7 Best Python 3 Online Courses

Python 3 is one of the PYTHON versions that was developed in the year 2008. It’s also known as “Python 3000” or “Py3K”. Python is a programming language with a broad range of usage. Over the years, various Python versions have been created to produce a reliable version that can execute tasks precisely. This explains why it’s termed as a high-level programming language. Python can be used in unlimited applications. Development of applications such as web, software, and game applications, as well as data analysis and arithmetic computing are some of the areas where Python has been used.

Complete Python Bootcamp: Go From Zero To Hero In Python 3

Persons being introduced to programming, those who are good in other programming applications or programs, and/or individuals undertaking python programming but seeking to sharpen their skills and knowledge as far as Python 3 is concerned, this course is for you. To enroll in this course you need a reliable internet connection and a computer. 


  • Master hard subjects like decorators 
  • Learn about applying the Jupyter Notebook as well as working on the PY files right from their creation.
  • Games creation 
  • Understanding Python right from the basics
  • Learning how to create Graphical User Interfaces which are some of the basic features of Python
  • Professional guidance to other versions of Python
  • Master features like timestamps and collections module and how to work with them.
  • Get trained on OOPs (Object Oriented Programming)

Learn Python Programming Masterclass

This course is fit for learners who’ve had no prior programming background seeking to acquire skills through python, practicing programmers who need to sharpen their skills in a bid to perfect their profession in Python programming, and/or individuals seeking to create a foundation to their advanced programming skills in artificial intelligence.

Most of the requirements are detailed in the course, but alongside you will need either Windows, Linux, or MAC installed computer. How to install and the directions to setup will be done in the course. Above all, maximum concentration and will to learn can’t be overemphasized.

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  •  Master the art of creating Python programs
  •  Acquire a foundation for handling specific issues like Data Science and Machine Learning
  •  An in-depth look into Python 2 and Python 3
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) application.
  • Ability to apply python programming knowledge practically.
  • Get a basic understanding of the Python programming language 

The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp

Persons with interest in Python programming, those seeking to better understand platforms like web applications, data science or machine expertise, and individuals seeking to have an interactive session for better enhancement of their skills need this course. 

This course bases its arguments on the most modern applicable version being in itself an up-to-date solver to programming and developing issues.

 While no experience in Python will be needed, you will be required to have ample time for exercises regarding python. A computer is necessary too for practical lessons.


  • Learn how to develop games with Python
  • Enhance your performance with Lambdas
  • Have an of features to latest versions of Python 3
  • Experience with hundreds of exercises 
  • Creating higher-order functions and decorators
  • Coding iterators and generators all on your own
  • Learn complex fields like Polymorphism and Multiple Inheritance
  • Grow into a professional at dictionary comprehensions and lists
  • Learn inherent Python elements like filter and zip
  • Generate HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests and other functions including Application Programming Interface (API) which are somewhat complicated using Python.
  • Learn the peculiar aspects of Python and naming conventions
  • Develop an automated web crawler and scraper by employing Python
  • Master programming basics in Python
  • Debug codes and examine errors
  • Programming customized modules
  • Execution of files like the CSVs 

The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real-world Applications

This course is fit for persons who have not had any experience with Python, or those who have been introduced to Python but want to have a better grasp of what it entails.

Every step will be explained in detail even for starters to have an understanding as to how it works and the meaning to every term thereto. However, it must be clear personal effort is of the essence for the course to avail. You don’t need previous experience in coding or Python to enroll in this course. However, you need a computer on Linux, Windows, or Mac.

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  • Enable remittance of automated E-mails
  • Master Graphical-User Interfaces (GUIs)
  • Develop a webcam video app that can identify an object in motion
  • Establish an app that paraphrases English words
  • Sharpen your expertise with extra exercises during the course
  • Get trained from the basics to an expert in Python programming 
  • Master Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Learn how to set up a database application
  • Build a geocoding web application
  • Establish a web-mapping application
  • Construct a website blocker
  • Apply Python to lining up programs according to computer events
  • Initiate a portfolio website then broadcast it on an actual server
  • Establishing an application that can visualize data
  • Get through the process of devising and testing a web scraper

The Complete Python 3 Course: Beginner To Advanced!

This course will be of use to beginners on programming with no much experience, to python programmers who need to increase their knowledge and skills in this field.

You will require a Python program that will be provided for free and so a stable Internet is vital for downloading, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as PyCharm, and several Open Source Packages as points of reference together with the tutorials.


  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) set up for the facilitation of software development by computer programmers
  • Application of the Web.Py in the creation of web applications
  • Crucial modules installation into python systems
  • Design an application suitable for web scraping
  • Creating and developing packages appropriate for enhancing the function of the Python system
  • Master Python installation and running
  • Developing a calculator by using the programming basics as provided
  • Programming Role Playing Games (RPG) by applying for Python programs
  • PyMongo application to developing a NoSQL database by connecting to MongoDB
  • Learn how to go about live troubleshooting
  • Creating a Django webserver
  • Train in Graphical User Interface programming through PyQt

Python 3 Programming Specialization

This course is fit for beginners in Python Programming, persons with knowledge on Python programming but seeking to better their skills and better understanding theoretically, and experts seeking to revise fundamentals to Python. 

Every step on this course is a hands-on involvement and guidance. This ensures a proper understanding of each topic and the applications involved. Although there isn’t much to have an experience on as you start with this course, having some knowledge on Programming gives you an upper hand.

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  • How to work with Pillow (the Imaging Library for Python) concerning text overlaying, recoloring, resizing, cropping, and other forms of shaping images.
  • Learning how to analyze and master Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and other User libraries that need to be applied alongside Python 3
  • The adoption of Python-tesseract (which is an Optical Character Recognition -(OCR) tool) library alongside Python 3 to detect text present in images
  • Adoption of the open-source computer vision library (OpenCV) which aids in identifying faces in pictures and how to change the crop and shape these faces into contact sheets.

Learn The Fundamentals Of Computer Science

For whatever reasons of interest, this course fits. Be it enrolling to have a better mastery of the profession, combining with a degree course in IT, or even taking the course as an individual to gain knowledge in your applications, you are home with this course. There are various reasons why you may want to enroll in this course. These include: 

  • It’s encouraging seeing that the elements of the course blend well with University material 
  • There’s a virtual community of numerous people who are taking the same course. This provides learners with a team through which they can liaise and hold discussions. 
  • Application. The lessons covered here are practical which gives you a hands-on experience. 

You don’t need previous knowledge or experience in programming. This is because you’ll start learning from scratch. However, some basic computer skills will be an added advantage. To a large extent, this course delves into Python programming. Leaners will cover Introduction to Python programming, basics to programming, data structures, and control structures to Python Systems.


  • The main data structures for developing useful programs like file manipulation, lists, dictionaries, and strings.
  • Sneak peeks into the upcoming topics in the course like object algorithms and object-oriented programming
  • Application of basic elements of programming such as mathematical operators, variables, logical operators, and boolean arithmetic
  • The foundation under which computer science and computer programming run including code writing, execution of code and commands, interpreting results from execution, and review the code according to results.
  • Structures for creating powerful programs applicable on different platforms like functions, loops, conditionals, and error handling. 


Whether you’re a beginner or a professional who’s interested in scaling their careers, these courses will come in handy. Not only will you develop your Python 3 expertise but you’ll also enhance your programming skills. Enroll in any of these courses and increase your chances of landing lucrative employment opportunities.