Best Sleep Monitoring/Tracking Devices.

Sleep monitoring devices were made specifically to improve your sleep habits for your benefit. The key to a successful and productive day is the kind of your sleep you have during the night. Sleep problems rob you of the life you deserve and the only way to improve on your sleep is to understand it.

No need to have someone watching you while your sleeping for you to get to know how you sleep. With the best sleep tracking devices, you can easily keep track of key focus points in your sleep and find professional suggestions on how to improve on them.

Below is a list of the best sleep monitoring/tracking devices that you should consider getting.

Smart Watches/Bands

In case you want to monitor your sleep then you need a smartwatch or a wristband to keep it while you are sleeping. The device will monitor your sleep and send the data to the application. Is better to have a wristband than a smartwatch as the battery it is lasting more and you don’t risk to remain without batter over the night. Below are some of the options you can go with:

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Nokia Sleep.

Nokia Sleep

With a one-time stress-free setup, the Nokia Sleep is a great addition to your life if you want to pay more attention to your sleep patterns. You don’t need to wear anything while going to sleep. You simply just place the device under the mattress and sync it via Wi-Fi to your smartphone.

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This model provides a comprehensive analysis of your sleep during the night. This is done by tracking your sleep cycle, identifying any signs of snoring, and monitoring your heart rate. Furthermore, through IFTTT integration, the Nokia Sleep can control the lights and thermostat among many other things.


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With the help of the EverSleep sleep tracking device, you can now take control of your nights. The EverSleep uses advanced technology to analyze your sleep data and come up with personalized suggestions, ideas and clinical recommendations to give you better sleep. This sleep data includes body movements, snoring, breathing disturbance, and heart rate.

In addition, it is very easy to setup and use. You simply need to download the EverSleep app and answer some questions. Then wear the EverSleep gadget when going to sleep in your own bed. In the morning, you will get an in-depth look at your sleep pattern.

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The Muse is a unique gadget designed to give you the calmness of mind through meditation. So how can this device, known for meditation help with your sleep? It is scientifically proven that meditation assists to improve your sleep and mood. The Muse device uses advanced brain sensing technology to measure the calmness and activeness of your mind and translated those signals into guiding sounds.

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This model is easy to use. You only need to download the free app and put the headband on. The app will slowly guide you to a relaxed state and will later track your progress and review your data.

Withings Aura.

Withings brand

The Withings brand is a notable manufacturer of quality health monitoring devices and the Withings Aura is no exception. This amazing invention gives you the freedom to enjoy your long awaited naps with the help of specialized programs. You only require to download this app to your smartphone.

The app enables you to track and improve your sleep habits with a combination of sound and light effects. Furthermore, it has a Smart Wake Up Light that wakes you up when you’re fully rested and at the perfect time in your sleep cycle. Its sunset lighting also helps in providing comfort and relaxation to drift you to sleep.

ResMed S+.


This is a product guaranteed to improve on your sleep within the first week. With its patent bio-motion contactless sensor, it keeps track of your breathing rate and body movements while your sleeping. Furthermore, it has extra sensors that evaluate important sleep-related variants in your bedroom such as the temperature, light levels, and sound. It then gives you suggestions on how to alter these key areas for a better sleep.

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With its breakthrough technology of contactless monitoring of sleep, it has made this device easy to use. You don’t require to wear anything or slip anything inside your mattress. Just simply place your device on your nightstand and it will work perfectly.


oura ringThe Oura Ring sleep monitoring device is a unique and a must-have addition to this list of best sleep tracking devices. Its unique and convenient design allows you to wear it on your finger and sleep with it without any discomfort. With its advanced sensor technology, it helps you register your body temperature, blood pulse and the intensity of your body movements.

It also keeps track of your nightly sleep cycles and sleep trends. Through its app, It then gives you a daily personalized insight on how to improve your sleep qualities and the contributors behind your lack of a good night sleep.