Best Screen Recorders for Windows (Free and Premium)

Videos are an important source of conveying your idea, advertising your product, or for any other kind of marketing. According to a survey, customers would rather watch a video than reading a product explanation. They have become an essential marketing tool due to a lot of reasons. A business using video grows 49% faster than companies without video content.

Screen recorders are a wonderful way to create engaging and useful content. You may use them for making your video tutorials, lessons, presentations, videos for your YouTube channel, mix and dub some scenes for some hilarious content, put together different recordings to prove your point, and overall to create engaging and useful content for your social media platforms or any other professional needs.

So, a screen recorder provides you with a great opportunity to showcase your creativity in playing games, drawing or creating 3D designs and the possibilities are limitless. These screen recorders not just record your desktop screens but provide several useful tools for effect, dubbing, mixing and creating videos in a variety of files. If you are thinking about making use of a screen recorder to create some original videos for any purpose, we have made the task easier for you by picking some of the best screen recorders.


They have a slogan to record anything on your computer, and sure they live up to their claim by capturing the games or live streaming videos. With Bandicam you can take screenshots or record anything on your computer screen. It provides you with different modes to make the task easier, for example, you can select
Screen recorder
Game mode
Device recording mode and
Webcam overlay
Bandicam optimize your recording performance by using a hardware-accelerated H.264 encoder that allows you to record in high speed, quality, and compression rate. You can draw lines, circle numbers or boxes or highlight while recording for making the content more useful. Not only it allows you to change the file type but also its size, bitrate, codec or quality. You can schedule the recording to start at a specific time or day. Bandicam allows you to recover broken or corrupted AVI files.

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1. Allows 10 minutes recording in the free version.
2. Records games, from other devices, webcams, or anything on the screen.
3. Allows tools for editing.
4. You can recover the corrupted files.
5. The paid version is quite affordable and allows 24-hour recording.

1. For longer videos, you need to get the paid version.
2. A watermark appears on the videos made with unpaid version


Screencast-o-Matic makes a video recording and editing easy and affordable for everyone. It provides simple tools for video recording and editing. With its fast tools just select the screen and add web narration for customizing the videos. With its robust editor, you can add images, text, and zoom, or automatic captioning for creating an engaging video. Not only it works like a video recorder and editor but helps you to upload the video to YouTube. With upgrade version, you can get unlimited ad-free uploads and collaboration tools for sharing your video.

1. 15 minutes of video in the free version
2. You Can record screen and webcam simultaneously.
3. Allows powerful tools for editing.
4. You can add text, images, blur or shape overlays.
5. The paid version provides further deluxe version, and premier version both are relatively inexpensive.

1. Watermark appears on videos made with nonpaid version.

ApowerREC – Free Option

ApowerREC can record anything on your screen including video streaming, desktop activities, webcam streaming and anything you like. You can record the full screen or a selected region on your Desktop. Editing videos become as easy as you can edit or add effects right when recording or later. The recording can be scheduled before so that the application automatically starts recording on time. You can convert the video files into different formats like AVI, WMV, MOV, or MP4. You can record audio or take screenshots as well and add them into the video.

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1. Offers a free trial.
2. No watermark on videos.
3. Offers great editing tools and options.
4. Allows you to record voices.
5. Can schedule recordings.
6. Can save files in different formats.

1. Free trial expires after a while.
2. Requires a browser plugin.

Movavi screen Recorder

Movavi works as a screen recorder and video editor as well. It is easy to use and provides all necessary tools for editing, adding text or drawings, and merging scenes for making outstanding videos. You can capture online audio or video, or use screenshots or clips to enhance communication. For splitting video into different sections, you can add smooth transitions adding voice-overs or captions. You can please your viewers by adding different special effects like slow motion, picture in picture, or chrome key. The result is simply outstanding blog posts, webinars, tutorials, or lessons in the form of videos.

1. Save videos in different formats.
2. Easy to use.
3. Offers editing tools and special effects.
4. Can save videos in different formats.

1. Seven days of trial period.
2. Watermark appears on the output of the unpaid version.

Filmora Screen Recorder

Filmora also makes screen recording easy and simple. It offers powerful tools for making quality screen recordings. With 15-120 FPS you can record your fast-paced gameplay. It can record from webcam and your screen simultaneously. With special effect tools, you can communicate ideas more effectively. Texts and annotations enhance the learning experience of your viewers, and you can draw lines or circles objects for better explanations. You can export videos in multiple formats like AVI, MP4, or GIF.

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1. Record fast-paced videos with equal speed.
2. Can export files in different formats.
3. Lot of special effects for making smooth transitions between scenes.
4. Quite easy to use for first-timers.

1. The video editor lacks advanced features.

OBS Studio – Free

OBS Studio is another great screen recorder and video editor. You can create visual and audio recordings and mix them for a high-performance real-time videos. Setting multiple scenes becomes easy, and you can make the transition smooth and seamless. You can create professional productions with an intuitive audio mixer and powerful configuration settings. Studio mode lets you adjust and review scenes before sending them in live streaming. OBS provides many easy to use and helpful features that allow you to create professional videos for endless possibilities.

1. Great for advanced users.
2. Can be configured to your needs as a program recorder or creating professional videos.
3. Flexible and customizable.

1. Not for novice users as you required some sort of configuration.


Camtasia is an easy way to record your desktop screen for creating high-quality videos. The simple software allows you to record your screen, video calls, PowerPoint slides, websites or anything appearing on your desktop. Drag and drop the texts, transition effects, or images for making your videos more engaging and rich and simply upload your video on your YouTube channel or any other social media platform. Camtasia provides all you need for creating your lessons, tutorials, instructional videos or entertaining social media posts.

1. Lots of advanced tools for editing.
2. Professional results.
3. Allows you to directly upload your video.
4. Easy to use.

1. Can’t schedule the recording.
2. Bit pricey.