Best QI Wireless Charger for Samsung S10 and S10 Plus

The wireless charger is a convenient and efficient way of charging your mobile. It’s easy, convenient, and efficient. All you have to do is to place your mobile on the secure cradle of a wireless charger, and it will charge your device without any hassle of finding a switchboard or managing a cord. You can place it anywhere near your workplace, on a table or any counter around and it will do its work effortlessly. Smartphones are an integral part of our lives and charging them seems to be a chore that many of us forget at times.
A wireless charger works by transferring the energy to your mobile through induction. The charger uses induction to create an electromagnetic field which a receiver coil in the back of your phone converts back into energy. Different charging standards are competing in the market, and by far Qi is the most reliable one.

Things to consider when buying a wireless charger

Certain things should be considered before buying a wireless charger.

Qi charging
Qi is the most reliable standard for wireless chargers so make sure the one you buy supports Qi charger.
Power of charger
The wireless charger comes with different charging power. Not all phones support the same charging speed. 7.5w is required by the iPhones. Samsung chargers need 10w. A 10w charger covers almost all smartphones.

Connector and Adapter
Wireless chargers need an adapter of some kind and a wall outlet. Make sure both are of high quality. Going for standard connector and adapter as replacing one is easy if you damage the cord or adapter.
Style and Aesthetics
Wireless chargers are available in a variety of styles and color. Choosing one is a matter of personal choice. You can also choose the one that suits your surroundings or interior the most.

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Best Wireless Chargers for your Samsung S10 and S10+

Samsung s10 series is a class apart and if you have bought a new one then definitely you need a wireless charger for it. We have rounded up some of the best available options and below is the list along with their salient features. Feel free to choose one as all of them are reputable brands and quality products.

Anker Wireless Charger, 313 Wireless Charger (Stand), Qi-Certified for iPhone 12, 12 Pro Max, SE, 11, 11 Pro,...
Anker Wireless Charger, 313 Wireless Charger (Stand), Qi-Certified for iPhone 12, 12 Pro Max, SE, 11, 11 Pro,...
The Anker Advantage: Join the 55+ million powered by our leading technology

Seneo Wireless Charger

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You can rely on this one by Seneo as it is certified by Qi adopted with exclusive technology of ATB(Automatic Temperature Balance). The charger charges the iPhone at the speed of 7.5w and other Android phones by Samsung including the s10 and s10+ at the required speed of 10w. Wireless charging speed is 15% faster and charging temperature is 4oC, that is safe and lower than other chargers. The charger comes with ventilation holes that dissipate the heat while charging.

The charger provides all the protection for your expensive device as temperature control, over-voltage protection, input current protection, short circuit protection, and multiple other safety protections. The wireless charger has clear LED light indicators for showing charging status. A light green light can help you find your phone on charger even in the dark. All the more it is not just a charger but works as a phone holder as well. It keeps your phone mounted at 600 for best viewing. Its a perfect solution for facetime, reading, or watching movies while charging. You can place your phone vertically or horizontally as per your requirement. With all these wonderful features Seneo Wireless chargers come at a very affordable price.

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Anker Fast Wireless Charger

Anker Wireless Charger

When it comes to buying mobile phone accessories, you can always trust Anker, and this one belongs to the renowned wireless charging range that is exclusively designed for Samsung devices. Its Powerwave stand provides the fastest possible charge to your latest Samsung series including s10 and s10+. The chargers take 30 minutes less than other ordinary chargers for a full charge. It comes with universal adaptability, and you can even charge iPhones and other Android devices as well. The Powerwave stand provides a good cradle to your phone and works as a phone mount as well. You can place your phone vertically or horizontally for video conferences, movie time or any other social media interactions. No need to remove the protective case, as this wireless charger is case friendly and can even work through a thick case. No doubt its a perfect companion for your smartphone that keeps it well secured and charged.

Tuscom Clear Qi Wireless Charger Fast Charging Pad

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This one is a new addition in wireless chargers, but it is exclusively designed to support Samsung s10, s10e, and s10+. The charging pad perfectly supports other Qi-enabled Android phones as well. All you have to do is to place your mobile on its surface, and it will start instantly to charge your phone. The charging pad has built-in lights that flicker when the phone is charging. The dim lights won’t cause any disturbance even at night. Tuscom’s charging pad has all you need in a wireless charger.

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Lywey10W Qi Wireless Fast Charger Charging Pad

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This Charging stand, dock, or pad is also exclusively designed to support all androids including some latest s10 and s10+ series. The wireless charger has two coils to ensure the efficient and fast flow of electromagnetic waves. Its intelligent display with multi-colored lights indicates charging status clearly. Its ergonomic design provides a built-in stand for mounting your phone while video calling, movie time, or reading. No doubt, this wireless charger provides true value of your money.

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Yaida 10 W Qi Wireless Fast Charger Charging Pad

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This one by Yaida also works as a charging pad, dock, or stand and it keeps your phone in a good and secure position while charging. You can make use of it as a dock while social media interactions, reading, or for other tasks. The charger comes with two coils for high efficiency in any charging position. The LED display indicates the charging status with dim lights. The wireless chargers have taken all the safety measures for protecting your expensive device and come with overheat, over-current, and short circuit protection. It is available in black and white color options.

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