Best Free Photo Apps For Android


The high popularity that Android enjoys at the moment is reality in big part due to the many different free apps that the user can use. It is quite obvious that developers also created applications that are to be used by those that are fond of photography and there are basically hundreds of apps out there. Although user experience and personal preferences will dictate what apps are preferred, according to popularity there are some that stand out. Let us take a look at the best photograph apps for Android to see what we could use.

  1. Snapseed

If you are looking for a typical app that simply requires you to tap the screen to apply a filter, Snapseed is not like that. This app is made by Google and it is tailored for the needs of more advanced photographers that need more. Snapseed can be used to adjust various photographic attributes like brightness, saturation, color levels and a lot more. Also, this app will allow you to perform various basic operations like filter addition, cropping and straightening.

What is really interesting is the fact that the app has a gesture based interface that makes photo editing really easy. You will need to spend some time learning how to use it but once you do, it is a guarantee that you will enjoy the experience.

  1. Fotodanz
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Fotodanz is highly similar to the iOS Cinemagram app. It will allow you to easily create cinemagprahs by using the camera of the mobile phone. In the event that you do not know, this basically means that you can create artsy images that will act as animated GIFs or hybrid still photos. In most cases these will be tough to create but Fotodanz makes the entire process really easy. All that you have to do in order to use the app is to compose the photograph normally. The application takes one still shot and will film video at the same time. Users need to select photo regions that they wish to animate and the main photo remains still.

  1. Pixlr Express

This is definitely an impressive app. It includes over 600 effects and many consider it as being one of the best Android apps in the category. It was developed by Autodesk, which is known around the world for the creation of AutoCAD so it is a guarantee that you receive quality. Pixlr Express is very useful at fixing flawed photos with the Auto Fix Tool. Keep in mind that by simply tapping the screen once you can have vibrant colors, fix various exposure problems and even adjust contrast levels. Give the app a try so that you can see it in action.

  1. Instagram
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Instagram definitely changed the way we look at photo sharing. This is not an app that is impressive because of the photo editing features. The huge popularity is basically offered by the bustling and large community that uses it. Instagram will allow you to follow other users just like on Twitter, post comments and like photos uploaded by others. It perfectly integrates with Facebook and if you want to, the pictures can be tagged geologically. If you really want to share you photos with as many people as you can or simply with your friends, Instagram is a great app to do just that.

  1. Photo Grid Free

Because of the high popularity that Instagram has, an app like Photo Grid Free was bound to be a hit. You should know that it is basically a tool that will combine various pictures into a very well organized collage. There is no way to deny the fact that Photo Grid Free is the best app of its kind available. It includes many different predesigned collage templates that anyone can use with ease for combining a maximum of 9 photographs. In addition, you can zoom pictures and swap them easily with the use of various collage frames. If you are among those that do not like templates, you have a free-form editor that can be used.

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All these apps are great and they are all free. If you are a photographer and you need to use high quality apps on your Android phone, you should seriously consider the ones presented above. They will make the experience of using the smartphone a delight.