Best Selfie Sticks for you iPhone Xs

With its dual-lens rear camera and front-facing true-depth camera, iPhone Xs is a photographer’s dream come true. It’s not just a camera but is like carrying a photo studio with you. Unleash the photographer in you with iPhone Xs, capture the best moments of your life and make them memorable. A selfie stick comes handy for taking pictures, and you can find the unique angle to capture the scene. Whether you are taking breathtaking selfies, or a group photo to eternalize the moments, selfie stick helps you to get the most out of your perfect camera and click some beautiful pictures. If you are planning a new trip to a hill station, or a camp night out in woods, selfie stick is a must companion to click some unforgettable pictures. Here is a list of best selfie sticks for your iPhone Xs.


With its innovative design, this selfie stick by Eocean opens a new era of the selfie. Open the handle, and you can record some videos or pictures with tripod mode, close the handle and it’s a selfie stick. You can switch the different modes within seconds without missing any chance of capturing a moment. With its light-weight foldable design, selfie stick is convenient to be taken anywhere. Selfie stick tripod comes with remote control, allowing you to take self-portraits and group photos freely.


This VPROOF’S selfie stick tripod can be extended to 45 inches, allowing you to get your desired distance for taking wider scenery. Its built-in Bluetooth shutter pairs instantly and you can have the range and angle that you wish for a great photo shot. Selfie become more natural with this selfie stick. With its mini compact size design, selfie stick tripod can easily be folded and fit in your purse or pocket. With its rechargeable 60mAh battery, you can capture up to 45000 pictures within 35-40 minutes.

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This mini selfie stick is made of lightweight ABC material. With its 11.5 cm folded size, It can be easily placed in your pocket or purse and is easy to carry. Its telescopic stick is extendable to 67 cm allowing you to click your photos from the distance you prefer. Its 180 degrees adjustable phone holder lets you shoot from random angles. Its clamps fit your expensive phone securely preventing slipping. The selfie stick has a comfortable touch with its unique design. It comes in four elegant colors.


Yoozon’s selfie stick with a tripod stand is lightweight and easy to carry with its foldable design. You can gently slide the remote from the stick and within 3 seconds tripod appears, and you can start your selfie happiness. The stick can be extended from 7.9 inches to 26.6 inches so that you can choose your desired distance and angle. With 360 rotation, just twist the phone holder or cradle head to take photos, video, or broadcasting to meet your different needs. Its Bluetooth shutter can be charged with a micro USB, and its built-in 65mAh lithium lasts longer.

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It’s not just a selfie stick but also a versatile mini tripod, a table tripod. Built with alloy aluminum and rubber, the selfie stick is light and gives a comfortable grip. Tripod has non-slippery foot pads that won’t let it slip and allows stable recording of videos or face time with your friends and family. You can separate the controller from the stick and enjoy a portable shutter control. Pictures can be taken with tripod through remote control from a distance. The wireless remote can easily be paired with your phone. With its long-lasting rechargeable battery, you can capture up to 5,000 selfies.


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If you want to take group photos, or a selfie with free hands, Mpow’s selfie stick integrate monopod and tripod with detachable Bluetooth remote. You can easily take group photos in parties weddings, seminars, travel or any other gathering. Its Bluetooth remote is easily paired with not only your iPhone X but with other Androids. Its built-in battery lasts long and recharges fast. With its improved version of selfie stick, its clamp can be rotated to 360°, and you can choose vertical or horizontal camera mode. Its 225°neck rotation allows you to find the perfect angle for a selfie or combine function. Its compact size design makes it easy to carry everywhere with you.

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Humixx’s selfie stick tripod is your best partner on any adventure spree. Its premium quality material keeps your iPhone secure while taking pictures. Its finish with anodic oxidation process makes it more durable. Phone clamp and the stand have silicon pads to take care of your phone. Its 360-degree rotation, 210-degree flip help you find better angles for perfect photos. Its Bluetooth sensor has a range of 10m. You can take pictures with a selfie stick, or it can be turned into a tripod with ease. Still, if you prefer to take a picture with the front camera, it can be used as a monopod to make it easy with a handheld.