on a solar-powered camera. Below are a few things to check so that you ensure you choose the best device that suits you.

A) Constant Wi-Fi connection.

Being that Solar Powered Security cameras do not require any network cables or power cables, you should have a reliable Wi-Fi connection all through. This will ensure you get updated with every single detail that takes place.

B) Storage Space.

You need to consider where the images and videos obtained from the surveillance will be saved. Solar powered security cameras that come with SD cards are a great way to start off. Another alternative will be to save the videos on the cloud service.

C) Cost.

A quality solar powered camera will require you to dig dipper inside your pockets. But all this will be worth it. The benefits that come with such kinds of cameras are better compared to cheap cameras that are likely to malfunction in the long run.

D) Amount of Electricity Produced by the Panel.

The amount of electricity produced by the solar panel depends on various factors such as its direct exposure to sunlight, the presence of obstacles, and even the right installation. To ensure that their maximum electricity produced, you have to make sure all these factors are considered.

Problems That You May Face With Outdoor Solar Powered Wireless Security Cameras.

A) Initial Cost of Camera.

As mentioned earlier the initial cost for such kinds of cameras can be a bit expensive. This is usually a determinant when it comes to buying solar powered security cameras. Most people opt for the cheap low-resolution solar IP cameras instead of buying from trusted brands.

B) Requires Maintenance Once in a While.

Solar panels that are installed in an area prone to harsh weather requires a regular check-up to ensure everything is working at its maximum. Despite its ability to withstand harsh weather, it might be less effective over a long period of time.

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C) They are at Risk of Theft.

Since these solar powered cameras do not necessarily require cables, it is easy for someone to steal them. This is a downside to its easy installation process. When installing it, you need to try to make it out of reach from unwanted people.

D) Disruption of the Wi-Fi connection.

Any sudden interruption of the network connection may lead to valuable details caught by the camera not being seen. A great solution would be to get a solar powered Wi-Fi connection to always keep you updated on what is going on.

E) Less Efficient in Limited Lighting Areas.

In the case of a cloudy period or rainy season, solar powered security cameras are not performing at its fullest capacity. Even though they are still charged without direct sunlight, they will perform less effectively.

Benefits of an Outdoor Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera.

A) They are Versatile.

Solar powered security cameras can literally be installed anywhere in any open space. No cables or drill holes are required. This makes it ideal for construction sites, garage, warehouses, sheds, and many more.

B) Durable.

Solar powered cameras can surprisingly work for more than 25 years and still perform at its best. They are usually made of high-quality material that can not only withstand harsh weather but also the test of time.

C) Easy Installation.

These cameras provide easy installation without any drill holes or cables needed. It also makes it easy to move around with it whenever your relocating. This makes it ideal for most outdoor locations.

D) 24/7 Surveillance.

Solar Powered Cameras can provide both day and night monitoring. With a 1080p resolution, you can get clear images and videos during the day. It is also equipped with night vision that will assist at night.

E) Weather Proof.

Most of these cameras are designed to withstand any kind of harsh weather that may show up. They are IP66 waterproof certified and dust tight as well. You can be guaranteed it will not stop working in cases of bad weather.

Best Outdoor Solar Powered Wireless Security Cameras

Below is a list of the best Outdoor Solar Powered Security Cameras.


REOLINK Solar Powered Outdoor Camera

Being ranked as Amazon’s choice when it comes to solar powered cameras, you can be certain of its high performance. It has a solar powered and Wi-Fi connectivity solar panel surveillance camera system that makes REOLINK totally wire-free. This ensures a neat and easy installation with no power cables, no drilling, and no outlets. You can basically put it anywhere you’d like.

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With this camera, you can hardly miss a detail. The wireless outdoor security camera has a 130° wide viewing angle that can cover and see a wider field of vision. It also has an in-built PIR sensor and instant alerts that will rapidly wake up at once to send you instant app push notifications and email alerts once motion is detected. Simultaneously, the customized voice alert will sound automatically to deter the unwanted.

REOLINK Solar Powered Outdoor Camera has a stunning 1080p HD and vivid night vision. You can get crystal clear videos and images during the day and night. It is also designed for extreme weather conditions. Safety will be guaranteed throughout.

REOLINK Outdoor Security Camera System – Wireless, Rechargeable Battery, 1080P Video, Night Vision, Motion...
REOLINK Outdoor Security Camera System – Wireless, Rechargeable Battery, 1080P Video, Night Vision, Motion...
Battery/Solar Powered: Wireless easy installation, it takes 5 minutes to set all up.
$114.99 −$15.00 $99.99


Freecam outdoor solar powered camera

Freecam outdoor solar powered cameras are another great option you should take a look at. This camera is equipped with a solar panel that can be charged efficiently, it will continue working as long as it is exposed to sufficient sunlight enough for 30 minutes per day or 4-5 days per month. Your surveillance will not be interrupted and you’ll be able to capture every moment.

Additionally, it is designed with a highly sensitive and wide-angle sensor of up to10 meters in IR Range. This detects human movements and offers real-time and accurate alerts to your monitoring device. It also monitors your home day or night with HD video and infrared night vision. You will be getting clear images and videos throughout the day.

With no cords and no wiring, it is easy to install. You can place it anywhere you want and monitor your home from anywhere and anytime.



BNT is a great way to conclude this list of outdoor solar powered cameras. It is built with 1500mAh lithium rechargeable battery that can last up to 40 hours after a full charge in weak light mode. Regardless of it these long periods of time, it doesn’t take as long to charge it. With a good 6 hours of uninterrupted charging in very bright sunlight, you can enjoy its full capacity without any power interruptions.

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Additionally, this camera is made from high-quality materials that are not only waterproof but also built to defy any harsh weather. Regardless of storms, snow or even dust, you can count on the BNT solar-powered cameras to keep you on the loop at all times. It is also designed with motion sensor lights that can detect up to 10-26 ft further with a range of 120 degrees.



1080p full HD camera that is IP66 rate, it is having an 4000mAh battery to constantly provide power even when you don’t have a sunny day.

Built-in microphone and speaker allows you to communicate with your family, friends or pets and warns off any potential intruder even when you’re away from home before they enter. SOLIOM it is having an SD card where it is storing the information. The battery can recharge in only a couple of hours

Using free Soliom App, you can live view your family and home at any time of the day from anywhere via your iOS and Android smartphones. Talk and listen to anyone within the Camera’s range and enjoy a wide angle of day and night vision.

It has an accurate motion detection as is equipped with two kind of new tech Motion sensors and with its 0.7-second quick tracking trigger speed allows you to catch any movements with fewer false alarms. 



An 960p resolution solar powered video camera that comes at under 100$ usually. It has IP65 weatherproof  and it is using 2 rechargeable 18650 batterie. Built with infrared light the viewing distance up to 33 feet even in night.

Smart motion detection alarm/micro SD card recording. With the PIR motion sensor, every potential risk will be identified accurately and sent to you immediately. Built in a micro SD card slot, the videos can be saved in the micro SD card. It can support up to 32G. The micro SD card is not included.