Best Smart Desk/Table Lamps For 2019 – Control Your Desk Light With Alexa and Google Home

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In this fast age of the internet, smart appliances are gaining instant popularity due to their convenience. Smart lamps are also rapidly making their way into our lives. The ability to control the light of our room, desk or workplace and creating an ambiance with different shades seems a tempting idea. They can be operated from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You can turn them off or on with your voice or from literally anywhere-. Their delicate structures add to the elegance of your interior. If you are looking for some table lamp we have compiled a list of best table lamps for you.


This beautifully designed smart lamp is undoubtedly going to enhance the beauty of your interior. It comes with a lot of conveniences as it provides 64,000 shades of white (2,200K to 6,500K), and 16 million colors with dynamic light modes. With its dimming function you can adjust the lightening level according to your need or mood. The smart lamp can be preset for vacation mode, well-being mode and can also have light schedules. You can operate these lamps from anywhere through its smartphone app. You can also control its light with infrared remote or voice control through Amazon Alex or Google Home.

Philips Hue Bloom

This lamp is specifically designed to create indirect ambiance, you want to highlight some specific corner or furniture in your room? Simply place it near it and plug it in. You can enjoy your home show with the help of this lamp as it can synchronize the light with music, game, or movies. Lamp is also capable of millions of colors and shades of white. It can be operated with Google Assistance, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Homekit. If you add a Hue Hub, you can operate the lamp through the Philips Hue app. This smart lamp is worth its price with its many useful features.

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GE Lighting C by GE Sol

C by GE sol is an aesthetically appealing piece that you would want for your home. With its sleek design, the result of solar inspiration, the lamp is itself a piece of art with its functional technology. The lamp comes with many exclusive features like visual clues for clocks and timers, or manual and automated light temperature variation that allow users to select the perfect hue suiting their mood or need. C by GE Sol can be connected to Amazon Alexa with a Wi-Fi connection, and you can voice control the light, check the weather and time, and also play music through your Alexa library. With so many exciting and useful features, lamp indeed worth its price.


This elegant lamp with its wooden stand and linen beige fabric shade can be a stylish addition into your interior. With its smart control, you can operate it from anywhere with your smartphone. You can set the schedule of this smart device to turn on and off on specific timings saving electricity. Different colors can be adjusted for creating your desired effect. The lamp can be controlled by Amazon Alexa and work with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

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Philips Hue White Ambiance

Again by Philip Hue, the lamp has many interesting features and a stylish design. You can create your own ambiance with warm white to cool white light. Preset your required mode for reading, relaxing, concentrating or simply customize your light scenes with your smartphone. The lamp can be controlled with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, or Google Assistance. It can be controlled with Philip Hue App with the Hue Bridge which is sold separately.

Easy APP

This smart lamp by Smartinnov release soft and comfortable light. You don’t have to worry about running out of power as it is using direct AC supply. With its so many adjustable light shades and brightness level it is ideal for parties or dinners. You can relax in your room, read a book or work on your laptop and adjust the light according to your mood and requirement. You can also make use of this lamp in outside picnics or camping with a portable power bank. The smart lamp can be fully controlled with your smartphone, dim your lights with your voice on Amazon Echo or Google Home or activate the light setting directly from the buttons on the lamp.

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This smart lamp has a nice look, easily fits in any décor, and doesn’t take up much space. It allows you to adjust the light creating a romantic night atmosphere to a fun-filled party style light for your dinners. You can dim the lights manually or with your smartphone creating your desired ambiance. Let your voice control this smart lamp through a Wi-Fi connection. You can also control the lamp, increasing or decreasing light or turning it off, with Google Assistance, Alexa, or free app. This table Lamp with its smart lightening options is perfect for Christmas, or other holiday décors.

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