Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S10

If you have just bought, or thinking about buying Samsung Galaxy s10, you need to buy a screen protector right away. Screen protectors are important for the life and safety of your expensive phones. The sensitive screen is at the risk of cracking or breaking, and surely we don’t spend hundreds of dollars for a scratched screen. So definitely, your Samsung S10 needs a screen protector right away.

A good screen protector should not change the look of your phone while protecting it from all the shocks, dust, and scratches. But for such a state of art technology as Samsung Galaxy s10, not any screen protector would do. Samsung Galaxy s10 and s10+ have a fingerprint sensor right beneath the display, allowing you to unlock the phone by placing your thumb on the lower portion of the display. It has a special technology Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint reader that uses sound waves to read the 3D surface area of your finger, providing a more convenient security option than previous scanners. Though an extremely cool technology, it may cause trouble in some screen protectors. For those beautiful screens, you need a screen protector that is compatible with the in-display fingerprint sensors.

This article is designed to provide you with some of the best options for Samsung Galaxy s10 screen protectors. These screen protectors are compatible with in-display fingerprint sensors allowing you to get the most out of your smartphone. Feel free to pick one that suits your budget as we have included both cheap and expensive options for your convenience.

Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S10

TopACE for Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Protector

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This tempered glass screen protector is specifically made for Samsung S10 and provide full coverage to your phone’s screen. The screen protector is made of high quality protective special AB glue, which is automatically absorbed during installation to avoid air bubbles effectively. The screen provides 99% transparency for giving the best visual display. The tempered glass is scratch resistant and is equipped with oleophobic coating for reducing the fingerprints appearance from your screen. The secure glass fully protects the sensitive display of your mobile from shocks and falls. Even if the glass screen is broken, it won’t hurt your Samsung Galaxy S10’s screen. The screen protector comes at a very affordable price without putting any strain on your pocket.

1. Highly protective AB Glue that absorbs quickly.
2. Gives 99% transparency.
3. Affordable price.
4. Fully protects against falls and shocks.

1. Some may trust more expensive protectors for an expensive device like Samsung Galaxy S10.

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LK [3 Pack] Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S10

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This screen protector is also exclusively designed for Samsung Galaxy S10, and its precise cut provides the maximum coverage to your screen. Its ultra-slim film does not interfere with the touch response and In-screen fingerprint ID. With its 99% transparency, it does not hide the beauty of your smartphone and provides the best viewing experience. The screen protector is scratch free, resists punctures and UV lights, and will not change color with time. It is case friendly. The price is a little higher than the previous option but still very affordable.

1. Precise cut.
2. Provides maximum security.
3. Supports in-display fingerprint ID.
4. Allows touch screen.

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We didn’t find anything wrong with this Screen protector.

Galaxy S10 Screen Protector, [Dome Glass]

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If you need ultimate protection for your Samsung Galaxy S10, then this one is for you. Exclusively designed for the Samsung Galaxy S10, this screen protector makes use of Advance Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive and prevents micro specs in between glass screen and device which makes the only solution for S10’s ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensors. The patent liquid glass evenly disperses on your entire screen and hardens to create an edge to edge barrier on your phone’s screen. Unlike other ordinary screen protectors, this one covers edges which reduces the risk of damage to your smartphone. The screen protector comes with its own installation kit for preventing errors or air bubbles. Although a pricey, but this one is perfect for the ultimate security of your expensive phone.


1. Provides ultimate protection.
2. Disperses on the entire screen.
3. Provides edge to edge protection.
4. Comes with installation kit.

1. An expensive protector for your phone.

Screen Protector Fit for Samsung Galaxy S10 by Haobuy

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Exclusively made for Samsung Galaxy S10, this screen protector by Haobuy is a perfect solution for ultrasonic fingerprints. It’s Advanced Adhesive Clear Technology prevents micro spaces between the device and curved glass. Oleophobic Nano coating creates an oil and fingerprint resistant surface that is easy to clean and provides an effective solution against dirt, dust, or sweat. The screen protector specifically designed to protect the curved edges from helping protect your screen from dust and edge damage. The screen protector comes with cleaning cloth and dust removal sticker that ensures a bubble free installation. The liquid glass evenly distributes over the entire screen giving security to your previous device.

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1. Compatible with in-display fingerprint sensors.
2. Gives maximum protection to your phone’s screen.
3. Bubbly free installation.
4. Liquid glass distributes evenly on screen.

1. Bit pricey.

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Qoosea Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Protector

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This screen protector has a 3D full coverage 9H hardness of tempered glass that provides maximum protection against scratches, scrapes, or bumps. Its tempered glass feels smoother than plastic screen protector and fingers glide across the protector as freely as your original glass display. Its high-definition clear glass clear hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating protects against sweat, oil residues, and fingerprints.

1. High quality tempered glass protector.
2. The clear screen gives maximum display and protection.
3. Touchscreen works freely.
4. Gives full coverage to the display.
1. The glass screen protector may make the phone bulky.

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