Best Smart Alarm Clocks

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Every day starts with your alarm going off, especially if it is a weekday. Without it, you may never get out of bed or make it to work on time. And if you have trouble getting up in the mornings then it goes without saying that you need an alarm clock with more features. The worst days are when you feel like you got out of bed on the wrong side. If you are tired of thinking of tricks to get you out of bed then what you need is a smart alarm clock. With a wifi connected alarm clock, you will improve your sleeping patterns tenfold and wake up with a smile. Imagine a morning where your smart alarm clock has already turned on the coffee maker for you. A smart alarm clock knows how many times you can press snooze before you will be late!

And that is just a couple of ways a smart alarm clock can help you every morning. Where to start then? Do not worry today we have prepared an article for you that looks at the best smart alarm clocks you can buy today. So if you want to wake up to your favorite playlist playing and the lights gradually coming on then continue reading. Read on and find out about the best smart alarm clocks.

Vobot Smart Alarm Clock

If you are looking for a modern looking digital alarm that will easily integrate into your Amazon Alexa then look no further than the Vobot Smart Alarm clock. It can make any task you need completing easier and works flawlessly with an Amazon Echo. It looks cool and has a retro LED matrix like display.

Set up is very easy as long as you have a Wi-Fi network, just connect to the Vobot’s network with your phone and set everything up. Once connected you can set up your alarms or even let Vobot tell you about the weather conditions. The Vobot can control any Alexa device so you can use it to start your coffee maker or turn on the lights. The alarm is loud and just what you need to start the day well.

hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

This innovative device will change the way you sleep further, in fact, you will ask yourself how you survived without it. The Kello can control your smart home devices via Wi-Fi and even turn on your music for you. But the big plus for the Kello is the ability to set up sleep patterns.

You can find these on the Kello app and it makes it a stand out product. Currently, you have options like fall asleep faster, snooze less, fight jet lag, keep a bedtime schedule. All options that will improve your sleep life and make you have more energy for your day.

Echo Spot

Good morning! Amazon is here with its modern and trendy Echo Spot Smart Alarm. It has a fully integrated Wi-Fi voice service which really sets it apart from any competition. A great compact size and a clock screen that is easy to see from any angle. Alexa is fully compatible so you have access to all the echo skills you need. With this Smart alarm, you can even order a pizza without leaving your bed!

Very simple and easy to set up by using the Alexa web app and you have multiple different alarm sounds to choose from. Great all around device and will definitely help you start your day with a smile.

WITTI BEDDI Smart Radio Alarm Clock

What an alarm the Witti Beddi is – literally packed with every feature you may need. A Bluetooth speaker, an alarm and a smart home hub all packed into one device. The digital display is beautiful and the device even has two USB charging ports. There is even a sunrise simulating wake up light! You can wake up to the tunes you love and start the day with a quick energizing dance. You can even use your alarm to order an uber ride if you need to get somewhere in a hurry!

With its beautiful and trendy design, the Wittie Beddi is definitely one of the best smart radio alarms on the marketing today. It fully integrates with your other smart home devices letting you really feel the true benefits of having a smart alarm.

iHome iAVS16

You may become a tad nostalgic when you hear the iHome brand, remember plugging in your iPod to the iHome dock? But now iHome has upped their game and enter the Wi-Fi smart home world. This Alexa compatible alarm clock will revolutionize your sleeping patterns and morning rituals. Not to mention that these speakers are very high quality, listen to your music how it is supposed to be listened to! The design looks like a classic bedside radio which is a nice touch.

A great alarm that has a USB port and can show you the time, date and weather all from the LED display. Also has a unique accent light bar that will wake you up carefully each morning. As it is compatible with Alexa it lets you perform every Alexa skill you need.

That wraps up our best options for a smart alarm that we recommend! Please do let us know in the comments below what alarm you will be setting up in your smart home.


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